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i should be able to make it there as an injured heartless. :)

i dont think im gonna be able to make it as kiba. i out grew my costume. :P oh well.

okay. i have decided to change my character. insted of scabior, who is a minor character, i have decided to be pansy parkinson. who is also a very minor character. XD

LOL, I'm back!!! XD I decided that I am going to try to get Neru going. This time I have no partner to drop out on me. Mwahahaha!!!

If I can, I will try to be either Shippudden Kiba, or Original Kiba. I dunno yet.

T_T I just found out that my step sister most likely won't be able to go with me this year. She will be else where. And I don't wanna be Len without Rin. So sorry. :-\

Aww too bad :( Maybe next time? XD Or you can come watch and laugh at my attempts not to panic xD haha :)
thats true XD

Unfortunatlly, I Can't do it. I'm having ussues. Sorry. :(

Yay!  this closed a hole in my cosplay list XD  no garentees, but i am now going to try oh so very hard to get Scabior's costume together. :)

if i can get it together, i will be paul, catty will be dawn, and hannah wants to go as one of their pokemon, we dont know which one yet though. XD

i feel as though that if i comit to something, then i will have the costume by then, so i am going to try to get me and my step sis to be rin and len. i shall now try very very hard!!! :D

Hey, I wasn't able to make it last year, but for next year, I'm gonna use the entire year to prepare! So I should be able to go as Shinigami-sama! XD

Hey, sorry to say I'm not going. Little accident, but I am talking my step sister into trying to as Ikuto, well, she is going, but she doesn't know if she's going to the gathering. But it is a possible ^_^  ;D

hihi, i am lulu-chan's bff, and or, gary. lol :P ;) :D

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