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Quote from: Angelx624 on April 11, 2017, 08:11:46 PM
Quote from: purrin on April 11, 2017, 07:53:43 PM
I want Joe Inoue to come!! if you message him on facebook, he will write you back within a day! Please consider this as one of your options! If this make it any better, he also lives in Los Angeles California. He is such a great person and everybody would love him too! Thank you!!
I've suggested him in the past. I don't know why Fanime won't get him. :( He said to me that he would definitely take up the offer if they offered him. So yeah. He doesn't even need a translator, since he speaks both English and Japanese. ><

Seen him this year and in 2016 in Kawaii Kon. Very fun and amazing guy.  My advice? if you can save up money, travel to see a guest you are absolutely dying to see.
Another boy band group? I better start planning as soon as I know the news...
MUST they make this a social media game? is it unreasonable to ask that they stop playing games like this and just announce who the music group is? I'm not here to make anymore fuss then I have in the past. I just wanna know who it is so I can make final decision plans. Whether going to another convention would be more healthy for me or sticking around for another time and simply accepting how the convention would be better.

Is it going to be a rock band? An idol or boyband group? ANYTHING would be helpful.
I'm slipping out of retirement to say something quickly. can we PLEASE announce the musical guest already? It took me a long time to take what forum members say. 1. don't go to the con if all your doing is having a bad time. and 2. Go somewhere else (In which I'm under the process of) I've been going to Fanime for the past years mainly for the musical guest. I at LEAST want to know before the hotel deadline so I can adjust my plans and see whether or not the music guest is worth sticking around for or go somewhere else to enjoy myself.

It took a VERY long time for me understand and I tried all ways. Being polite, giving the convention and staff a hard time. But I learned it really doesn't do anything. I learned by getting angry and just spouting out hate is simply unproductiv. It wastes my time and energy and it also wastes everybody else's time and energy as well. I really don't think it's unreasonable to ask that all guest announcement are made before the hotel deadline. That way, I can at LEAST plan things out.
Missed me? probably not.

And yes I already know what most of you are gonna say. "Same old citrus here to post the same redundant and unproductive complaints." Once again, after reading all the complaints and last minute social media posts on facebook. It's extremely clear to me Fanime has not changed one bit to me. Fanime was my first anime convention but it's clear to me that it's "glory days" are long gone. I don't like the idea of having to buy a badge early in advance only to "Try" and get a hotel room only to end up being on the waitlist. And you know what's the worse part? With the whole "overbooking" hotel rooms part. I was actually one of the unlucky people to be transferred to a Hotel that is VERY far away from the convention center. But at the same time I was also lucky in a indirect way . I was desperate trying to get the best hotel room rate as best as I can. I wanted a room in the fairmont hotel but do you know what happened? I got an email saying they overbooked and they had to transfer me to the doubletree... but luckily when I used travelocity to try and book the fairmont. I deleted the travelocity reservation but for some odd reason it didn't get deleted and I manage to get my room of choice through travelocity but at a slightly higher rate. I had to go through A LOT in order to get a freaking hotel room and after 2016's guest line up and it's ridiculous and strict Q&A policy.  I just about had it.

I'm going to retire a from the forums. Whoever stills enjoy fanime I hope you have fun.
Registration / Re: Reg Line
May 27, 2016, 12:40:17 AM
They better have an explanation for all this. And it almost dosen't help I ALMOST got screwed over by fairmount. I may or may not be screwed I'll have to check in the fairmount and see what happened with my hotel situation...
Registration / Re: Linecon
May 27, 2016, 12:34:28 AM
REALLLLLLLL helpful... Nobody wants to deal with linecon...
It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this thread I made. I think it's about time I wrote something. Yes, I know I can be cynical and I may not have the best way of handling or saying things. But if there are a couple of things I can say is. I may have said a lot of things that would be considered "salty" or criticism without being constructive. However from the start I HAD good intentions and I still do. I originally started this thread hoping some way or form that the staff would read our complaints and either address or acknowledge them so they could change and improve things for the better. If anything I would hope that I would get information from others that would help change my perspective or become less "salty."

With all the information that people have been providing that I never knew. I can at least safety say that I reached my original goal. I'm not very good a writing I'll admit so the best way I can express myself and that people will be able to understand and comprehend is that I'll bullet point things.

What I have learned

1. I'm getting a perspective from all different people. From volunteers, artists and attendees with a entirely different or same point of view as I do. Originally I was very bitter and salty towards the fanimecon staff and felt they do not care one bit on what their paying attendees have to say. Thanks to the people that have staffed or volunteered at other conventions. I have gotten quite a bit of insider information and how conventions work or get explanation from a different point of view. I have read every single post and attest to think before I say something.

About volunteers and the convention as a whole

Yes. I have read everything the others have said. The volunteers I appreciate the fact that the attendees are taking time out of their lives to make the convention happen. After reading the requirements it takes to even GET a position as a volunteer and the amount of hours and commitment you have to put into even getting one. It seriously makes me wonder why many people still continue to come back to volunteer at all... like one forum member has mentioned it seems more like an uncompensated job. I could be wrong but I think even AX the biggest anime convention in all of the states compensate volunteers for their time. While it isn't much it's still something. I would have to agree with Nina and Cutie about the whole " If you don't like it, join staff." With the amount of time and requirements it takes to even get a position in staff, it's rather discouraging. And with phr34kish explaining her side of the story? Everything was going smoothly but all of a sudden Fanime decided to give radio silence and not only that they decided to close the offical FB for artists? The one thing that all artists rely on to get information I assume? To me that gives off a really bad impression. If Fanime is so welcome to all kinds of feedback how come we NEVER get a response back from it? A lot of attendees have tried there best but to give constructive feedback  both at-con and outside of the con and even when we do, it usually feels like it's falling on deaf ears. And believe or not when I'm at the actual con I don't act like the way I do online. I give decent constructive criticism to the info booth hoping they would pass it on to the head. YES running a con is HARD and if it's volunteered run. I bet it would be even harder. I understand volunteers HAVE a life, but by volunteering to be staff at a really big convention it takes time and commitment. And by continuing to volunteer as staff you are making a commitment to do a good job on whatever it is you are volunteering.

I appreciate the volunteers doing their best to make the con happen. I REALLY do and I understand that there is some information that they can't disclose certain information under certain circumstances. But the least they can do is at least show you they ARE trying their best. Something as simple as "We are very sorry for the constant delays, we are doing our very best to fix the situation." But whenever I see any of the staff making any statements. All I see are very generic and blanket statements like " Our Professional Registration website is now open. We are sorry for the delay." or "Due to circumstances beyond our control there is a delay" Most of the statements or claims I see from staff most of the time tend to be very vague and tend to lead people asking questions like "Why was pro registration late?" or " How do I pay for my table at AA?" and I think people who even email staff wanting to volunteer or do their best to make the con better is often ignored. For a convention that is run by "For fans, by fans" the way how the con is structured and how communication goes on. It is run in a very clumsy or not professional way. The "fans" that try to make the convention happen certainly give me a message that they don't care one bit about my concerns or needs and most definitely give me a cold shoulder. If any of you who known and read my posts. I always emphasize Fanime 2011 was the BEST year ever for many reasons. Guests were announced in a very timely fashion that gives you enough time to plan accordingly if you got to conventions for the guests, registration was a acceptable wait, nobody had to struggle and fight each others to get a hotel room and overall the convention was very well run and deserved the title "For fans, by fans." But ever since 2012 things have taken a very drastic turn. Everything I mentioned that was good has now became the exact opposite of what I have mentioned and in fact in my opinion the convention seems to get worse each year with the department of almost everything, ESPECIALLY communication and hotels.

Can a convention be run by volunteers? Yes I believe so. A convention CAN be run by everyone who is a volunteer. For example Sakura-Con and I don't know how true this is but they have a similar catchphrase "For fans by every fan" or something like that. While I agree with many people that Sakura-con is EXTREMELY commercialized and in a strange way. They have had PLENTY of things that they were able to offer that I felt Fanimecon originally had to offer but no longer does offer it. And not only that, a lot of the people who helped volunteer at Sakura-con tend to be MUCH more helpful and I feel like the volunteers care about you. I may be the only one who has experiences this but when I was at Sakura-con 2015 or 2016. Due to very clumsy communication among the volunteers I was not able to get into certain events I wanted to attend or get priority to an event. However when I explained the situation to the volunteers or staff, they have fully admitted it was a mistake on their part because of miscommunication and did their very best to make up for it. They allowed me to go into a certain panel I REALLY wanted to attend despite being capped or get line into the priority line for concerts. Because of how well I saw the volunteers doing their very best trying to make things write and improve upon it. Because of the effort I see the volunteers or staff trying to make things right it makes me want to return back to the convention yearly. Sakura-con has around 24,000 attendees and probably more during 2016. Because that I felt that the convention cared about my needs as well as answer ANY questions I have through e-mail or at con. I felt like I mattered to the con. Fanimecon on the other hand... I feel like they don't care. Or if they do care, they certainly haven't shown it or need to show it in a better fashion. If fanime wants to show they care about you. And I cannot emphasis this enough and this is the reason why I made this thread is COMMUNICATION.

As of 2016 these are my top conventions in number order 1. Kawaii-kon 2. Sakura-con 3. Sacanime. 4. Anime Expo and the bottom and not worth mentioning. Can you guess?

How I rank these conventions are by many factors, 1. The guests. (My BIGGEST factor especially Japanese and music guests) 2. The programming, 3. Enjoyment and 4. How the convention is run and the communication I receive from them.

My point? A convention needs to be well run in order for someone to enjoy it. And yes I get it. My opinion is different from everybody else's on how they enjoy a convention. Some agree with me while others STRONGLY disagree with me.

Artists and attendees Artists are the MAIN reason why I attend fanimecon and the fact on the communication they receive and on how they are treated? I can sympathize with them a lot. I have many artists that attend Fanimecon and I have been a regular customer of theirs at the convention for many years. Being an artist in AA is very hard. Some succeed while others will fall. They are the back bone and part of what makes a convention. They come to conventions for a reason. Some do it for the social aspect while others and this is probably the main factor is MONEY. Some artists do this for a living while others do it because they like it and it probably helps with some expenses. I want these people to succeed and be treated fairly. But if Fanimecon doesn't start treating them better or give them better communication. I might as well take my business elsewhere.

As for attendees, this is a mixed bag. Attendees are what makes the convention happen and everybody has a different opinion or taste on how they enjoy the con. I come to the convention mainly for the guests, Musicfest, the artists and the Vendors hall. I have no rights on how to tell people to enjoy a con. However, a convention should be able to satisfy all attendees needs and wants. or at least communicate what they have to offer. Back then I felt Fanime was able to communicate what they have to offer as well what type of con they are towards attendees. But on how I see Fanime is communicating or how the convention is structured. it is a major headache for a decent amount of attendees or the enjoyment of the con has become significantly lower. Because of how it's structured I can't accordingly plan ahead of time. Fanime use to be a convention I felt that had everything. Not anymore. Like how others have pointed out. It's now a party con or a joke con. Most of the people who attend there now are REALLY into cosplay or go to a convention for pure social interaction and simple stuff like watching anime or playing games together, or you know in general "party" stuff. I well say this. There is NOTHING wrong with someone going to a convention for solely cosplay or partying. However, That's not why I come to fanime. What the con use to offer, has no longer been able to offer it or even if they do it has dwindled down by a whole lot. Attendees are allowed to like what they like and they are allowed to do what they please. I like the cosplay in Fanimecon and it DOES have the best cosplay compare to other conventions I go to. But is that what I go for? No. But if you like cosplay among other reasons, good for you on your part. You are able to enjoy the con. I just simply don't like the fact that Fanimecon can no longer cater to my needs and wants.

I agree with many others. Fanimecon doesn't need to reinvent it's wheel in fact what they had in 2011 and the past years were perfect and cater towards all kinds of crowds. While they don't need to reinvent the wheel they certainly shouldn't let it get battered and broken. And that is how I can describe Fanime 2012 and the present years. A very battered or broken wheel. When an item has been used for so long and has been battered or become broken to some extent that the enjoyment of you using the item is no longer there. Or if you use the item still, the enjoyment of it will be down by a whole lot. However, what considered I consider broken or battered item. Others will see it as a item in great condition and will continue to enjoy it. Even if it's maintenance has gone down or begin to see some issues with the item. It's tolerable enough for them that they will still greatly enjoy it. Or some there is absolutely not issue whatsoever.

I have been told numerous times by cutie and many other attendees. That I should move on to another con in which case I might be happier to attend or spend money on. I have been told many reasons why I should move on and why it would greatly benefit me if I do so. And really, with how things I perceive now. Maybe it really is best for me to move on. If I can't go to animazement then I will go to another convention that's closer and while not in the memorial day weekend, somewhere during the summer. I have already payed for a hotel so I will be going to Fanime 2016 this year. As for the future... this MAYBE my last year going to Fanimecon. It's possible 2017 will truly be a vast improvement or it may not be I'm not sure.

However, so long as I continue to go to Fanime. I WILL still be posting in the forums or even if I don't go. I will still come to the forums and post sometimes. Just maybe not as frequent. Some of you treat me with respect and even enjoy reading my posts to which I am actually flattered by those of you who have treated me well. While some others hate my guts and in some shape or form would want me to disappear from the forums. However, you treat me is up to you.

With that being said. I think I have done my best what I consider to be my "constructive critique" while some while think I'm just a plain salty troll saying the same thing over again. I have done my best to attempt to give my point across and what I have learned. But one thing I can tell you is that I HAVE learned a whole lot since making this thread and I am glad I have made it.

If you still want to communicate or post. Go right ahead if you still feel like it's productive or you are getting some value by posting. go right ahead. For me. This is my closing statement for now. 

P.S as of this post I have not gotten much sleep so whatever I say may not be consistent or coherent as I want it to be.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
April 08, 2016, 12:25:42 AM
I guess I'm the butt of Puns and jokes? Yeah I'm fully aware of my reputation and I got nothing to be ashamed about it. Not that I don't mind anyways, since most of you still treat me with decent respect despite my complaints. Which I thank all of you who have still treat me well.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
April 03, 2016, 09:18:42 PM
Has anybody noticed that the housing/registration button is now blank and unclickable? I guess it just means General attendees can no longer be put on a waitlist or search for other hotels now... There is always a fiasco in hotel registration but it seems even worse... but all of you know that already. What I don't understand is if Fanime has THIS much trouble with anything every single year, Why can't they just invest money to hire professionals? More people are already attending the convention so their budget should be bigger...
I'm open to J-pop groups like these... I've seen Momoiro Clover Z at AX and I did enjoy it. I can't exactly say it was my cup of tea though. I'm not really into the whole boy band or group thing. I just only hope they are not the only one playing this year. If anything, I hope they perform as an opening act or play for 2 whole hours.

Also... PLEASE tell me there is going to be more then just one artist...
Registration / Re: Professional/Press Registration
March 28, 2016, 08:19:56 PM
Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on March 28, 2016, 02:57:32 PM
And now we're into almost April with no signs of Pro Reg opening

Have you tried contacting them directly? I attempted to do but only if I know if others are getting a reply...
How about... listening to the paying attendees suggestions and actually try getting them for a change? Or announcing guests ahead of time so people can plan ahead? So far looking at social media. As of this time the post was made, a cosplay guest was announced. That's good... now how about someone with a very reputable name or someone with enough credential that you would want to know more about that person?

Considering how things have run in the past few years. The guest roster has already been determined I assume. So... what guests do I want for Fanimecon 2016? Just about literally anybody that other forum members have suggested.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
March 08, 2016, 07:45:54 PM
Anybody find it strange that the button for hotel registration is still grey and not Yellow? They said that on February 29th General attendees would be open to the public. As of this post it is March 8th. And the button is still grey... boy do I sure feel sorry for the people the didn't register before the cut-off date which was 2/17.
Quote from: Amanojaku on March 08, 2016, 12:58:56 PM
Quote from: citrus on March 07, 2016, 07:13:33 PM
Same old, unsympathetic and cynical post from Amanojaku. Do you usually tend to antagonize all forum members like this? So long as I continue to attend the convention I have every right to complain or voice my concerns. I don't post or make new forums for the sake of trolling. You antagonizing me does nothing to contribute this forum or me but yourself, In which I assume you are only doing this for your own amusement. Have you even bother to read my thread post?

At least one of the forum members here is giving me valuable input without having to antagonize me. So I suggest you either make a post that will contribute or have some value of input. You are free to continue make antagonizing posts, in which sounds like you will.
I don't think you know what cynical means. (oops, was that cynical of me?)

FanimeCon has its faults, we all know that, but have you ever considered expressing yourself intelligently or constructively?  Look at Nina Star 9, for example.  She offers a calm, level headed look at the issues, and has offered suggestions in the past.  You don't do any of that.  You should read your post again before hitting the post button.

But you're right, I have don't have sympathy for you.  I also don't feel that I antagonize anyone, although I am mildly amused that you feel antagonized by me pointing out the obvious: your posts (and yes, I've read plenty of them) are still the same rehashed pedantic rants by someone who is eternally negative and disgruntled.  They don't cover any new ground.  They're never constructive, and you accusing me of not adding any "value of input" to a topic is the textbook definition of "the pot calling the kettle black"

The fact is, your posts come off like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum.  That is what I hear in my head as I read them.  You simply will never be satisfied.  I think once you come to that realization, you can probably move on and be a happier person.

Have I ever thought I expressed myself intelligently or constructively? I can try and do so the best of my ability and as much as I can. But many have already done that for me so there's nothing I can do to add that value whatsoever. Even If I do so it's been clearly shown that even those who have expressed themselves intelligently or constructively. it's been fallen on deaf ears. Whether or not I express it  intelligently or constructively I just don't see the point of doing so. All these angry "rants" you call them I do so is because I truly feel like it will accomplish something. I feel that by insulting the staff whether it be on facebook, twitter or any social media. It will provoke them and give some kind of answer eventually.

Given on how many angry attendees there are. Quite a few of them must be doing the same thing as I. Posting same angry rants or response. Given on how I see it. The con eventually will crack under the pressure from the amount of complaints or attacks and eventually give some kind answer. How long can the staff handle getting e-mails upon emails of angry complaints for long periods of time, without giving a response? With their stubborn nature of refusing to communicate or not taking feedback into our consideration? It does absolutely nothing for the staff but put pressure on them. And if they want to get away from that pressure they should do so by giving some kind of answer. But they haven't. It almost feels like the staff LIKES being pressured or making their attendees angry. With how bad communication is. This will only make the attendees angrier and not get anything done. Even if it's something along the lines of an apology like " We are very sorry for not getting back to any of your questions. You can rest assured, that we are working hard to solve the problem."

The point I'm trying to make here is that a very simple and assuring message or communication of some kind can relieve the pressure from Fanime and as well some of the anger the attendees I feel. No con is perfect and Fanime is no different. No matter what each con will have faults no matter what. I realize that. I been to a couple of other conventions in the past and I know how their structure works to some degree. They may have flaws but they are ones I can deal with and have a good time. Did I have have a good time at Fanime 2015? Yes, to some extents I have. But my experience could have been better. Deep down I still feel loyal to Fanime and I just want it to improve the best way I can. I fully admit I may have a weird or unproductive way of showing it. But I still like the convention. I just have a hard time moving on and letting go.

Eternally negative and disgruntled is your impression of me? Considering all else that's the impression you have of me and you will most likely always will have that impression of me. I've seen how you respond to all other forum members whether the complain or not and to say the least the comments or responses you make towards people to say the least will provoke some kind of negative response. " The fact is, your posts come off like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum." If I come off like that so much tell me how to improve so that way I won't come off like that is. If your willing to invest time doing so. " You simply will never be satisfied.  I think once you come to that realization, you can probably move on and be a happier person." I argue that is not the case. I have been satisfied with Fanimecon during 2009-2011 but the past few years have change that for many reasons. Many and I mean many others said they same thing. If Fanime can continue to go back to 2011 they'll be happy to return. And while some haven't attend this convention in a few years they still come to the forums and chit-chat or help with others with reasons.

And yes I have read the many other people's suggestions and I do appreciate and acknowledge them. Most of them offer great advice and I have taken consideration into moving on. But so long as I continue to attend the con. I will continue to post and voice my concerns or complaints. And so far from what I've seen none of the staff have a problem with the actions or posts I make toward the forums. If they had a problem they would have already warned or banned me but they haven't. If you have a problem with my posts then tell me what I can do to be more productive or come off less of an unsavory character. And I'm not being sarcastic here. I have my reasons why I still attend the con and I have been trying to find another convention to attend to but due to various circumstances I'm still stuck with the convention for the time being. And like I said I'm still a forum member. I still have the rights to post or discuss things with other forum members and I do know that not all my posts have always been about complaints. I do not consider myself as a bad person. I'm just an angry attendee that's trying to find a satisfying solution to my problems with this con.

Quote from: Amanojaku on March 07, 2016, 05:29:54 PM
Same old tired, trite rant from citrus.  Do you copy/paste them from a saved .txt document from the last time you made a QQ post?

Same old, unsympathetic and cynical post from Amanojaku. Do you usually tend to antagonize all forum members like this? So long as I continue to attend the convention I have every right to complain or voice my concerns. I don't post or make new forums for the sake of trolling. You antagonizing me does nothing to contribute this forum or me but yourself, In which I assume you are only doing this for your own amusement. Have you even bother to read my thread post?

At least one of the forum members here is giving me valuable input without having to antagonize me. So I suggest you either make a post that will contribute or have some value of input. You are free to continue make antagonizing posts, in which sounds like you will.
Seriously I have dealt with the same abysmal communication from fanime for the past few years and it seems each year it only GETS WORSE! And without any objections or input from the staff that even operate the forums, I feel that they really don't care about the attendee's feedback at all. I don't even know WHAT fanime has improved during 2015 in my POV, other then slightly better guests and slightly better panels. And ever since being a forum member I have stated excessive amount of times the reason I go to Fanime was originally for the guests and panels. And I will also state the reason why I still go is because what else is there to do during the memorial weekend? Trust me if there was a convention I could go to by flying and that wouldn't have me get up early in the morning or be on the plane for 8-9 hours I would. I would gladly switch to animazement if I could but I can't due to personal life reasons plaguing me and the amount of work it takes to get to the east coast.

Fanime has tried to change things by changing the hotel registration and while it MIGHT have made things slightly easier, we STILL face the same crashes and the same problem that has been plaguing the convention for the past few years. And they also answered questions as to why Fanime 2012 was absolutely terrible. Even if some questions have been answered, that convention attendees have long asked Fanimecon. That, however does not improve the convention. The same complaints are still pouring and I see many angry attendees infuriated by Fanime's lack of communication.

No guests announcements, no event announcements, information that's been held back from us that would have been vital to know. Just EVERYTHING!!! I could state the reason why Fanime is getting so much backlash but most of you who follow social media would know. I am just plain SICK AND TIRED of the lack of communication from the staff. Even if they do answer they all sound like excuses. " The reason why a lot of announcements are late because we have a lot of "pending' announcements awaiting final confirmations. We dislike announcing things as late as we do but it is something outside of our control." Oh really? can you please state why this is out of your control? Fanime you have had 6 MONTHS to improve or change things but it's clear to me that you guys still refuse to listen! Without any input from you staff I just simply think it sounds like another excuse.

If there is one thing I can say is this. All of us attendees are paying customers, and we should be entitled to good customer service in which Fanime is CLEARLY NOT PROVIDING! Communication is a key aspect to customer service. This is one thing I do not understand about the convention. How hard is it for them to communicate and provide answers to attendees that have very important questions? How hard is it for the moderators to answers question or at least attempt to get more info, considering at ONE or some are here everyday. I paid 50-60$ for a badge in which I won't get a refund and while I have a hotel room. There is no reason for me to go if do not hear anything about guest announcements before the deadline of hotel cancellations which is the 29th of April. I already feel screwed over so I might as well cut my losses while I still can.

You can call me salty, hater or whatever but all I can say is I'm simply a forum member first and foremost and I am here to provoke conversation or at best. Get some information from the staff. So... I want to know what your guy's thoughts are on Fanime's communication.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
February 25, 2016, 12:31:04 PM
"Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.  This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached." *Double facepalm* Thank you Fanime... Thank you Fanime... THANK YOU for screwing up hotel registration YET AGAIN!!! Even with the new system I STILL face the same error that many people have experienced in the past. You guys HOPED it would fix the problem. Guess what? IT DIDN'T!!! Hoping is not enough. If you guys ask me you should be ashamed of yourselves for making all your attendee go through this crap every year! You guys rarely answer our questions or concerns, EVERYTHING IS LATE AGAIN! All you staff are bunch of amateurs  that still can't fix the same problem we face time and time again! The new system is a LITTLE better but not by much!
Yeah... the last time we had a state side artist playing. Not well received? Try having a crowd member boo so loud you can hear them! Fanime is always known to get a very big name to play. If you MUST have a local band. Make sure they have an actual reputation and people would know fairly well before having them perform in Musicfest.

I'm gonna be honest. If it wasn't for the headliner, Fanime would have NOTHING for me to return back to the convention. If we don't get a big name Japanese band or have a good reputation. I'd rather just skip the convention and save up for a convention that KNOWS what they are doing.

Oh and also? You guys want feedback since you always so call welcome it? Here's something you can work on  COMMUNICATION FOR EVERYTHING. GETTING INFORMATION OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NO COOKIE CUT ANSWERS OR EXCUSES.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
February 11, 2016, 01:19:59 AM
Meanwhile, in animazement!

*Looks at the crazy amount of guests they're bringing and the information they have available to give attendees an idea on what they have install for that convention. And compares it to fanime's lack of communication and information about ANY EVENTS as well lack of guest announcements.*

Yep... Fanime has not changed that much in the past 4 years. The only thing that has changed for 2016 is that their communication towards attendees are a LITTLE better but not by much. I can guarantee you the staff are reading this and yet they won't comment about our concerns at all on the forums. They are communicating on facebook but communication is still not as good as it should be. At least instead of claming up and instead they are answering very important questions. And despite the changes in the hotel system, we don't know whether or not it's GOING to work.

Okay so this is what I am understanding.  February 17th is the day informing you of your booking window with more information on next steps. Meaning what exactly? What time we can register for hotels and how to book a room? Housing Priority windows will open for registration on February 24th. Meaning those that have registered to whatever day or month will be available to all and register it?  General housing reservations will open on February 29th, 2016. This I can understand. CHAOS WILL NOW ENSUE. I hope this year's hotel system will be better then last year's...

Honestly, to me all that Fanime has got it going for me is that 1. That it's cheap and is close by where I live 2. Musicfest and 3. the vendor's hall. The reason why I have been so salty since I joined the forums was because of Fanime's Abysmal communication 1. I feel like Fanime has not changed and the quality of programming has gone downhill since 2012 3. Late, late EVERYTHING is SUPER late and hamstringed together. 2015 everything felt so rushed!  and definitely for me 4. What else is there to do at the memorial weekend? and 5 a big factor for me. Guest quality and programming has gone downhill or not changed in my eyes. We have the same panels and the same 2 guests that come to Fanime every year.

Fanime's tagline "For fans, by fans"? Does that mean that the entire Fanime show is run by a bunch of amateurs? I remember Fanime use to felt like it was ran very professionally but as time goes by... I feel like it's amateurs, that run the show now because on how every is late and for it's lack of communication. The conventions get's bigger and bigger each year, shouldn't the attendee's money be going towards improvements significant improvements instead of remaining the same?

*Sigh* there I said my pieces of salty complaints and get it out of my system...