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Clockwork Alchemy is separate now, it was announced this last Fanime. They have their own dates, there's a link on the Fanime site to their site for more info.

Registration / Re: Id questions
« on: January 29, 2017, 04:57:00 PM »
Fanime also accepts recent/current school ids and passports.

First of all - Everyone gets harassed, that is not a secret. Statistically, females get it more and it tend to be very sexual in nature. It happens everywhere.

Fanime, as well as any other convention, is a place where you should feel safe. This is the place where you already have something in common with someone else. Some people are going to let loose, glomp, yell at a person dressed up as their favorite character, and just hug a lot.

Remember Manners!  Please, Thank You, Great Job.

Asking For Consent should be Automatic- the fact that there are signs at other conventions should make you feel uncomfortable.

That fact that there are people who have been victims of harassment within the community they should feel the safest in should concern you.

Respect them if they say No, ask them if they are "sure" if they look kind of disgruntled.

Just because they are dressed up doesn't get you rights to do whatever you want, fully covered or otherwise.

If you are going to post their picture on the internet or use it anywhere, ask them if they are OK with it.

Fanime has a zero tolerance policy, if you get harassed by someone, get the staff. Back of your badges have a number you can text or go to Con-Ops.

The fact that a person went around the convention (year or so before) taking up-skirt pictures of women and girls without consent should concern you.

Don't play this off as some Feminist/Anti-Men BS, this is a real problem for everyone especially in a community the celebrates an art form with some risque outfits.

In my 17 years of Fanime, attendees have been generally good at the consent thing. I was wearing a bear hat and someone asked to touch the ears.

Since I've never seen these signs at fanime could just mean everyone is civil enough to respect each other.

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