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This is a note to say that the following panels may not have received e-mail responses yet, and are not yet listed on the website, but they ARE going onto the Fanime Schedule, and they DO have reserved time-slots in the current rough-draft of the schedule.
Amtgard Demo
Consoles and the Industry
Webcomics: Behind the Scenes
Free Pocky! A Discussion Panel
RPG Genre Overview
All MangaKa are Perverts
The Death Note Conversations
Your Otaku Business 101
Your Otaku Business 201

JPop Express
Happi Hour with Happi Paper
Introduction to Ren'ai Games

~pending - I'll add these later tonight~

Panels and Workshops / Re: How to wear a kimono
April 13, 2008, 07:38:23 PM
As a note - I believe that this panel isn't going to go on this year because we are already having three different panels from Immortal + the Kimono Fashion show.

Hopefully next year! ^-^
I'm a little behind again at the moment. Partly, this is because my laptop died last week on Thursday which severely limited what I was able to get done this last weekend.

I'm hoping to get a couple of things done tonight:
-Putting up the listings for the rest of the confirmed panels who made it in before the program guide deadline.
-Responding to the half a dozen panel submissions that came in after the program guide deadline.

Then, I'm aiming for about April 19th/20th to send out the first tentative panel dates/times to all of you.

The date got pushed back from when I originally wanted to have it done, because with the loss of my laptop I also lost my nicely organized address book where I'd already taken the time to put everyone into a single group for sending mass e-mails to panelists, and that's work I'll have to re-do.

The plan is to get everything into a schedule that we -think- will work and then simply send you all a copy of that - so that you'll be able to see not only when and where you're scheduled, but what else is scheduled at the same time.

You'll have an opportunity after this to request a change.

HOWEVER - I would appreciate all panelists keeping in mind that It's literally impossible to schedule 60 panels between Noon and Three on Saturday (It's a four day con!), and that there is -always- something going on at the con, and that contrary to popular belief... not -everyone- attends music fest and masquerade (and those who don't deserve to have something else going on to go to, eh?). I'm definitely attempting to accomodate requests that were made as best as I can.

No updates today other than this last post.
Panels and Workshops / Re: Urban Ninja
April 07, 2008, 09:44:16 AM
For the record, so far as I know, I have no word that he's going to come.
I'll edit my notation.
Updated the list of panels here again - to include more guest panels and a few fan panels that came in right on the deadline, or were submitted earlier and I needed to talk to the panelists about something before putting them into the program guide.

2nd Post updated only. I'm hoping to have a few more additions either tonight or tomorrow.

Still not to late to submit panels! Panels submitted between now and April 15th will still go onto the website and into the schedule - they just won't be listed in the program guide. ^^
I updated the second post only. Actually, I'll probably update it again later today. For the moment, I was catching up to what I already added to the website last night and this morning. *whew*
Okay! All the edited descriptions are up, and a few of the Guest panel descriptions finally! I have 9 panels submitted within the last week. Those descriptions will go into the program guide if the panels are approved, and I should be responding to those panel submissions tomorrow night. Submissions after this will not go into the program guide.
Yep. Sorry Chun. I'll be trying to get updates in tonight. My weekend was unexpectedly full, I had a lot of errands last night, and I can't access my personal e-mail with the updates when I'm at work during the day so I have to do it from home.

The good news though - I did manage to meet with scheduling this last weekend to go over panels. I should be sending out estimated times in another week ... probably two at most. ^^

Edit: Actually, I think all of the above listed panelists have sent me revised descriptions already, except for Gaia Online, who gave us permission to alter it ourselves to fit the character limitations. I just haven't had time to put up the altered descriptions yet.

Gomen! I'll get it done as soon as I can. You're all fantastic.
^-^ That is actually a valid question that applies to the panel. Spamming the thread with said pickup lines is not valid to the panel.

Please note, I'm a moderator for this forum, I'm not one of the people who host this panel. ^-^ I'd just like you to keep your posts valid to the panel topic, please.

Thank you!
Quote from: JTchinoy on March 20, 2008, 01:03:38 AM
Whisper in her ear and say, "wanna feel pretty tonight?"

that one will work 100%  :o
Personally, my response to that one would be... "I already feel pretty. Though, I'm sure I'd be prettier if you weren't standing next to me." ^-^


Or y'know... I'd just glare or completely ignore and walk away. Might earn you a nickname though. Y'know... something like... "Mr. Creepy" or "Mr. Smarmy" or "Idiot". =)

Getting back on topic... this thread should be about the panel. If you guys want to spam lame and stupid pick up lines, can you please do so in another forum? ^-^ Thanks!
Since we have a 'Cosplaying with BJD's' panel now - are there any other Dollfie/BJD panels that people would be interested in seeing?
I didn't see this till now. Cecil - you really should post something like this in the panels forum, not here. This is for actual fanime convention staff, which you're not, so you can't recruit staff for your panel here.

Sorry about the confusion. =)

I'm not sure if the original poster will get back here to post anything, so I thought I'd mention that the individual who sent in a panel request for this panel has told me they won't be able to make it to Fanime this year and so can't give a panel.
Great links! That's exactly the type of things fans should be aware of. I'd never heard of either of those sites before.
Panels and Workshops / Re: Anime Stand Up Comedy?
March 14, 2008, 03:47:31 PM
Quote from: Aya Brea X on March 12, 2008, 10:04:51 PM
EDIT: Shoot!  I just checked out the forms for the panels and it seems they have to be at least an hour long.  I need at least four other volunteers with 8-10 minute sets.  So far I have one. 
Let me just make a small correction. Panels do not -have- to be an hour in length. However, we schedule in hour-long time blocks. So on the schedule, you're reserving the panel room for a minimum of an hour. For an actual panel length, 50 minutes is about ideal, because that gives you at least 5 minutes on either side of your panel for set up, audience filing into the room, and again for breakdown with putting away any presentation materials you had, time for your audience to leave the panel room before the next panel starts.

So panels do not need to be exactly one hour in length. The time blocks on the submission form are how long the panel room is reserved for you, and if your panel ends a bit early, that's okay. We'd prefer not to have panels that are less than 40 minutes in length, because we want attendees to get their time's worth, but actual 60 minutes isn't necessary. ^-^

If there's going to be an age requirement - be sure to mention that in your submission form!

I should be finishing up with putting up currently submitted Industry and Fan Panel Descriptions on the Fanime website: later today (Friday March 14th), or tomorrow morning. (Except for a handful who I need to e-mail about their panel descriptions.)

Guest Panel descriptions should start going up next week!

For now, I'm putting up all acceptable descriptions even if they are past the character limits set, partly because I am so behind and I want to let everyone know what panels we're having without further delays!

However, to be fair to the panelists who did adhere to the 300 character limit, panels with long descriptions will have about a week after being notified to modify their descriptions to fit within the character limits.

For those trying to figure out how to do a character count on your descriptions, MS Word has a 'word count' option under 'tools' that will give you a little box with all kinds of nifty character count information. What you want to look at is: Character count with spaces. That number should be less than 300 for your panel description.

The following is my list of panels that currently need to shorten their panel descriptions:
(I noted what their current character count is at.)
None left!

I'll be sending them e-mails when I get a chance and the 'week after notification' doesn't start until the e-mail is sent (I know not all my panelists check this board ^^) - but I have access to this forum from work and can only e-mail in my few free hours at home.

Edited Monday morning 3/17: I sent out the e-mails this morning. Already got several responses! Thanks everyone! ^-^
Tuesday morning 3/18: I'm deleting panel names listed once they've sent me their corrections. Only four left. ^-^
Quote from: havok rt on March 13, 2008, 11:28:14 PM
Quote from: PyronIkari on March 13, 2008, 08:21:00 AM
Quote from: havok rt on March 12, 2008, 11:18:03 PM
I don't really have a problem talking to girls it finding girls to talk to that I'm interested in. So find some cute girls who wanta go out on a date and I'm there!

I find this sorta funny. Finding cute girls isn't a problem. Making them want to go out on a date with you... comes from the you talking to them part.

So somewhere in your statement, there is a lie or a falacy. ^^
Actually it neither a lie nor a fallacy. I don't get out much, its either work or school so I don't have much spare time. Plus where am I to find cute geek chicks?!?! ???
I'm just guessing here but... at an anime convention? ^^
Note: I'm putting the descriptions up in the order that the panels were submitted, with priority to Industry panels, since there are far less of them. I'm currently caught up to panels submitted February 17th and prior. If you submitted prior to that and your description isn't yet up, there is likely a problem of some sort with your panel description and I simply haven't had time to e-mail you about it yet.

Ari: The shchedule is usually posted on the website prior to the con. However, it's often not very long before the convention that the schedule is completed. I could try to post up a rough schedule of panels on the forum somewhere earlier than that, but until the schedule is finalized, it's always subject to change.

I might be able to at least post which days each panel is scheduled for. (Though I still can't guarantee it wouldn't change.) Would that help?