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Fanime has posted a list of the restaurants that offer 10% off if you show your Fanime badge:

The Cheese Steak Shop 76 E. Santa Clara Authentic Philly Cheese Steaks
Peggy Sue's 185 Park Ave Burgers and Milkshakes
Tengu Sushi 111 Paseo De San Antonio Sushi Boat
Philz Coffee 118 Paseo De San Antonio Coffee House
Good Karma Café 37 S. 1st St. Vegetarian Fast Food
Smile Sushi 86 S. 1st St. Sushi Boat
Pho 69 Noodle 321 S. 1st St. Fusion Noodle House
House of Siam 151 S. 2nd St. Thai Cuisine
Icebee Frozen Yogurt 151 S. 2nd St. Do-It-Yourself Yogurt
Pita Pit 151 S. 2nd St. Wraps and Sandwiches
Psycho Donuts 288 S. 2nd St. Specialty and Custom Donuts
Bo Town 409 S. 2nd St. Regional South East Asian Cuisine
Hydration Coffee & Tea 310 S. 3rd St. Pearl Tea and Snacks
Pagoda Restaurant 170 S. Market St. Upscale Chinese

I went to Hydration but they informed me that they only do the discount if you order $15 or more...furthermore since it is a "Special event" they're not doing their usual box + milk tea combo.  Meh.  Does anyone know if there is a catch at the other places or has the discount worked?
Dealers Room / Gloomy Bears
May 10, 2011, 02:27:36 PM
I am looking forward to getting a few more Gloomy Bears! :D Last year I bought like 8 from FanimeCon xD

But I'm worried that since the exchange rate has been horrible last year (it's been about 80 yen to $1 -- yikes), dealers may have kept their Japanese imports to a minimum.  At Wondercon, Anime Palace & ABC Toy 4 Me didn't have any  :'( & Hobbyfan had very few.  I found a booth that had a lot of them, Global Anime, but they were $35 each for the regular sized ones :o  (To be fair, I don't even think they're making much money off of that -- but that's still too much to pay.)