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General Anime Chat / Re: The MOE thread!
November 06, 2007, 01:57:48 PM
testin' something
General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
June 11, 2007, 02:58:02 AM
Loli? hmm... Rosetta from Kaleido Star, yes?
That actually sounds like fun. Download ka shira?
General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
May 30, 2007, 07:50:59 AM
I like Mizuki in a mizuki lewl

[Ugh, It took me like 5 minutes to load up this page at the Taiwan Touyuan Airport. Boo~]

Rock awn~
Tsu, You know which PVC I like the most (from your pre-order)?

And I personally like black haired Shana....
General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
May 10, 2007, 01:14:45 AM
I'll be gosh darned if I'm not missing out here.

On a side note: Hello Persons~

Quote from: "LastElixir"2. Yuno - Because shes so damn cute and the Xs next to her hair remains a mystery.

Liek this:


(when her face has that face-box expression or whatever you call it; came across that "emoticon" from somewhere - it might even be the FanimeBB  :shock: )

And about the dreams - wish I could dream these days. Been so long since I've dreamt.

Okay, here's what kinda bugs me.

In episode 9, when Yuuichi is reading the manga to Makoto ... why is the manga in English? When Yuuichi says "さã,ˆãªã,‰â€ã€€the video frame reads "Farewell" in English....
General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
March 27, 2007, 03:45:15 PM
I wuv my avy so much that I don't wanna change it evaaar. Same goes to the Osaka on the other account D:

I wuv my siggies too. So geeky they are.
General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
March 26, 2007, 10:33:11 PM
Yuki sez hai

Quote from: "Spiritsnare"
Quote from: "pockystix"
Quote from: "Lisu"You could always have your room be a cuter sounding version of Nayuki's mornings....

Which I have on mein cell phone to wake me up every weekday morning. <3

I think he's referring not to Yuuichi's neko-on-house/Keropi clock, but Nayuki's Room of Infinite Ringing.

I think I will need that, considering how deep I sleep. Ask Tsubasa/LastElixir or anyone who has seen me sleep in the wee hours at Lisu's place when I'm knocked out. This boy becomes a piece of rigid log.
General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
March 21, 2007, 08:20:35 PM
Quote from: "Jun-Watarase"I like gothic lolita fashion, as well. I'm also a fan of wa-loli. ^^; I don't see any problem with using the term "gosuloli", though, "g-loli" sounds silly.... I've never heard anyone use the term. But I also don't believe you're being elitist, Kazuko. ^_^;

gee, loli.
Quote from: "mDuo13"Personally, I like ARIA Company a lot more than Orange Planet. They seem a lot more personal, friendly, etc... but a lot of that is just my bias towards Arika and Alicia.

You still need to do a slight bit of editing ^^;;

Quote from: "Tsubasa"Dude, don't diss Aria-shachou.  He's awesome.  Weird, but awesome.  I have a cell-phone strap of him. =P

General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
March 21, 2007, 01:44:00 PM
Dayum, such geekiness I feel in thread.

It's so.. intense.... no, scratch that... extreme!!!
[21:55] DisagreeAbleHead: it's technically a Muchi ep :D
[21:56] lutzdemadver:  so I've heard
[21:57] DisagreeAbleHead: Mikkan is my second fav
[21:57] DisagreeAbleHead: Mei my third
[21:57] DisagreeAbleHead: Manabi is like 3.1
[21:58] lutzdemadver:  is that .1 above or below Mei?
[21:58] DisagreeAbleHead: below
[21:58] DisagreeAbleHead: if it was abve, she'd be 2.9 :P
[21:58] DisagreeAbleHead: above*
[21:59] DisagreeAbleHead: last is Momo
[21:59] DisagreeAbleHead: why do all their names start with "M"?
[22:00] DisagreeAbleHead: It's like ARIA
[22:00] lutzdemadver:  maybe like Aria were they all have 'A's
damn you for watching ep 9 already lol :P