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Drink! Everything is better with drink!
Quote from: echoshadow on May 04, 2016, 08:31:15 PM
Check out the Black and White Ball, take some free dance lessons, That's pretty much all I can recommend, others have filled in.

Next step is to explore Downtown San Jose. Watch a movie, go clubbing, wine and dine.  Lots of great places to check out, that's if your fine walking in downtown, some people are "uncomfortable" walking around when the sun goes down.

Sounds like you reached your fanime limit like me. We both sucked out as much juice we can out if it. Still a fun time you just have to find other stuff to perk your interest again.

This, a million times. I can't stress enough how seedy after midnight, kinda like gremlins,
Mizonokuchi Taiyouzoku - Manzo - Astro Fighter Sunred
Africa by Toto
Do the jackets have to be buttoned up? Do the shirts have to be completely buttoned up? I'm talking about leaving the collar left unbuttoned.
As a local and patron of Downtown San Jose, some advice.

Don't stick around too late at night, a lot of weird people are out and about

Just be careful in general whilst in downtown. Crime has been getting pretty bad as of recent, trafficking, prostitution, drug dealing, constant bar fights and shoot outs.

Feel free to PM me if you need someone who knows the area well.
Shit, I'm down.
As someone who frequents the downtown area, a good time to hold the speed dating would be between 6-7, in case a couple really hit it off and they could out for drinks or something that same night. Its not too late at a time when the local weirdos are out (but hey they're always out and about)
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
January 19, 2015, 05:09:11 AM
People still post here
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
September 26, 2014, 06:05:00 AM
You were just called in to work at 0200
Gaming / Gamertags
May 12, 2014, 01:46:15 AM
If anyone wants to play on Xbox

Mine's: OceanLander
The bomb is where!?!
Forum Games / Re: If Life Gives You...
March 14, 2014, 03:02:33 AM
Slap that shit on!

If life gives you a bag full of dicks...
Nah, I'll just torrent it instead.
General Anime Chat / Re: Modern anime survival
February 27, 2014, 03:30:23 AM
Just go on tumblr and see what the most recent bandwagon is.
I've cancelled any plans I had for attending Fanime this year, instead I'll be returning home to attend a Motley Crue concert. Got Vip tickets and everything. Hoping to meet them!
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
February 02, 2014, 05:38:51 PM
Quote from: Twixz151 on February 02, 2014, 11:55:25 AM
I guess I'm still going wtf to fear 3 and it's ending.

Not as much as 2

"Wtf? Did I just get raped?"
I uh.... what?

Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
January 31, 2014, 01:49:32 AM
I'm lazy and I save lives!
Things in the Universe / Christmas Plans
December 04, 2013, 02:24:04 AM
What are you guys doing for Christmas? Travelling far to visit family? Working? Any special traditions?

I haven't quite decided what to do yet. A friend wants to go to an Okinawan restaurant, but we already ate there for Thanksgiving. I kinda wanna go to a maid cafe, but I don't think those joints are open on Christmas...