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Hotel and Facilities / Re: ?Hotel Waitlist?
March 15, 2017, 11:51:11 AM
Thank you very much!
Hotel and Facilities / ?Hotel Waitlist?
March 14, 2017, 06:10:20 PM
In the past there has always been an official Fanime hotel wait-list for those that did not get the hotel of their choice (or possibly didn't even get a room) to sign up on in case of cancellations. I have not been able to find info about a hotel wait-list either on the site or the forums for 2017. Did I miss something or is there no hotel wait-list this year?
Well, the gathering list is now closed, and as we did not get enough people interested on the forums here so it looks like we won't be having an official gathering this year  :'(

Myself and Trillian will be at wearing our Princess Tutu cosplays on either Saturday or Sunday. If anyone else is planning to cosplay Princess Tutu this year, please post and let me know. Maybe we can still organize a last minute unofficial get together  ;)
Oy, how'd we get to the end of April already!? This year has been going way too fast >_<

Anywhoo, if this gathering does happen for 2013 I'll bring Renrin and Trillian will bring Teitei, though Friday may be problematic for us... Trillian usually doesn't get into town until late evening on Friday (like 7 or 8pm) and I was planning on attending the Old School Gathering on Friday at 6pm in a different costume (Twelve Kingdoms anime just misses the cut off date for that one...though the books count...hmmm)
Ack, this year has gotten away from me, but even though it is very last minute I'd still like to try to have a Princess Tutu gathering again. Could you please add Princess Tutu 2013 to the URL list:,13173.msg353863.html#msg353863
Ack, I can't believe it is already April! My apologies for dropping the ball a bit this year. If anyone is still checking this thread the answer to the question of whether this gathering is still happening YES, Given that we get enough people on short notice. Even though it's last minute I'm going to try to get this gathering up and running again!

@Olivine: This gathering will most likely be held on Sunday. Friday is out unless it works best for everyone else and someone wants to take this gathering over, as I am driving in that day and already have another gathering that evening.

Oh, Charis, I feel your pain :'( I'm moving on to plan B (or is it C?) for portal construction tonight (stupid wrong gage hoop steel) >_<
Hope the sword repaint goes smoothly for you!
Your Name of gathering/event: Princess Tutu
Your Changes to gathering/event info: None
Your Possible attendee count: 7
Your Gathering/event photography order:
Group good guys vs. bad guys
Sorry I haven't updated about time and location in a timely manner. My schedule just went crazy this last couple of weeks :-[ but things have calmed down now and it's time to make this gathering official!

Time: I am looking at the 11:30am time slot on Sunday for this gathering. If that doesn't work (if its full etc.) my back up time slot would be 10:30am
Update 05/09/12: Gathering submitted for 11am instead. Reasons: 1) In 11:30am time slot there would be another group at our location immediately after us and we usually run a bit over the half hour time slots 2) I realized I might be unable to get our gathering checked in on time at the 10:30 slot, that extra half hour can make all the difference sometimes!

Location: Due to both construction and the alternating freezing and burning temps we've experienced with this gathering the last couple years, my first choice of location is 1FCC RS the 1st Floor Convention Center Lobby Riser Stage. The convention entrance facade blocks the windows enough that this location does not suffer from being back-lit like the lobby doors and my hope is that at close to Mid day there would be even less chance of that. Also, with our ballet theme a stage might be fun. I realize that for those of us in Tutus there is the panty shot worry if we are raised above the crowd slightly, but even if we opt to simply pose in front of the stage it could act as a handy support to lean against for longer poses :D Second choice location would be FMS the Front Marriot Side of the Convention Lobby over by the trees.

Please let me know if any of you have any preferences, objections or opinions. I will bewaiting till Monday 05/07/12 to submit this gathering in order to give you all a chance to respond.

Thanks everyone, and I can't wait to see all of your fabulous cosplays!
Welcome, welcome! Everyone has been added to the list.

@ SincerelyAimei
I'll definately be watching for you in the Masqurade, love seeing Tutu Masq. performances!

@ fixt
Yay! Looking forward to seeing you and hope your Kraehe can make it bad guys are pretty outnumbered by the good guys at the moment ;)
1st post updated :)
Hi cbellsoup, looking forward to seeing your newly revamped Rue! Lol, a green Rue would definately be an interesting sight :D but it's looking like Sunday may be better for me as well. I'll probably give it another week before I start finalizing everything though ;)
Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the late start getting this gathering up and running again for 2012. Time to figure out who's coming and were/when to meet this year!

Due to the construction at the convention center entrance and the uncertainty of how the area around the fountains out front (which I hear are no longer actually fountains) will look I would like to move the gathering inside this year. I'm thinking convention lobby as this will still give us lots of visibility with the added bonus of (hopefully) neither freeing like last year or roasting like the year before. Any thoughts, objections, other ideas, etc?

We're looking at either Saturday or Sunday again (we've typically held this gathering in the late morning on the day of the Masquerade). Any preferences for day or time?
Count me in as Emeraldas from the Harlock Universe ('90's OAV white pants version) :D
Ack, I've not checked the forums in awhile and will continue to be rather spotty until probably mid January, but I'm very excited to see that there will be two gatherings to wear Emeraldas to in 2012! And that your getting the ball rolling already!

I actually like the idea of keeping the gathering on Friday, but having it a more in the late afternoon/evening. It seems like it has the potential to conflict with less and having the Old School Cosplay Gathering happening that night as well makes it even better in my opinion. I can be extremely lazy at times and not having to change outfits sounds fabulous! I like your idea of rolling into the Matsumoto gathering from the Old School Gathering unless we have too many from the group who will want/need to change costumes.

Regardless of what ends up being decided, I vote we just eliminate whatever day Masquerade is. The Princess Tutu gathering that I organize is typically held on the Masquerade day making it bad for me as well, but more importantly I would like our organizer to be able to attend the gathering. After all the point is to have as many people as possible, including you!

I thought our location from last year worked very well and that it would be great to hold it there again. My only other thought is that if we end up gathering in the evening it may be fun to wander a little at the very end of the gathering to play with different lighting options...for example if it's dark out by the end of the gathering we could have a lot of fun with those up lights by the convention entrance :D

Yay Inoli! It's great to finally have En on board!

Oh, and I'm certain a warm country like Ren would have plenty of tomatoes to spare if Tai wanted in on the action...  ;D
#19 could put her down as trillian. That's her name. I really need to get her on these forums too.
Count me in! Visions of portal construction are already floating around in my head. And I'm pretty positive you can count this year's Teiyei in too...I know she had a blast (plus I'd probably drag her along anyway, we kirin can be very demanding ;) )