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REG HAS BEGUN!!!! I'm ready for the hype to be BACK on forums!! :D WHO'S WITH ME?!?

Thanks to the newest nintendo direct, I am happy to include the hero (dragon quest) and banjo kazooie to the line up. Only two dlc left, any guesses as to who they might be?

Updated the first post with the official fanime photos from this year finally. LOL, I'd like to thank everyone that came out and helped out when my voice decided it didn't want to keep working after the nintendo gathering. XD It was fun as it is every year and can't wait to see everyone again next year!

I've posted a link to the official fanime photos finally. XD And I wanted to thank the people that helped out with my sore voice. I've been running this gathering for a few years, but this was the first year I actually called everything out and whatnot. I also wanted to send out a very special congrats to the couple that got engaged. Best wishes for you two! :D I'll end off with saying, see you all next year!!

See you all tomorrow. :D

See you all tomorrow! :D

Last bump to fanime! :D Hopefully everyone is ready or almost ready. ^^

Last bump to fanime! :D Hopefully everyone is ready or almost ready. ^^

One last bump up before the con next week. We're planning to have a little photoshoot and possibly have a little lunchtime get together if anyone would like to join us. :D

General Convention Discussion / Re: The Latest Anime Dance Craze!?!
« on: May 13, 2019, 05:19:43 PM »
All I can say is I'm bringing back the Hare Hare Yukai on Day 0 so be warned. XD
I won't be dressed in that cosplay (sadly) this year, but I'd be around for that. XD Brings back lots of memories.

Blue Inkling on the way!
Woo! Can't wait to see ya there. :D

Blue Inkling incoming!
Woo! Can't wait to see ya there. :D

Any word on if this gathering became official or if there's another one? If it does end up being on Saturday morning I won't be able to make it, but I'd still like to know if it becomes official maybe I can work it into my lineup. Thanks

Not sure who ended up making it official, but there will be a BNHA gathering Saturday at 4pm. :)

It's officially May people!! Who's pumped?!?

It's officially May people!! Who's pumped?!?

This is a wonderous thing and I wish you all the best of luck! BUMP
Lol, thank you very much. :)

Bump bump. <3

Bump bump. <3

See? We're on the same boat the date and time is still up in the air. Once I get more information, I'll get to you.
LOL, cool. Thank you. I really hope I can do it this year. I've been looking at it for a few years now and just never could scheduling wise.

Do you know what day and time you're looking for? I'm trying to see if my sibling has interest in joining finally this year. :)

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