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Ideas and Suggestions / Suggestions for Fanime 2012
« on: May 31, 2011, 01:11:23 PM »

Schedules-yes, I know everyone and their mother has already posted to complain about it, but it really drove me nuts, and the people I was with too. I was lucky, I printed out the site's schedule(I wish I'd thought to print out copies for everyone in my group though!) but I was really taken aback whenever we went to the Info booths, and they would say "no schedule, maybe tomorrow?" over and over, and there were numerous times when people would ask to see my schedule because I was the only one around with it. I don't really understand what happened? Why did you decide not to provide us with schedules/put schedules in the books? I would think a schedule at a con would be the first thing hammered down before anything else? I then find out the schedule is available to anyone with a wifi or a phone with internet. Really? That doesn't help those of us without a fancy phone or without wifi. I understand the schedule was made available to the site weeks ago, but what about those of the congoers who don't obsessively check the site everyday or don't have an account here? What about those of us congoers who only decide at the last minute to go with a friend to the con and then find out they were supposed to be part of some 'secret' club to get info?

Some staff were pretty unfriendly-Specifically the staff at the Fanime booth table in the Dealer's Room. My friends went to donate some money and the girl there pretty much threw the origami paper at them and demanded they make a crane. When my one friend, who has bad eyesight, said she couldn't read the instructions and was ok with not making a crane, gave the paper back, the girl threw it back at her and said 'make a crane'. What? And my other friend was trying to engage the two girls there, being friendly, but they ignored her and kept talking to each other and I THINK one might've even sneered at her. I understand people can have bad days and I am AMAZED by the staff's unflagging energy even on Monday but that one girl's blatant rudeness towards people trying to help her help a charity just disgusted me and I was tempted to tell my friends to ask for their money back.

Friday's Asian Films-I really wanted to see this movie, the first one being shown on Friday(I forget the exact title, something like J'aime Taipei?) and when we went to see it, the room was locked, and no film was showing, and we went to tell the Info Booth, and this nice man actually ran to see what was going on, but as it was, the movie was like, half an hour or more late starting and we had other things to do, but everything else ran smoothly, so that was just the one set back.

Semi Con/Semi Pro

Panels-I went to 4 panels and two were AWESOME and two were NOT awesome. The Awesome was: BookBinding and WigMaking, on Friday, at 10 and 11 pm were amazing. The people running those panels were smart, knew their topic, funny, sweet, I adored the man from BookBinding who actually had us get in a circle and made things more personal and was talking to us and made it feel less like a panel and more like a..conversation. The woman running the Wig panel was hilarious! She played around with the screaming from the room next to us and whenever they started screaming something, she'd go 'yes, yes I know, it's amazing, wigs!" and was just really personable and lovely. Can those two people come back?
The two I didn't like was 'Weird Manga' and 'How to Make a Webcomic". Maybe my expectations regarding the webcomic was way off base but I thought it was going to be about how to make a webcomic in terms of where to go to post it, resources for webartists, copyrights, making a name, whether or not we need to shell out money for our own site or if we can use a free one, how to get hosted on a site like keenspot or whatever. Instead, he talked about what he was currently doing on his computer("I'm going to click here and make it black, and then I'll make this white"..) and I was like, 'this is more of a how to use corel painter than how to make a webcomic' and I was disappointed. The Weird Manga one..UGH. The one blond who did the talking was a mumbler, and kept calling herself stupid and said, she actually admitted, that she only started looking for stuff for the panel 15 minutes before the presentation. They didn't really SHOW or EXPLAIN why the mangas were weird or anything, they just said like, 'he draws guro. Weird!" "She draws incest. WEIRD!" and didn't really go into details like: WHY is this considered weird? If this is weird, why is it published? What happened to make this manga so well known? Some of the examples they shared as 'proof' it was a weird manga was like..Standard fare. My friends and I left saying 'did they really just pick mangas that they think is weird and decided to tell us it's weird?" They didn't back up their statements, or bring proof to show what's so weird about the mangas. Also, they talked amongst themselves more than to the audience so I felt like we were intruding on their personal social time.


The Staff The majority of the staff were super nice, we even had one staffer run from the Info table to both video room hallways just to double check that the rooms were labeled correctly and staffers were willing to accommodate my deafness, I was worried they'd think I was lying or something (deafness IS the invisible handicap) but they were like, 'Sure, here'.

Water dispensers Were these new? Or have they always been there and I never saw them? I loved that there were water dispensers in the panel rooms and hallways, it was a real life saver for when I drank all my water in the water bottle and didn't want to shell out 4$ for another one.

Discounts at the restaurants Whoever's idea it was to have restaurants give discounts should get an award! Every congoer knows how great it is to be able to save even the smallest amount of money and the discounts really helped.

ONE PIECE I am a huge huge fan of One Piece and LOVED the cosplays, the merchandise, the movie and the marathon. It was a One Piece-ful Fanime this year!

Artist Alley All my money went to the AA, I loved it, I loved the variety, and the number of people willing to do commissions, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the friendly artists and I adored everything about it.
Also, I want to give a special shoutout to the artists who had the Loki 7-11 cup and told us EXACTLY where to go to get the cups, thank you!

Overall, Fanime was great, some setbacks  but overall, keep up the great work!

So, Fanime came and went, and I couldn't find you in the AA, tickyhead! Did I miss you or did you not come? I'm pretty upset I couldn't get a Nico Robin print from you :( I'm sorry I missed you

I was so excited to see some KKM cosplayers so I feel your pain. I only got the one picture of them, but I'll email it to you, hopefully others got other pictures. My email is schwartzkisa, so when you see that, don't think it's spam!

THUMBS UP. I can't wait to see the finished product. I like Usagi with more meat, she looks more 'real'.

Also, DaVinci Robin? Did I read that right? That's freakin' fantastic! I can't wait to find your booth and grab a Robin print..

ispyangie: Oh thanks, we weren't sure if we were able to pull off the 'cuteness' so I'm glad you think we did, thanks! Oh yes, Fanime for sure, I want a picture of your cool Zatanna costume!

Ninja_Autobot: that's going to be so cool to see! I can't wait to see how you do the armor aspect of his costume.

Cartoon Lunatic: I think I saw you, no, I know I saw you, I tried to take a picture of you with Batman and Zatanna but we were in a rush somewhere and it was blurry. You looked GREAT!

Ispayangie: I think I saw you, I was wearing my Marvel Girl costume and there was a Zatanna near the tables in back where I was sitting and I wanted to go get her picture and ask if she was from Fanime forums but I was too scared, lol. If that one was you(if you were the Zatanna to see a Marvel Girl and Snowbird sitting at a table eating PBJ sandwiches)that was me and Lady Glitterbow and your costume was great!

In case no one remembers or is confused, I'm Lady Glitterbow's friend, I'll be going as Marvel Girl, old school Jean Grey to the Marvel/DC gathering. I'm looking forward to seeing you all(again..).

Tickyhead- So I see you're doing a Da Vinci Nico Robin, I am so excited. I'm worried I won't be able to find you though, will you have a big huge sign or something, I can use to look for your booth?

Hachimitsu-Ink- There's someone doing scrollart with the Sailor Scouts? That sounds intriguing. But I agree, to try to do art in a different way/technique will grab people's eyes.

Looks like you have two people supporting you, tickyhead :)

OMG Mucha is one of my favoritest artists EVER(if not the number one) if you do any Mucha inspired art, I'll be on that like..peanut butter on bread.And Sailor Moon suits his style, I think.

I knew there were other old animes I was forgetting, YYH and Cowboy Bebop were good animes to see back then. I think the ones you've thought about will work, I know more people were really big on Cowboy Bebop, everyone loved Faye.

 I am doing a little dance over here for the Nico Robin print, and you haven't even started it yet, haha!

I gotta say, if you draw Nico Robin, I will fight anyone to get that piece.
I like your art style, and I think alot of people will, it looks like you do different styles, from skimming through your site, the fanart and the sketchbook pieces had a variety of styles and that's something really good, you can use different styles for each series/subject and it's sure to get someone's attention.
I know people will say to do the popular and the newest characters but some of us prefer to stick with old favorites, or the rare shows, so I'd suggest:
Nico Robin(I look everywhere for stuff featuring her and rarely am successful)
One Piece
I'd say Sailor Moon but do it in a different style than anyone else's to make it stand out more(like base it on Da Vinci's women or Botticelli's women, You know?)
Fruits Basket
Gundam Wing
Fushigi Yugi..
I might be forgetting other animes, but those were really really popular a few years back and I know I miss them.

Or do the newest shows, (I'm behind on new shows myself, actually) but I am a rabid fan of 'Princess Jellyfish' and "Kore Wa Desku Zombie?"(or however it's written, heh) so maybe stuff from those will sell well?(I know I'd flip if I saw a Yuki piece, she's so elegantly pretty)
Or do rare shows that have cult status, like Kyo Kara Maoh or whatever. Oh! Or even Japanese movies, like 'Survive Style +5' had a woman with these really cool outfits, someone might like seeing an artist's take on her outfits, or 'Rookies' or or HanaKimi, something. In my opinion, everyone does the same things over and over, so it's a relief to see someone do something vastly different, whether it's in style or in content, so that's why I'm suggesting old animes no one talks about anymore, instead of Naruto/Bleach/DragonBallZ/Etc. I'm sure, though, no matter what you choose, you'll sell well, you have a variety of styles you can employ to appeal to different aesthetics.
I hope that helped?

Dealers Room / Re: One Piece merchandise
« on: March 26, 2011, 07:52:09 AM »
I didn't see too many One Piece stuff, although I was looking specifically for Nico Robin merch(LOVE HER!!)so I may have glossed over the actual One Piece stuff looking for her. Oh wait,  I recall alot of Chopper plushies, actually. Also, there was a man in the Artist Alley selling stuff of One Piece that looked almost exactly like Eiichiro Oda's stuff, and I got a commission from him of Nico Robin, which made up for lack of Nico in the dealer's room IMO, so if all else fails, you can try the Artist Alley for One Piece stuff?

Hey all,
I'm ladyglitterbow's friend, the one going as Marvel Girl, I just wanted to say I'm looking forward to this gathering, I'm so excited that Marvel and DC characters are getting a spotlight at Fanime.

Does anyone know if the cosplay group that did the Teen Titans will be making an appearance, they were so welldone I want to get more pictures of them, especially the Starfire :D

General Anime Chat / Ouran Koukou Host Club!
« on: October 28, 2006, 08:34:07 PM »
I'm up to episode 14 andam LOVING it.

Ican't decide who ilikebest between the twins,Kyouya orMori,but I haveto say that part in episode 8(ot 9) with Kyouya topless and without hisglasses was just so..YUM..
However eveytime the show has those Haruhi can tellthe difference between the twins, it always makes me sad, I'm not too sure why?

But I don'tcare for Hunny,I'msorry.

Only 2 or three people took a picture of me but I was wondering if anyone posts here who took a picture of a girl in a long green military coat/Gwendal from Kyo Kara Maoh! ?

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Cosplay for 2007
« on: October 28, 2006, 08:16:55 PM »
Cosplays for 2007(if I can make it to Fanime)

I have someoldcostumes I'llbe takingalong but I love my Gwendal coat so much I'll probablyjust wear it the whole con

Dealers Room / PLUSHIES!!!!
« on: October 27, 2006, 07:43:48 PM »
I got4 plushies at Fanime2006.

Ichigoand Kon from Bleach
Wolfram and Gwendal from Kyo kara Maoh

as for my wishlist:
Goyjo and Hakuryuu from Saiyuki
Kisa from Fruits Basket
Uryuu fromBLEACH
TheHiitachintwins,Kyouya or Mori from Ouran(do theymake Ouran plushies?)
Shadowcat from X-Men(hey I can dream)
Nuriko from Fushigiyugi
Nagi from Weiss Kreuz
and I'm stopping myself right here

Jeez I'm So behind! I was busy moving from Sunny CA to HI, and didn't have too much of a chance to sit and go through the forums..Its been awhile so I can'tr emember EVERYTHING I bought..

In preparation for Fanime:

Spent money on:Preregistration
my Gwendal costume

AT Fanime:
bought: A LOT of Fanart(Esp.of Reno fromAdventChildren,andamhappiest with the commission I got fromsomeone of Reno)
a Fruits Basket,Kyo Kara Maoh(iwas lookingSO HARD for Gwendal doujinshis) Harry Potter, Naruto and Princeof Tennis Doujinshis
2BLEACH plushies(why are there no UryuuorOrihime plushies?)
ACrossdressing Wolfram plush
aboxof DigiCharat goodies
and my most favorite thing:
A Gwednal Plush

Also won a Saiyuki poster thingie from the Yaoicon table

And that was it.Iwas dissappointed that I couldn'tfind any Gwednal doujinshis[/b]

General Anime Chat / Ouran Koukou Host Club!
« on: September 14, 2006, 12:10:00 PM »
GokuMew 2: *Gasp!* It worked!! I downloaded CCP, and omg,it works!!! Thank you!! I'm goingto try your other sites but thankyouthankyou!!!

General Anime Chat / Ouran Koukou Host Club!
« on: September 13, 2006, 11:28:34 PM »
I haven't seen it( :( ) but my friend keeps talking about it and I saw pictures and now I'm obsessed. Is it ok for me to ask where I can download this show without bittorrent or.avi?I keep trying to dLtheshowbut it won't play because it's an .avi..Or does anyone know what to do about the .avi thing? And to stay MORE on topic, I like the twins, so far, from seeing only pictures, I think they're like the weasley twins.

I'm looking forward to seeing the movies, esp. the one about the otaku and the cosplayer. Will the freebies be in BOTH anime movies rooms or just one?Is it a contest? What kind of freebies? I can't wait to see the comedies :lol:

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Cosplay Pics
« on: August 26, 2004, 05:16:52 PM »
*gasp* Omegosh! You have pix of me!!! Im so excited! im the assuugly Nuriko with the half Omi girl on the last page and with the Duo, Omi and other Nuriko on the 13th page! Im so happy that SOMEONE took pix of me and my friend!

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