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Quote from: Senjougahara___Hitagi on March 15, 2016, 07:37:18 PM
Looking forward to it! Also can I post this on some kancolle fan pages along with other pages when we get more things finalized?
Yeah sure! We're waiting approval now! :D

Quote from: Iori E on February 16, 2016, 11:43:57 PM
I'll be there as Bismarck.

Would it be all right if I make a request? Please have the KanColle gathering and the Touhou gathering at different times.  I want to attend both gatherings and I have separate cosplays for each, and I believe that others do too, as there is a lot of overlap in both fandoms.


It all depends if Fanime accepts the times or not. All depends on them unfortunately.
:D Helloooooooo co-host here! Please let us know if you want to join us
Did the gatherings department have a Flickr this year? I want to find pics of me D:
Hihi~! Usually our arcade vendor decides what they can bring based on availability. If they have access to it, they will bring it.
Oh you people and your name dropping :| TSKTSKTSKLOL. Anywho, I'll be sure to talk to BSaphire at the meeting to figure out where would be the BEST place where to hold this since we were inside last year and didn't crowd the area too much. It's always a good thing to let us staff know about these things so we know you're coming and all.
Oh hi, checking in~ If I have the time, I'll stop by as Reimu but am usually found in the Gaming Hall. Last year we had a small Sky Arena that I hosted after the panel last year, and we are having a tournament this year on Saturday at 4pm for Sky Arena. We have even more PCs than before, so if we get a good turnout, you all might end up overrunning PC Gaming with your Touhou-ness.
*_* OMG YAY Finally! I will be bringing some people with me to the gathering! I'm not sure exactly, but I put out a shout-out on FB for them to come here and drop their names down for you. I hope we get that nice afternoon slot on Sunday~
This sounds fun! >:D The Tabletop Department (tabletopATfanimeDOTcom) can accommodate you if you send them a time when you would like to play a demo and what kind of table you need: round or long.
Quote from: Takumaru on March 20, 2013, 03:58:58 PM
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 tournament would be awesome.  Me and friend would auto sign up.
I'm asking around now, but no promises. It all depends if one of my staff has the time to run it in conjunction with other tourneys as well as provide some prize support.

Quote from: Bliss Authority on March 29, 2013, 03:07:19 PM
Definitely going to be there, running Bliss Stage, Apocalypse World, and possibly Panty Explosion (the game of psychics in high school) if I can get hold of it.

Oh? When and where?
Gaming / Re: Mahjong ver. 2013?
March 30, 2013, 01:18:11 PM
Currently we do not have a full mahjong set nor anyone to run an event, but if you know some people who want to come by and do something, please let us know at [email protected]
^_^ Oh hi~

Since the PS3/XBOX came out with a teaser for the HDD game after the anime released, I decided to buy the game on PSX and have it for member rental because it's a lot easier to see it in its actual form than to hunt for it on a console or an arcade cabinet. It will be available, but please keep in mind that you will have to use a photo ID as collateral in order to rent the game, so take care of it please. The PSX copies are not cheap!
No topic is belated; it just takes some memory to take time out of planning for you all to visit the forums. You can submit suggestions to [email protected] as well.
We are still working out the details of our Arcade, so please stay tuned on the website (we have a Gaming Hall page) for updates.
Hihi everyone. Keep in mind that we do rotate our games on a yearly basis and that trends, sadly, do run out. We try to make sure we are up-to-date with the latest games while keeping some of the old favorites.

BTW, what kind of board games do we need? We would like to be prepared for you all.
:< Why is there no gathering for this wonderful series??!11 I'll be going as Kougyoku Ren proooobably with a group of a Hakuryuu and Hakuei. Would LOVE to see a gathering though....
I have no problems if people want to go to a park and have something along the lines of "World's Biggest Ninja Circle," because at that point, there's nothing really to damage that isn't FanimeCon property, and aside from injuries is my biggest concern.

@flameroad123: It looks fun from a distance, and probably is fun once you get into it (by all means I could probably just sit and watch for an hour if I wanted to) lol
Hello fans, this is your Gaming Manager~

It's come to my attention that most of you LOVE the Ninja game that people do in the Gaming Hall / Exhibit Hall 3: you've seen it, played it, or at one point want to join. I've also noticed that many of you who play Ninja in the hall are very passionate about the game, so passionate that some of you are very accurate with certain moves that it concerns staff. There are stories of people attaching prop weapons to limbs to enhance gameplay.

For those who have played at some point in the past 2-3 years may have heard me over the loudspeaker stating things like "Ninja is a non-sanctioned event and we (FanimeCon) are not responsible for injuries, please play responsibly and etc," as well as inviting myself into the large circles to deliver announcements to be safe and et cetera; however, my staff has noticed the increase of risk that some members choose to perform during Ninja, and wonder how much farther members will go. This is no secret and it is a growing concern for those who want to be real ninjas just like in games and anime. Members will be too passionate and yes, since accidents do happen, something of FanimeCon's might be broken, like a table that holds expensive equipment or perhaps another member. I don't want it and FanimeCon definitely doesn't want that.

I understand there are set rules for the game and many websites/forums that go over basic rules, and I also understand that I can't tell members "No, you can't play here because you all are crazy kids etc.," because it's rude and I want you all to be welcome.

SO. I am willing to come to a compromise with those who play Ninja.

I am still enforcing the "Ninja is non-sanctioned," but it is still recognized as a game played in EH3. At no point in the future do I plan to allow tournaments, and I want to make sure that my staff understands what the whole game is like so we can properly assess objectively and allow you all to have your fun. I don't want to have to personally break up all Ninja circles because of one person's accident and tell those who play to go outside in the cold or somewhere else, mainly because I am willing to work with the fans. I also don't want to be the villain unless members are being too risky (ie: jumping off chairs, running up walls and leaping to strike another, etc), and it means having my staff and I restrict play because a member wanted to be "more real" by being extreme. What I am looking for to help ease my staff in Exhibit Hall 3 (Tabletop, eGaming, and Arcade):

-Forum/Website for Ninja rules
-Formal explanation of Ninja
-Any additional information regarding the game

Thanks again for all the help, and I hope you all can continue to play safely! :3
Quote from: Somebody on May 31, 2012, 01:10:10 PM
I'm not sure if Gaming Staff comments go here, but I had one tiny thing to mention.
Monday when the staff closed gaming, I completely missed the warning calls over the loudspeakers, so that's my fault. The music to the game I was playing was terribly loud and knowing time was nearing up, I probably should have stepped away and asked (not to mention my friends who were sitting nearby should have come and gotten me off when they heard it). However, when staff came and surrounded my game to escort me out, I didn't know what was going on until one of them started yelling and snarling at me. I completely understand that he was doing this to get my attention and not be rude or harsh, but it scared the living daylights out of me! I scrambled off the machine and tried to grab my stuff as quickly as I could, but almost dropped my phone and bag as we were what felt more like chased than escorted out.

Is there any other way they could bring a halt to the game? If I had seen him stick his hands in front of the screen or his face moreso in front of me rather than just around the sides I feel I would have noticed him sooner and left. Because he was standing on the side out of my direct eyesight, I thought he was just my friend taking photos again- I wasn't trying to be difficult or ignore him!  :-[

Hihi, Gaming Hall Manager here. I remember giving out specific reminders to those throughout the hall. I was the voice calling out the members and staff over the loudspeaker throughout con. If you have a specific description of the person/people who were acting out while we were escorting others out, then please PM me their descriptions so I can take care of them myself. There is no way I or my staff are allowed to touch any of the arcade cabinets; only our Arcade vendor are allowed to touch the machines as far as powering down or performing maintenance.
Osu falls under the same guidelines as a bootleg copy of anything that's mass produced. Companies get upset when someone takes product of their and clearly modifies them, such as Stepmania and Mugen which are obvious proxies of obvious games. While I personally don't know -exactly- what Osu is, it seems to falling with the others mentioned above so if you're going to play it, then refrain from it in the Gaming Hall. Thankies~
Why hello there~

If you don't have a location set yet, you are all more than welcome to use the chess board in the Game Hall in Exhibit Hall 3 this year. Please let me know what you decide so I can let my dept heads know.