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Big Event Showcase / Masquerade/competition confirmation 2017
« on: May 04, 2017, 09:57:24 PM »
Has anyone received confirmation for this year's masquerade or competition? Another person and me on the unofficial FB page were confused, does anyone know who else besides the email they gave on the form site anyone can get a hold of cause no one has responded yet. The way it's looking it needs preparation for the DJ's end, so they need to prep their staff working that event and get them as ready as possible

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Room for 2 needed
« on: March 06, 2017, 04:12:37 PM »
Hello there, my name is Alex, huge Transformers, One Piece, and general anime fan with emphasis on mechs, so if you know Super Robot Wars we're automatically family at that point. A cool, chill, flexible, and open minded person with an occasionally goofy sense of humor. Facebook isn't really too exciting since I'm a busy person, but if interested

Plan on coming up Friday the 26th evening after I get off work and stay till Monday the 29th.  Money isn't an option if anything within walking distance is still available, or shuttle service is ok as well if not walking distance.  And am still willing to pay for the whole weekend stay even though coming up on Friday to help reduce cost for everyone

It will be my wife and me so a spot for 2 as well as preferably a bed spot for my wife since she's pregnant, thus the hopeful walking distance so she doesn't have to walk too far.  Also I don't mind a floor spot if someone has bed priority already, but for sure would need a bed for my wife.  Also doing a foam megaman/robot cosplay so a small amount, but not too much, space/area for storage would be helpful as well as a heads up

Contact you can reach me via email or FB Messenger is best way, then we can exchange numbers and go from there, my email is and again FB is

Also I have references from previous roommates if anyone needs to verify that we for sure are sane, considerate, reliable, and of course one of the most important con-funk free

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