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Unrelated question, but will the ballroom dance have a coat / purse check in? Anime Expo's ballroom dance had a fairly decent system.
Don't know if I posted on here or not...

L to R: Tom as Takumi, Yasuhiro Nightow, Me as Layla

Fanime needs to be now. x.x
Gonna go as the following:

Friday: Ayaka Kisaragi (Phantom Quest Corps), Serious Cosplay Business Chick

Sat: Fujiko (Lupin III), Faye (Bebop)

Sun: Mulan, Mariah (Jojo's Bizzare Adventures)

Mon: Riza (Full Metal Alchemist)
Kinda sorta. I'm still finishing up Faye Valentine, Ayaka Kisaragi, and a commission for my boyfriend.
Tom and I (Traveling Valentine) gave lots of our ballroom music to the Anime Expo ballroom dance. If you want more music, we have over five hours worth of various ballroom music.

Email us!
I'd be all for it. I've done ballroom competition before, and I'd love to go to something like this if Fanime does have such.
Sounds tempting.

I just made my s. o. a Shigure costume. ^^
I'm very tempted to cosplay as Haruhi. I made her ribbons out of boredom. *ponder ponder*
If Media Blasters and other companies hit San Francisco's Chinatown, that would be one great raid. Unfortunately, many of the Hong Kong (and anime) movies they sell are counterfeit. It's really sad. Though there was this boxset of Kung Fu Hustle which included the handprint and martial arts training booklets (just like in the movie). Maybe that was legit, but I'm rather iffy about spending money to a place that sells boots.
Dealers Room / dollfies?
July 19, 2006, 01:36:38 PM
Some points of interest if you're intro these dollfies. (Personally, I prefer calling them dollfies rather than BJDS...feel free to accuse me if my mind is in the gutter, but I think of something else...)

Den of Angels - ask us questions!

(just a personal preference, but I prefer these lovelies)

Cosworx also sold some dollfie clothes and accessories. The clothes were mainly for the female type dolls, but they're still spiffy nonetheless.

And check out the "toy" section of my website. *points to sig*
Dealers Room / Looking for Fanime Baby Tees!
July 19, 2006, 01:31:52 PM
I'm such a sucker for waiting until the last minute. Anyone know if I can still purchase a size Large Fanime 2006 baby tee? Help appreciated!
Masked furries are scary. I like my personal space, thank you very much.
I really liked Kanon. It has crossed my mind a few times to cosplay as Mai. I just like her 'cause she's the silent badass schoolgirl type.

Eh...I'm very laissez-faire when it comes to cosplay. Then again, I go to a school where it is permissable to sunbathe topless.
Most of my feedback can be found on my "conclusion" part of my con report:

I originally posted something here, but it got deleted. The gist of it is all in the above website.
Doll stuff.

Yeah, I'm one of those insane people who will shell out their wallet for asian ball jointed doll stuff.

Cosworx had a very nice selection of doll stuff. ^^
I'm wondering what are the requirements to play at the music fest. My brother has a band and they're always looking for gigs? Do you have to be Asian and possess musical talent? Or ethnicity does not matter as long as the music is related to J-pop / J-rock, anime, games, etc?

Sorry...I wasn't able to attend music fest this year! ^^;;; Just curious!