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My Boyfriend will be going to Fanime as Chip and I'm going to be Gadget from Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers. It's not on the list but It should still count
I'll be coming as aristocrat vayne and my boyfriend Fizz <3
I'm coming again this year <3 and bringing peoples with me, between 2 to 5 <3
If this counts I'll be coming as a Lolita Version of Captian America

If my friends don't have to go to a LARP that weekend they will be there with me as Lolita Thor and the Scarlet Witch
I'll be Aristocrat Vayne... which I should get more of a move on to getting it done >.<
Its so soon! I guess I should get started on my Annie costume haha >.<
Annie <3 I plan on make it in time

Now all you have to ask yourself is Have you seen my bear Tibbers?
I can do Rogue depending on when other gatherings and when other events fall
An Cafe (loved seeing them at Fanime)
Do As Infinity
Dir en Grey

and MOMOI <3 Kawaii!

But good luck and I'm sure it will be fun whoever you get <3
I plan on coming again this year and bringing my boyfriend with me.  Its a long way out to descend yet what I'm going to actually bring but I'll bring some sort of yummy snack again this year.  The Twizzler bites I brought last year seemed to go very well. <3
if its expanded to Capcom Vs Marvel games I'd love to show up in my Roll costume and my boyfriend as Megaman <3
I had fun again this year and plan on going back again next year if I'm not out of the Country. Lets see if I win Candyland three years in a row >.<  And expect my Boyfriend coming with me next year too ^_^  I know he'd have fun and this Picnic has become part of my "Fanime Experience" ^_^
if this is still actually happening I will be coming as Sailor V
I would love to attend again. I had so much fun last year. <3
Fan Name: Samcarter
Gaia Username: The Emperors Right Hand
Cosplaying? Yes, a Gaia avatar
*lurks for pictures* I'll get them up as soon as I get them from my friend. I'll be seeing her next week for sure.  Try to get them up the week after that >.< sorry about taking so long
I guess I should get to work on that Shishio Dollfie haha  shouldn't take too much time haha >.< 
Quote from: Levistus on May 02, 2009, 09:46:34 AM
Another note: Hopefully there's a pizza hut near by so we can all go there; that would be too perfect.  ;)

no pizza hut downtown. gots to drive to get to one.  Pizza my heart I believe is the closest. *nodnod*  But, delivery anyone? haha that would be kewl. take a picture with the delivery guy >.< hahaha awesome