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Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Princess Tutu 2011
« on: January 12, 2011, 01:44:19 AM »
Hi everyone,
I'd love so much to come to this years gathering (And Fanime 2011) but unfortunatly money and university will probably keep me held back until 2012 ;_;
I'm really dissappointed, especially with the so many cosplayers this year! ><

Hopefully I'll be able to make it in 2012 after graduation, where I'll be coming back as Mr. Cat and a Prinny (hopefully!)!

Sorry everyone!

I really enjoyed the gathering!! ^^

I'll try to come for 2011 as Mr Cat again.
Unfortunately it all depends on what my parents say and how much money I manage to save up. ):

Fingers crossed! >_<

HOWEVER, to the sir talking about the wheel chair. Wheel chair/handicapped access on an elevator takes priority. You can literally get hotel staff to tell people not to get on the elevator until after the wheel char/handicapped individual gets on. It shouldn't have to come to this, and people suck, but it is an option for you.

Oh, we didn't know about that but thank you very much! This will defiantly be a big help for next year, not that we'd take advantage of that. It was just annoying when we were waiting longer and people jumped on before us when there was room for us to get on. But like you said, people suck.

But there were also a lot of understanding people as well that would make sure my friend got on, one woman took total charge and made it a mission to get him on first! So to everyone that gave us a hand to getting him on, thank you very much. ^^

There were a few things I disliked about Fanime, but nothing major.

The biggest problem was the elevators in the Marriot. My friend's in a wheelchair, so we had to wait ages for one empty enough to jump into. Some people were really rude about it to, like when we had been waiting longer that they had, and there was room but they jumped in anyway!
My friend got so irritated he shouted at some people which was kinda embarrassing. >_> Hopefully next year he'll learn to keep his cool.

Second was the evening me and my friend decided to go to the gaming hall one evening (I think it was Saturday?), we got into an elevator and some random guy put his arm around me, commented on my costume. This wasn't the problem, except the fact you could smell the alcohol on his breath and we were crammed in the elevator with him all the way down.
Then as we were walking to the gaming hall, I was dressed up as Cats inspired Mr.Cat/Neko Sensei from Princess Tutu, someone yelled out "FURRY!" to me as we passed them. I guess it wasn't that bad, but it did make me feel really self conscious.

So nothing too bad, but the elevator situation could have been so much better.

Woo! One more week to go!
On the good side, landed in California yesterday with no problems so I'll see you all this weekend! :3 Shouldn't be too hard to miss a Cat with ballet shoes, right?
I finally finished sewing my costume together; first costume I've ever made so it's a bit off in places though. xD

Hotel and Facilities / Re: fairmont san jose?
« on: April 17, 2010, 02:07:36 PM »
I stayed there last year and my experiance was really good! :D This year we're staying in the Hilton apparantly, but I dunno if I'm too keen on it...I'd rather stay at the Fairmont >_>

You're coming in from Scotland?!

Well, that's probably my favorite thing about Fanime.  ;D

Yus. :3 Fanime was my first ever convention, and I've only been to one other convention since then; J-Culturecon in England as it's close to where I live :F

It was fun, but a lot of people were shyer at J-Culturecon than at Fanime. >:

last year, me and my cousin were in an elevator at the hilton and there was one other girl in too. before the door closed, a guy in a wolf suite (FURRY) hopped in. it was such an awkward ride. after he got off, the other girl in the elevator turned to us and screamed, "I hate it when furries come to our con! they have there own. and i also hate that they have to advertise that they're furries. i mean, i don't walk around with a giant sign that says i like feet!" then she got off. pretty awkward ride to our room.

That makes me feel nervous for this year. I'm going as Mr Cat/Neko-Sensei from Princess Tutu who is literally a talking cat. >_>

Last year at the convention, I was taking photographs with people in my visual kei dress after getting out of the dance. I'm already tired out and off guard and someone ask for a photograph with me, so I was posing and stuff with my friends and this guy who asked for a picture. Then all of a sudden, someone BITES me on my shoulder. I'M SERIOUS. Then, I feel someone's arms around my hips and that kind of freaked me out because they did not feel like girl arms and so I looked around, and this guy picked me up (I was wearing heels, so this scared me even more) and it was this African American guy who had no badge, so I assume he's not an actual attendee and he just came to pick up chicks. And so this guy already creeped me out by picking me up, what else can he do? He whispers in my EAR if I have a boyfriend he should be concerned about, UGHHHHH. I am actually kind of phobic of guys, I'm not scared of them, they just happen to have no manners when they meet me =_____= So I tell this guy I only like girls and he puts me down and he asks, "You're sure you can't make any room for me?" And I say, "Unless you're Korean." And he replies with such a disgusting answer, "Sorry hun, I'm not that small."

=_____________= This happened a lot on Saturday night, I wasn't too pleased. I do not mind people coming in and out to check out the convention, but I'm not to fond when they invade my space AND BITING ME. Thing is, my friend caught a picture of him! He posed right in between the guy that ask me for a picture and I before he picked me up. ;_________; Thanks for traumatizing me more, I'm even more against men.

That must've been horrible. :/ I got in an elavator with my guy friend and some random guy asked if I wanted to go back to his room. ;_; Not as scary as your ordeal, but it is scary! >.< I'm just glad my friend was there. .___.

But the craziest thing at Fanime...? The whole ordeal with me supposidly getting lost which scared the crap outta my friends; I gave my bag to my friend to hold because it was rubbing against my neck and making it sore; which had my ID and phone. I went off to help a girl get out of her costume and told my friends but it seems they didn't hear me. They panicked and of course neither of us could contact each other. So started this whole thing where we're trying to find each other; and I dragged the girl along with me T_T

Fortunatly we found each other and then I went and bought the girl her dinner because I felt so bad for all the drama. >_>

The best craziest thing at Fanimke was just being there. :D My first convention!

Because it means I can fly off to America from Scotland, get a holiday from both work and university; meet people on the same or similiar wavelentgh as me and I get to DRESS UP! I LOVE DRESS UP!! 8D

Alright, Saturday morning it is! I'm going to put us down for 10:30 to give everyone a bit more time to sleep or whatever and me a little extra time to get ready and down to the table the requisite 15 min early to check in the gathering ;) It looks like Sat.will start getting crowed around 11am this year as the 11 and 11:30 time slots are already being marked as full on the official list.

Sounds good to me. I'm definatly going as a Cats inspired Mr Cat/Neko Sensei. Working on my costume now and looking really forward to Fanime now. x3

Um, is it alright for girl's to wear tux's or suits?

Ooh, thank you very much. ^^
Hopefully I'll be able to find some once I get there >3>

I miiiight be going as Ed, on the condition I can find someone to help me get my wig on. xD; (Rooming with a load of guys does not help)

But can someone explain to me what goes on in gatherings? Last year was my first year at a convention ever, and the group I was with haven't ever cosplayed save for one or two? I'm still kinda new to cosplay and conventions.

Hey, I've decided I'll be going as Mr. Cat.

I'm taking someone off DeviantArt's advice (I think it was LordMoufMouf?) and going in a kind of Cats (The Musical) style instead of a mascot head (because I don't think the airplane or customs would be all that happy if I did that too xD)

I'm off to the market today to find material for the fur methinks :3

Does anyone know where I can buy facepaint though? I don't think customs are happy with that kind of thing...

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Princess Tutu 2010
« on: December 05, 2009, 11:11:50 AM »
I'm thinking about going as Kraehe for one day if I can lose a little bit of weight or possibly even Mr.Cat (Because I don't think I've seen a Mr Cat cosplay yet...)

Gaming / Re: Anyone own Harvest Moon; Another Wonderful Life?
« on: November 27, 2009, 11:52:30 PM »
Unfortunatly not, Natsume made it so the boy games could connect and the girl games could connect, but you can't cross connect.  :-\

Thanks anyway.
At this point though I might just buy the game and play it at my friends house.

Gaming / Anyone own Harvest Moon; Another Wonderful Life?
« on: November 25, 2009, 01:06:59 AM »
Hi everyone. :3

Just wondering if anyone own's Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for the Gamecube, and if anyone's would mind linking up their game to my More Friends of Mineral Town (for the GBA) at Fanime (I will not go to anyone's house. You either have to be at Fanime with a hotel nearby or not at all. >:)?

I'm a UK resident so getting Another Wonderful Life for our gamecube is totally out of the questions (Those damn region codes *Sob*) and More Friends of Mineral Town was never released in the UK so I imported it obviously.

I just want to get the nice little extras in my game, like the beach house and records and whatnot.

And on the side note, if anyone has no idea what games I'm talking about; they're the girl versions of A wonderful Life and Friends of Mineral Town.

Thank yoooou.

Would I be better off just saving up and investing in that wonderflex stuff instead then?

Hi all, I want to make Ed Elric's arm for my cosplay for Fanime 2010.

Only problem is I'm currently on a student budget and am currently broke.  :-[

I managed to make an arm for J-Culturecon 2009 (Convention in Derby, UK) out of silder cardboard, a long glove from a costume shop and a lot of silver spray paint, but that was only because I had two days; and although it looked pretty good for a student budget arm, it was as uncomfortable as hell.  :-\

I wondered if I should just invest in getting a huge sheet of wonderflex and working from that or making it out of thin foam and spray painting it silver?

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I'd be really greatful if anyone did.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Post-con depression!
« on: November 08, 2009, 02:57:39 AM »
I suffered from the depression afterwards so much to the point I started crying. O.o (First con and all though)

But I bought my new badge last week, so whee! x3 But yeah, I agree about the pre-con anxiety. >:

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