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Hi all! Cosplay Cleric Here. I'm the girl who ran around fixing costumes the last two years. I'll be back again for 2016, but I'm downsizing a touch on the gear I carry with me. This year's gear is all travel sized, and will all fit in a small purse/on my person. Hopefully. I need Ideas, though, on what I should/shouldn't bring with me. Here's what I will be carrying:

1. Moleskin

2. Super glue

3. Epoxy

4. Shoe glue

5. Markers in every color, including metallics

6. Spirit gum & remover

7. Makeup remover in multiple types for different skin

8. Threads of every color

9. Sewing needles

10. Hot glue sticks

11. Lighter

12. Fabric Tape

13. Duct tape in multiple colors

14. Wet wipes

15. Small cold packs

16. Bandaids & small first aid kit

17. Gauze rolls

18. Scissors of different sizes

19. Tweezers

20. Hair ties & Bobby pins


22. Stain spot cleaner

23. Tylenol

24. Allergy medication

25. Hairspray

26. Makeup Sealant

What ideas might you guys have for me?