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Hello fans, this is your Gaming Manager~

It's come to my attention that most of you LOVE the Ninja game that people do in the Gaming Hall / Exhibit Hall 3: you've seen it, played it, or at one point want to join. I've also noticed that many of you who play Ninja in the hall are very passionate about the game, so passionate that some of you are very accurate with certain moves that it concerns staff. There are stories of people attaching prop weapons to limbs to enhance gameplay.

For those who have played at some point in the past 2-3 years may have heard me over the loudspeaker stating things like "Ninja is a non-sanctioned event and we (FanimeCon) are not responsible for injuries, please play responsibly and etc," as well as inviting myself into the large circles to deliver announcements to be safe and et cetera; however, my staff has noticed the increase of risk that some members choose to perform during Ninja, and wonder how much farther members will go. This is no secret and it is a growing concern for those who want to be real ninjas just like in games and anime. Members will be too passionate and yes, since accidents do happen, something of FanimeCon's might be broken, like a table that holds expensive equipment or perhaps another member. I don't want it and FanimeCon definitely doesn't want that.

I understand there are set rules for the game and many websites/forums that go over basic rules, and I also understand that I can't tell members "No, you can't play here because you all are crazy kids etc.," because it's rude and I want you all to be welcome.

SO. I am willing to come to a compromise with those who play Ninja.

I am still enforcing the "Ninja is non-sanctioned," but it is still recognized as a game played in EH3. At no point in the future do I plan to allow tournaments, and I want to make sure that my staff understands what the whole game is like so we can properly assess objectively and allow you all to have your fun. I don't want to have to personally break up all Ninja circles because of one person's accident and tell those who play to go outside in the cold or somewhere else, mainly because I am willing to work with the fans. I also don't want to be the villain unless members are being too risky (ie: jumping off chairs, running up walls and leaping to strike another, etc), and it means having my staff and I restrict play because a member wanted to be "more real" by being extreme. What I am looking for to help ease my staff in Exhibit Hall 3 (Tabletop, eGaming, and Arcade):

-Forum/Website for Ninja rules
-Formal explanation of Ninja
-Any additional information regarding the game

Thanks again for all the help, and I hope you all can continue to play safely! :3
O hai gamers <3 I want to know from you what games (any platform: Arcade/Console/Tabletop/Party) you want to see in the Gaming Hall for 2012! For those that apply, do not post games that involve running or harsh physical contact. I don't like seeing injuries! I will consider all entries from everyone! :D

To note: If you are a group who wants to host their own game, you can also post to this thread and I will work with you to push your event!
Live Programming and Events / FANIMAZING RACE!
May 05, 2011, 02:51:53 PM
Who? All paid members allowed!
What? A race through FanimeCon!
Where? Social Gaming in Exhibit Hall 3!
When? The qualification event begins on Friday at noon in Social Gaming!!
Why? Big prizes! Fandom! Prizes! Glory! Freebees!
How? Show up on Friday and bring a friend!

Based on the popular TV show, FanimeCon will be bringing members in an all-out race to the finish line! You'll explore the innards of the largest northern-California anime convention... AND THEN SOME! Grand prize? It'll be grand, alright; no worries, we'll spoil the winner. Come on down and join in the fun!
Hello hello~! I know this is of some slight short notice, but AP is having their annual party on 12/20! Some of you follow us on FB and Twitter, so please tell your friends about the party! There will be games, prizes and lots of sales!

2352 Walsh Ave.
Santa Clara, CA, 95051

The party will be starting around 10am~
Hello hello hello!!! For all of those who have a Facebook and Twitter, I am very pleased to give you the urls to YOUR avenue to Anime updates in the Bay area! Follow the links below to keep in touch:
Gaming / DS Emulator...
January 06, 2009, 10:24:20 PM
I've been searching for awhile, and still I can't find one. Is there an emulator for the DS that supports Japanese games?
I talked to the owner today. The party will be held on December 13th at the usual place. Cosplay is encouraged!
Things in the Universe / :D Try this out!
September 06, 2008, 12:53:18 AM
So I was browsing around for awhile and stumbled on this... all you do is click the button. Enjoy.
May 19, 2008, 08:47:38 PM
Sorry for the delay... things with budgets had to be cleared before I could annouce this...

I will fill in these as I get more information:
*I do not know the format the draft will be*
*I do not know what day/time it will be*

Once again, BIGBIG APOLOGIES! All MtG players welcome!!!
Well, I'm not so sure everyone checks the Gaming forum, so I have a link here that will redirect you all to the thread as a way of advertising. I have sign ups there for anyone who wants to sign up! Not all of the rules have been released yet. I will disclose all of that in about a week.,9021.0.html
Gaming / COSPLAY CHESS 2008
March 08, 2008, 08:05:14 PM
This is no joke, this is for real. There will be cosplay chess this year in the Gaming Room! More info to come as time progresses. :]

Games will be held from Friday - Monday. Times will vary and be released later.
Rules will be released later.
Genre of anime will be released later.
Aside from the Maid Kissa, is there anyone going to cosplay a maid to Fanime? I am making a custom maid that I will be wearing for Fanime. Can't say who it is because I don't want other people to take my idea >> << >>. Maybe we can meet up at the Maid Kissa for pictures.
Staff & Volunteers / Like playing games all day?
January 05, 2008, 04:42:09 AM
Tabletop is looking for you!! Play games all day and share the love of playing those games. Anything made of paper and/or plastic that needs no use of electricity is waiting for you! Enjoy TCGs, Monopoly, D&D, MtG? Come on in and join us!

-Age 18 and up preferred (minors have to submit paperwork and parent/guardian signatures)
-Well versed in various games
-Able to take direction from fair and just tyrnats (bwahahah... just kidding.)
-Have a sense of humor (see above req.). Having fun keeps smiles on faces. :]
-Have good work ethic.

The requirement for staffing any department is twenty-four hours (the last time I checked): that is 6 hours for each day. You can choose to work out your own schedule a long as you show up to help out when we need it. I am a generous department head and offer plenty of opportunities for hours. My dept second and I are extremely fair and understand the need for con goers to enjoy the con. PM me here or email me at [email protected] if you are interested. :]

Happy Gaming!
So I found this topic is on the other board... however for people like me I didn't get the board url until recently (like... about two weeks ago). For those who didn't know about the party, here is the bb topic on the other board for the party this weekend. :]
F#$% F%^& F&*( F!@# ...

I'm not sure how well the Clamp news flows around the boards here, so for everyone who doesn't know... NHK decided to cancel the third season of TRC because of a "no violence/no alcohol" policy. Everyone who does, or if it's been mentiond alreay, just delete this thread please. The news has been out for uh... about a month? So... in my boredom and search, I found just one little bit of hope for me... big anime otaku over here... an online  petition. I signed it, so I'm dropping a line if anyone wants to sign it too. ^_^ I'm just hanging on a thread for dear life because it's Clamp.
Gaming / Open Gaming @ Tabletop
March 15, 2007, 04:24:28 PM
Tabletop Gaming has open gaming hours in the evening all evening, every evening!

Bring your games and we'll bring ours! All games are welcome! Monopoly, Jenga, UNO, LIFE, Simpsons Chess, all are welcome.

Want space to run your own campaign? Have an old set of MageKnight, D&D or Warhammer you want to share? Email [email protected] or PM me here to reserve a table. Reservations are first come first served.  If I get several requests for Warhammer and etc, I'll just post one, maybe two tables for each game, dependant on how many responses I get. If you do sign up, you will have to bring your own supplies and be responsible for your own supplies. Space is limited. I'll post the reservations here. Campaigns can be held from Fri-Sun so it's possible to get in a full game.

Suggest a game you don't own on this thread and maybe, just maybe someone will have a copy to bring with them! Out of luck? We'll bring it ourselves. Suggest away!
General Anime Chat / So much anime, so little space.
March 07, 2007, 03:53:08 PM
On my monthly conquests to Anime Palace I realized that I'm running out of room to put all my stuff. I've arranged my room twice to accomodate my statues and small figures, but finding I'm having to buy the cheap posters to cover the walls now to fill that gap we anime fans need. I'm not the kind to sell of my stuff either being the packrat I am. Someone said I should start hanging my statues from the ceiling lol. In the meantime of finding space for my next conquests, I'm probably going to buy those posters because I don't want to poke holes in the walls of a rented room for my mass amounts of wallscrolls. Any IKEA ideas or something like that?
General Anime Chat / Nerima Daikon Brothers!
December 30, 2006, 04:24:17 PM
Shinichi Watanabe's musical creation. Hillarity included. Most of the lines in the series are either singing or repetivive jokes. The regular reoccuring chars are there as well.
Busou Renkin

The story is really interesting, but I don't know if anyone has checked it out yet.

Boy saves girl from monster.
Boy dies from mortal wound.
Girl resurrects boy with an alchemic heart that he can use to create a weapon for him to fight with.
Boy uses weapon to help girl in her army.
Enter Captain Bravo.

I've only watched the anime so far and it's littered with little RK inside jokes among random humor. Now to pick up the manga.
Is anyone cosplaying Genso Suikoden next year? A group and friends and I are planning to do Suikoden for 2007. This is our cast, all from GS5:

Myself: Queen Arshtat
TF Member: Ferid
Jehuty: Galleon
TF Member: Georg Prime
Items were lost in the Tabletop Gaming Room. My missing items list:

Onegai Teacher Box Set
Bubblegum Crisis Box Set
YuGiOh TCG Deck in a frosted blue deck box: Toons, random cards
Sailor Moon TCG Deck in dark blue transparent deck box: Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus

$30 reward for each returned item in prestine condition with all items inside.

No questions asked.
Please do not respond to this post. PM me please.
Easy question! :] Pump out the ideas and I'll see what I can do for hosting the selected games. The base games will be there (YGO, UFS, Naruto, FMA, MtG), but if there's anything else, drop a line!
If no one has seen this video and are wondering where it came from, click here. ^_^
Has anyone noticed that there are FIFTY FOUR groups approved to do Der Cosplay this year? I was really surprised at all of this. I wonder how many will be walk ons and how many will use the full three minutes.