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Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
January 21, 2016, 08:24:33 AM
Selfishly, I am very happy about badges being required for hotel reservations as I have had my badge the moment registration opened.

But, I feel the communication could have been better. Had Fanime staff announced the change before registration began it would have allowed for betterms planning. Those who come from out of state or out of country don't typically get their badges until they have accommodations secured. Good luck to them getting housing without already having a badge and having anything available when their hiusing block opens
I am very excited for this year's Fanime!  It is going to be my first year making my costume on my own!  Last year I had help with my cosplay but this year its all on me.  As vain as this sounds, i feel like I'm leveling up as a cosplayer! Or, I'll at least gain some XP.  Hopefully it turns out okay.  I hope to get out of my shell more and party.  I know people don't really like to talk about that or it seems taboo but the nightlife at Fanime was so much fun.  I met a lot of people and had some great late nights hanging out and doing all kinds of ridiculous stuff.  I have a "plan" to go to as many panels as I can this year!  I missed out on some I wanted to go to last year and depending on what is offered I'm going to try and participate more. 
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
January 06, 2016, 12:00:36 PM
Actually, this will be my third year attending and so far it's Ben a great experience. Aside from the chaos of trying to book the hotel rooms, I haven't had any issues.

Ihave enjoyed the convention both years I've been. I loved the panels I saw, the cosplays, the location, the people, the raves, everything. I genreally enjoy myself at the con.

All you do is seem to bash it and hate on it. So, why even go? You seem to have the whole con figured out so why waste your time on the forums? Go do something else, be pessimistic somewhere else. Or offer solutions. How about being something more than cynicism and hate?
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
January 05, 2016, 07:56:11 AM
I was looking for information not the typical echoshadow pessimism. But thanks, I'll do my best to take all my potential fun and the fun I have at fanime with a grain of salt. I should know by now the staff of volunteers who work hard in other avenues of their lives use fanime as a way to just fuck with people and stress them out. Echoshadow please never respond to a post of mine ever again. Your constant negativity and pessimism offers no solution help. I'm tired of looking at the forums and seeing it laden with your hate
Hotel and Facilities / Hotels....
January 03, 2016, 06:25:54 PM
I'm sure at this point everyone is stalying the forums to see if any info on hotel reservations becoming available.

Anyone have any info to share? Secrets?

Fanime why no word!!!!!
Registration / Re: Registration 2016
November 25, 2015, 11:31:04 AM
Anyone have any word when registration begins?
Registration / Registration 2016
November 02, 2015, 05:06:54 PM
Anyone have any idea when registration for 2016 will open up?

Also anyone know about hotels and if they'll require registration to book a hotel this year?
Quote from: brohamjeff on August 10, 2015, 01:30:05 AM
Overall I thought Fanime was great.  It was my second time going and its my first convention so I don't really have anything to compare it to.  There is only one point I'd like to bring up:

Why doesn't Fanime do more to incorporate the theme into the convention.  2014 was a beach theme and 2015 was mythology but I didn't really see anything from the convention that represented those themes.  Sure, 2014 sold beach towels but what about decorations? What about filling the convention the theme to give cosplayers the incentive to design and/or make variations of their cosplay to go with the theme?  2016 is martial arts.  Why not put up some dojo style photo booths or something?  Maybe decorate the halls better.  I feel that if the convention lived up to its theme we would see some spectacular cosplay designed around it (not that the cosplays aren't already spectacular).  It just seems like the theme is irrelevant when the only thing the them covers is a new tshirt design and badges.

I agree!  I see people getting excited for the new theme already but it doesn't really matter.  Why have a theme at all when its not even utilized or represented throughout the con halls.  I'd love to see the theme incorporated with the con!  It would be really cool to have something more to spruce up the San Jose Con center.  That whole area by the artist alley entrance was poorly utilized this year, maybe put up a photo booth in that area? Or something!  Come on, guys!
I understand your frustrations. They are very evident. I was trying to create a thread for those of us who, despite the obvious frustration, are staying optimistic.  I was trying to create a thread that relished in excitement positivity rather than negativity. I wanted to create a thread the exact opposite of the "Is Fanime Worth Going To" thread, but it looks like that us all this became. 

As for my screen name, I just made something that completely related to the forums.

I get you are frustrated and it is very unprofessional and irresponsible to wait so long in the game to announce guests. It is even more frustrating for those with big travel expenses.  But I can't help but think with all the negativity some people are having, come the day of con those people will still have a bad time even if the con is great because all they've done for months is relish in negativity and expectations of how bad fanime has become. We have 15 days. Will it be fun? I hope so! Will I be disappointed?  I hope not?  Can you guys please just leave a single thread open for those of us that want to believe in the con and are trying to remain positive about it and trying to get excited for this event we all pay to attend?

mod edit: split in its entirety from this thread: Let's Get Excited, Happy, Ecstatic, Good Vibes
I am seeing a lot of negativity on the forums lately.  I understand there to be a lot of dissatisfaction from forum members in regard to how they feel the convention is being handled/where they see this convention headed but Fanime is only 16 days away and everyone needs to get off of the hate train.

From what I can see, although a bit late, some awesome guests have been announced, we know (or so they say) Back-On is playing at music fest, and other convention attractions are coming together quite nicely.  I have no doubt Fanime staff will put together another amazing and memorable experience for everyone.

I know its easy to keep sippin' on that haterade but I urge everyone who has any malice or contempt to let it go and try and enjoy yourself and the con that this staff is putting together for you.  Its time to get on board already.
I think it ultimately comes down to what you get out of it.  If the guest roster and panels are the reason you go and you've felt let down in recent years then don't go.  Last year was my first fanime I have to say I was so busy being in shock and overwhelmed by what was going on that I missed a lot of programming.  But, what I found the funnest for me, was meeting new people, finding groups of people to hang out with, the raves, hotel parties, and the general laid back attitude.  To me, that was what made it.  I was in a place with like-minded people enjoying the hell out of myself.  Of course, this year I am going to try and go to more panels and events, but to me that's not what fanime means to me.  Fanime is a place for me to be myself and lose myself in my geeky-ness. 
General Convention Discussion / Re: Getting excited!
February 06, 2015, 07:39:35 PM
I did go to the other food places.  They were great! Expensive at times, but it was expected.  I gained my body weight in Psycho Donuts!  :P 

I feel like the food court/offerings inside the convention could have been better or they could offer some food chains or companies kiosk space in the convention.  The food at the con reminded me of cafeteria food, is all. 

I also am really excited for the Black and White Ball again! 
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fun at hotels
January 30, 2015, 08:28:41 PM
I am actually really shy and awkward most of the time.  Fanime was such a great experience for me because everyone i encountered was super nice and friendly. I'm not that big of a party person but at Fanime I felt so comfortable and so willing to make friends. There was a party I was invited to that had heavy drinking going on and I wasn't very comfortable so I told the people hosting that and I left.  They completely understood and thanked me for what little time I was there! That in and of itself made me feel good. I'm just looking for and hoping to have that same experience this year! :)

If anything, the Hilton is attached to the con and that will be super convenient!
General Convention Discussion / Getting excited!
January 30, 2015, 12:18:17 PM
Hey guys!  As I'm working on my cosplay right now and reminiscing over last years (and my first) Fanime, I'm just curious to hear what you are most looking forward to/wanting to see!

I loved the Masquerade last year and stage zero.  I am so looking forward to meeting new people.  I had a great time taking pictures and admiring so many beautiful cosplay.  I'm also looking forward to the panels.  There were so many I missed that I wanted to see due to scheduling conflicts.

I do hope however some panels step up their game a bit.  I felt some QA panels very lacking and needed more audience participation. 
And the food. The food was sub par but I ate it because I got hungry all the time from running around.

Can't wait to experience such a fun event with everyone!
Hotel and Facilities / Fun at hotels
January 30, 2015, 11:52:46 AM
Hi everyone!

Last year my friends and i stayed at the Fairmont and it was super fun!  It was my first ever Fanime and I honestly didn't know what to expect at first.  It turned out to be a blast and I had a great time.  It seemed like the Fairmont was a hot spot for fun and partying and general kickbacks for the evening. There was always something going on after hours and people out late.  This year I booked a room for me and some friends at the Hilton.  I'm curious if the Hilton is as fun as the Fairmont or if anyone can tell me about their experiences?

I know its an early thread but i am just so excited preparing my cosplays, the next few months leading up to the event get me so worked up!