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Planning on coming as Lemongrab again. Sunday is good because I have two gatherings on Saturday.

As an aside, does anyone know who the Huntress Wizard from last year was? Because she was super cool and I'd like to meet her again!

Hello everyone! There wasn't a Hellsing gathering last year, and I really missed having one, so I intend to run one this year!! We need every one from every faction so please don't be shy!!

I'm coming as Red Sniper, with an Anger hood and custom mask (maybe)!

Does anyone know if there's going to be a Hellsing gathering or photoshoot this year? I'd be going as Schrodinger.

Hey guys I'll be coming as Human!Lemongrab! And a friend of mine is going to be Marceline.

YES I CAN MAKE THIS GATHERING AND THE HOMESTUCK ONE Ahem. I'll be there as Schrodinger, like last year ^^

Hey, I'll be there as Dark but Pre-Grimdark Rose Lalonde!! I don't know if my friends have posted here yet, but I should be bringing an Equius and a Vriska/ Mindfang (she hasn't told me which of those two yet.)

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