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It took about 2 1/2 hours to drive into Sunnyvale, and another hour or so to get to the con. We used the Train and the Light Rail to get to and from. (We also walked/ran in between)
I was the predator, if anyone had taken any pics of the female predator on Saturday, I'd like to have some. I wanted to wear it all day, but heh...I got tired and wanted to lay down. X]
I will be finishing a full body suit for my pred costume, and have it all tripped out with a working blade gaunt and a countdown meter on it. I will probably have a shoulder cannon on this suit as well.
Once I am finished, it would be worth at least 3,000 bucks. ;) And I did it all myself. Except the working gaunts. I am not good with tron stuff.

That is my major goal for next year, and I may try to cosplay as Lulu. I really liked her. Just never had the guts to do it.

Here is my photobucket link for the Fanime 2008. I just made it a few minutes ago and I hope everyone is able to view it. I have a second album titled "predator" for when I was with Spider Man and Venom.