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bumping this panel up with an update or two!

1) We have officially been placed on the waitlist! If we get in, we will let you know here immediately!
2) We still have some spots open, so if you know anyone who cosplays those characters, please think about auditioning! Know someone who does? Tell them about it!

thank you!
Alrighty! The second deadline has been passed and the current roster has been updated! Thank you to everyone who applied!

This time, however, we're not aiming for a deadline. Rather, this is now a "first come, first served" sort of deal. Whoever auditions for their character first has the first priority unless they either cancel, or something else arises!
The current panel roster has been updated! Congrats to those who made it, I'm sorry to those who did not, but thank you to everyone who auditioned nonetheless!

The next deadline is March 14th and we look forward to seeing your auditions!
Quote from: PansySky on February 18, 2015, 09:22:01 PM
Alright, heres my audition.
Tumblr wouldnt let me put the link in, so this is what I have to do... Im getting the rest of my cosplay soon, and styling my wig better, so ill send you some pics of it once it gets here.

Thank you very much! I'll be looking over it with my co-host soon! I'll inform you if you've gotten in by the deadline!

And as a reminder to anyone else wishing to audition, the first deadline is THIS SUNDAY! If you would like the best chances of getting into this panel with the character you want, then before then is your best bet!
Quote from: PansySky on February 07, 2015, 10:26:58 AM
I am getting a Nanami cosplay, BUT it wont be here by time submissions are closed.. I would like to audition with a video, although id be out of cosplay quite obviously. Can I still audition?

Yes you may! What you can do is show me what you have gotten/link me to the site you've gotten it from (ex: ebay/taobao listing, or the confirmation email)

Once you've gotten the full cosplay, I would like to see a cosplay picture please!
Bumping this up because the panel has been submitted, reviewed and is awaiting acceptance!

Also for those who have submitted auditions, thank you and the first deadline is by the 22nd of February, so you will be notified if you've been accepted or not around that time! You don't have to submit an audition by then, however it will greatly improve your chance of getting in as your first choice/the character you want!

Thanks, and see you at fanime!
Hello! Thank you so much for taking interest in our panel!

As for submission deadlines, we don't have a deadline set so you may as long as you need! However, I will say that the sooner is better since we plan to have practice sessions in orer to both help first time panelists as well as help get people into character should they need it.

If I absolutely HAD to set a deadline I would say it would be a month and a half before the con.

Hope that answered your question, and let me know if you have any more!
Hey there! This is Mei, the host from last year's "SHSL Ask Panel"! Thank you for attending, if you did; we got around 50 people, which was a lot more than I anticipated as well as some feedback as well so thank you so much for that!  I thought I'd try to host another panel this year as well, but I decided to limit it to the second game cast only since having the casts from both games was quite a lot. I also have my co-host Dest to help me!

Date: N/A (we're aiming for an Early Afternoon Saturday slot!)
Location: N/A
Time: N/A (we're trying for a 2 hour panel, but we're fine with either timeslot!)

This will be a spoiler free panel, so please refrain from accidentally spoiling anything! (Free Time Events should be taken with caution as some do include spoilers in them.)
However, we do require that you have finished playing and/or reading the entire game.
This will be a 16+ Panel, which means swearing will be at a MINIMUM, if at all.

Audition Applications:
-Applications can be done either by filling out the form below or by answering the application questions in the form of a video.
-You can submit it either by PM'ing it to me here or to my Tumblr.
-You may audition for as many characters as you want, but please specify which is your first choice (e.g. you apply for the spots of both Souda and Kuzuryuu but you'd rather be Kuzuryuu first if you had a choice) in your audition application.

SHSL Ask Panel 2.0 Audition Application:

Best form of contact?:
Character you're auditioning for:
Please give/show me a picture of your cosplay. If it's a WIP please show me your progress:

--These questions must be answered IC--

1. Introduce yourself to us! Say your name and talent!
2. Now, I know you may like the talent you have (you're the best of the best, you must be) but if you absolutely had to choose a new title for yourself, what would it be?
3. What sort of strengths do you possess?
4. In that light, what weaknesses do you have?
5. How do you plan to spend your days on Jabberwock Island now that the Mutual Killing has been established?
6. I know you've only just met them, but which of your classmates do you like the most? How about the ones you like the least?
7. What's your opinion on Monokuma and Monomi?
8. What sort of things does a SHSL such as yourself do in their free times?
9. Surely someone as talented as you had multiple schooling options to choose from.Why did you choose to come to Hope's Peak Academy?
10. If, hypothetical speaking, a SHSL Genie gave you three wishes to use, what would they be?

List of Characters:
Hajime Hinata- Erin
Byakuya Togami-
Teruteru Hanamura-
Mahiru Koizumi- Lizy
Peko Pekoyama- Mei
Ibuki Mioda- Dest
Hiyoko Saionji- Ro
Mikan Tsumiki- Ros
Nekomaru Nidai-
Gundam Tanaka- Juju
Nagito Komaeda- Atikal
Chiaki Nanami- Kat
Akane Owari- Louise
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu-
Sonia Nevermind- Rachael
Kazuichi Souda- Candace
Usami/Monomi- Sarah
Monobear- Arthur

Thank you, and here's to another amazing panel!

-Mei and Dest
I'll be there as Sei! I look forward to seeing you all! If I can, I'll be bringing my Mizuki as well.
changing up my plans ill def be ibuki mioda for the gathering!
Bumping this up again since we have been officially accepted!

If you still wish to apply for any remaining characters,the deadline is the 17th!

Thanks, and see you at Fanime!
If she's still available, I'd love to audition for Sasha! (I'm planning a Dead!Marco but I can't guarentee he'll be done by Fanime and I'm not sure that can be accepted anyway, but I thought I'd mention it anyway!)
Bumping this up since I added a tentative time and date (Until I get word from Fanime saying something else, I'm going to keep the time and date the same!)

Also,we are so close to filling out the DR1 cast! How we haven't got an Asahina at all is beyond me tbh If you know someone who cosplays any missing characters,please PLEASE direct them here!
I'm not sure I'll be able to make it but if I do, I'll be Sasha Braus (either her default outfit or her more casual outfit, I'm not sure yet)
Co-host Mei here!

I am pleased to announce that we have been scheduled for Saturday, 12 pm at G4! Hope to see you there!
Hey, so I'm trying to submit my panel but every time I click "Submit Idea" I get this message:

QuoteDeprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/secret_fanime/ on line 599

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/secret_fanime/ in /home/secret_fanime/ on line 69

Can you help me?

If it doesn't conflict with anything else, I would love to attend as either Shadow Naoto (Robot form?) or Crossdressing!Souji.
I know I'll definitely be able to make the Midnight Gathering regardless of night!
Panels and Workshops / Re: Dangan Ronpa Ask Panel anyone?
February 03, 2014, 06:22:40 PM
Yeah, that's fine! You could also screencap/link the items you bought instead.
I can't wait to see it!
I'll be going as either Chihiro Fujisaki or Ibuki Mioda!

This sounds like lots of fun, I can't wait!
Yes, that would be awesome!

I'll PM you the form in a minute!

While on the subject, if anybody wants to join as usami/monomi feel free to ask!