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Registration / Group Name
« on: March 30, 2007, 09:58:44 AM »
Where can I input the Group Name in my group account?  
I don't see a textbox where I can type it when I log-in to my account...

Cosplay as characters and things (yes...even the game pads...) from games like Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, Para Para Paradise, Parappa the Rapper, Um Jammer Lammy, Bust a Groove...etc...

We will gather on Saturday, 11:30am in the 1st floor convention center lobby (between the front doors and registration).  Just listen and follow the music!  :)

We will be meeting at the usual place for the front lobby enterance...near registration.

People attending the gathering:

from Beatmania II DX :
DJ Erika = cherryteagirl5 (me)
DJ Shi-low = Fallen_Magician
DJ Nyah = Linda (my friend)
DJ Duel = Fallen_Magician's friend
DJ Nix = Psychotic Jei
DJ Siren = Psychotic Jei's friend
DJ Ereki = GaMeReVoLuTiOnX
Let's try to get all the DJ's:

from Elite Beat Agents:
Starr = Hikaru-Jan

from Pump It Up:
Pump It Up dance pad = Barnes

from Guitar Hero II:  

Grim Ripper = Winterwhisper

from DDR:  
DDR pad = OniCourseMusha
Emi = RubymoonIII

Anyone else?

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