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Gaming / Anyone own Harvest Moon; Another Wonderful Life?
« on: November 25, 2009, 01:06:59 AM »
Hi everyone. :3

Just wondering if anyone own's Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for the Gamecube, and if anyone's would mind linking up their game to my More Friends of Mineral Town (for the GBA) at Fanime (I will not go to anyone's house. You either have to be at Fanime with a hotel nearby or not at all. >:)?

I'm a UK resident so getting Another Wonderful Life for our gamecube is totally out of the questions (Those damn region codes *Sob*) and More Friends of Mineral Town was never released in the UK so I imported it obviously.

I just want to get the nice little extras in my game, like the beach house and records and whatnot.

And on the side note, if anyone has no idea what games I'm talking about; they're the girl versions of A wonderful Life and Friends of Mineral Town.

Thank yoooou.

Hi all, I want to make Ed Elric's arm for my cosplay for Fanime 2010.

Only problem is I'm currently on a student budget and am currently broke.  :-[

I managed to make an arm for J-Culturecon 2009 (Convention in Derby, UK) out of silder cardboard, a long glove from a costume shop and a lot of silver spray paint, but that was only because I had two days; and although it looked pretty good for a student budget arm, it was as uncomfortable as hell.  :-\

I wondered if I should just invest in getting a huge sheet of wonderflex and working from that or making it out of thin foam and spray painting it silver?

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I'd be really greatful if anyone did.

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