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Topics - Sunara Ishi

I recently moved and my ID still has my old address. I updated DMV awhile back but they do not seem to send out new IDs automatically anymore. I registered for fanime with my new address so I want to make sure I can still use my ID to pick up my badge. I need to know whether or not my ID would be acceptable so I know if I need to get a new card.

Thanks in advance.
Ideas and Suggestions / Mini photo studio
February 04, 2013, 11:57:24 AM
I know this idea has been brought up before. But to my knowledge, nothing has come of it.
I think a mini photo studio would be great for cosplayers and families visiting the con.

As a cosplayer, I have had many times where I never got a decent photo of my cosplay. I'm sure there's tons of other cosplayers in the same boat. Plus, I'm sure there are families that would love to take a commemorative photo at con. And if the cost is kept low/reasonable, I'm sure a lot of people would use it.

It could be staffed by staff photographers and computer technicians. Photos would be taken in front of a blue screen and the technicians would add backgrounds via computer software. There would be a set of backgrounds for cosplayers and families. There could also be cosplayers on staff for families that want to take a picture with a cosplayer. And the photos could be either sent out to an outside company, printed and sent to the customer's address or printed at con. Equipment probably could be rented; digital cameras, etc.
And since the set of backgrounds would be limited, it wouldn't take away from the professional con photographers.

I wouldn't mind staffing it along with others; I could either be a photographer or technician. I'm sure there are others that would love to help out.

Alternatively, it could be a place for professional con photographers to book space to take photos. Or even an outside studio could be hired for the event.

Is there support for this? Would it be feasible?
I'm not sure if I'll be able to go but here's the info if anyone is interested:
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Brazilian restaurant: Senzala
250 E Java Dr, Sunnyvale, CA, 94089-1318
Parking: Free parking on site
Cost: TBA
Time: TBA
Why: To raise money to help Japan
Things in the Universe / Apparently I am a man XP
February 18, 2009, 02:33:28 AM
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Lol. Like Diamond is a real name. XP That is more like a hooker name.
General Anime Chat / Recommended manga
June 22, 2008, 10:49:43 AM
Thought I'd make a thread where people can recommend manga to each other.

I tend to read obscure things but some of the stuff I read is rather good.
Series I recommend:

Akuma to Dolce: A young girl inherits knowledge from her mother of casting magic circles to summon demons. She bakes treats for them and they help her with favors. [They have a sweet-tooth.] One day, she spills tea on her skirt and summons a demon to get rid of the stain. But she summons a high level demon. Its quite a fun series.

Karakuri Odetto: An android is created and enrolled in high school to learn the difference between herself and humans. Same mangaka as Akuma to Dolce.

Usagi Drop: This one I just found. Its cute. A man goes to his grandfather's funeral only to discover that his grandfather left a 6 year old daughter behind. No one in the family wants to care for the child so he decides to. The story follows him as he tries to adapt for caring for a child.

Fun Fun Factory: A new bakery opens in town and a young girl eats a desert there. Because of the mischievous owner, she gets possessed by a witch, who wishes to bring misfortune to 10 other people who ate there. She searches them out and tries to keep the witch from carrying out her plan. Its another fun series.

Puchimon: A manga by Aoi Nanase. Its deals with a academy that specializes in teaching students to be questers.

Ludwig Kakumei: A prince leaves to try to find a princess. But all her finds is unsuitable princesses. Most of the girls, he encounters, play various fairy tale roles. The fairy tales are kind of twisted and dark.

Kannagi: A guardian spirit decides to become a magical girl.

All of these are still ongoing. Thats it from me for now. >.<
I think it might be helpful to have a place to post about issues with the main website.
I know there's a place for just the forum but I feel that I shouldn't put posts about the website there.
As I'm sure there might be common problems that need attention or issues that forum members might be able to help with, I think said forum would be a good idea.

I'm been having some problems with links on the website.
I cannot open the link on the MusicFest page.
I think its supposed to redirect to the MusicFest website but I can't access it.
Neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer recognizes it as a page.
Instead it treats it as a download. And even if I just try to open it, it doesn't open.

Said forum and/or help would be much appreciated.
Is there any other kind of adhesive besides "Spirit Gum" for things such as elven ears?

Additionally, is there any place where I can buy said adhesive (or spirit gum)? Places that are around all year. I don't know of any places besides the seasonal halloween stores.

Thanks in advance.
I highly doubt this question is answered on the main website. Forgive me if it is.

As I've been thinking of cosplaying Kotomi from Clannad, I want to know the regulations of a couple things.

First, what are the rules on instruments? We're talking ones that can be carried... Say, violins or otherwise.
I'm also thinking of trying to learn the ending song on said instrument as people may ask me to play.

Also, what are the rules on using scissors as a prop? For my idea, they have to be a working pair.
(And why we say pair of scissors is totally beyond me and quite unrelated to the main point of this post.)

Thanks in advance.
General Anime Chat / Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
July 13, 2007, 12:40:28 AM
So... who else is watching this?
watch it.... watch it now.....

Any nominees that want to be taller? /gg
General Anime Chat / Worst...
July 10, 2007, 09:48:03 PM
I thought it might be kinda nice to have a thread where you can post what series you think had the worst ending, episode, acting, characters, etc. Pretty much open to anything. It doesn't necessarily have to be the worst but something you think was really bad. Anything no matter how minor nor serious it may seem... as long as its about anime series.

Just remember if you think you have spoilers, put them in spoiler tags. (aka if you're explaining why you think so.)

My bits:

Right now, I think the worst ending would be the ending to Rocket Girls.

And I think the worst animal treatment would be Touka Gettan episode 12.
Perhaps its purely the worst in a comedy way... but I think the overall episode was pretty cruel.

If anyone wants to know why, I'll reply in spoiler tags but otherwise...
The whole thing with a girl cleaning a guy's ear with a cotton swab on a stick... where the guy is in the girl's lap...

Does that actually happen in japan? anywhere? O.o? or is it supposed to be some fetish that isn't common? -.-;

I'm rather ignorant of these things... >.>; Thanks in advance whomever knows...

BTW, so this thread could be multi-purpose... please feel free to ask about other things from anime that you wonder if they actually happen... err... yeah.
General Anime Chat / Nana
September 18, 2006, 12:59:59 AM
Anyone else watching this? If not, go watch it. XP