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Quote from: otakuya on May 18, 2014, 01:18:55 AM
Fanime week begins now
We are now on day -4
Forum Games / Re: I am
May 18, 2014, 09:13:34 PM
I am simply considering picking up my badge at Clockwork for the pure fact of hopefully avoiding the dreaded Linecon.
Boyfriend's graduation is on Fanime Friday evening.
My work shift is also on Fanime Friday evening.

.... Well fudge. :V
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
May 03, 2014, 11:57:17 PM
You have work that day. :V
My wig! It's a wonderfully accurate color! :D
^ No thank you. I'm more for a salami kind of gal.
< Speaking of work, I'll just have to turn my legal papers in tomorrow morning. (Recently hired and all that stuff.)
> I should check on how my commission's progressing....
V Got anything custom ordered lately?
^ Listen to music, play video games, that sort of thing.
< Sadly, I don't have someone to be Tibbers with me. I'll have one of my many teddy bear plushes to suffice though.
> Oh papers I have to sign and fill out... always the hassle in making sure I fill them in correctly.
V How many plushes do you have if at all?
^ I have a weakness for those dorito tacos...... it's a sad thing to confess.... o_o
< I'll probably stop by at the LoL gathering considering I'll be Annie and all.
> Now I have to ask for two weekends off because my godsister who is all the way down in LA is having her graduation the weekend before Fanime... welp I just hope the manager's lenient on my first month.
V Close to grad season! Have a friend/family member graduating soon?
^ Helloween4545. He's the first Let's Player I've watched and listen to and I've been subscribed to him for a good six years now. He's a really chill guy and his subtle British humor perfectly suits my tastes.
< Fooooooooooooooooood
> Finally got my first job. HUZZAH. Now to try and ask for Fanime weekend off.....
V Job schedules. What's yours like?
^ My laundry day is when I run out of clothes .... which can take weeks.... I have a lot of clothes. :V
< Been a mild day today which is my favorite kind of days.
> Finally got myself registered for Fanime.... I'll likely have a paper badge for doing it so late but ah well... Not to mention I just ordered my Annie wig so crossing fingers for the color to match my commissioned dress!
V Latest purchases?
^ Have you checked the Roommate Thread?? There's definitely rooms in need of peeps!
< I'm gunna guess "xbl" is xbox live. o_o
> Can't make it to Fanime on Friday because of boyfriend's graduation. Trying to see if I could at least be dropped off at SJ that night. And wondering about at least picking up my badge on Day 0.
V What's the latest change in your plans for Fanime?
This would be my first time in years trying learn how to style a wig and I'm scared shizzless once I actually try it. OnO
^ Peace?? There won't be any peace until Fanime comes!! ... Even then... THERE WON'T BE PEACE.
< I get nervous with karaoke... ouo
> Wondering which part of my "Fanime budget" should I pay next: my wig for Annie (LoL), my last payment for my Annie commission, hotel payment, or even the freaking badge registration in which that would require my parents since I lack the credit card to even pay online....
V What's the current payment committment(s) you're stuck into doing at this moment?? ono
Hi! Just a question on the shoes. What's the stance on wedges? The pair I'm considering purchasing is a little smaller than the nickel at the tip but since the pressure is most spread out than a regular heel of the same height I was wondering if that's within the policy. (Plus it's comfortable! :D)
Forum Games / Re: I am
April 09, 2014, 07:12:09 PM
I am sad they don't accept debit card. :V
Quote from: Giantsgiants on April 09, 2014, 05:20:47 PM
I wonder what would happen if I rolled up to Fanime in a chrome Adder with dollar rims.

" ... That's a shiny shiny car. Much shiny."
*cue Free! cosplayers for next Fanime's theme*

also I'm now on winter break and it feels fabulous ouo
Mother asked me why would I need rain boots if the rainy (spring) season is over.

Woman, we're in the Bay Area. We obviously don't get snow in the winter so we get rain instead.
Aaaaand I'm reminded why AT&T U-Verse is shizzy as balls.

*waits for five minutes for a page to load*
I seriously need to talk to my counselor and make sure that each class units are transferable for CSU.... because one professor said his class isn't when WEBSCHEDULE SAID IT IS I'M CONFUSED.

Also $150 and counting gone from my bank account within a couple days. So this is what college is like. I shall sob now.