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The photoshoots were great! Sorry to ask, but where are (if they are) the photos from the shoot going to be uploaded?
Sorry for making you update again, but our friend Mika will also be attending as Senbonzakura Rin.
Thank you for the advice! I think Fandom and Kiku got switched around (Kiku is Kaito, not Len, and Fandom is Len, not Kaito) on accident though. Thanks again, we'll make sure to come early!
Sorry for posting this on the Forum, but we don't have a Facebook (We can take this post down if it's inconvenient). I'm Fandom, and my friend Kiku and I will hopefully attend the meet up as Sollux and Kanaya.
Hello! I'm Fandom, nice to meet you all. My friend Kiku and I are attending Fanime for the first time this year, and we'll be going as Senbonzakura Len and Kaito (Me as Len, and Kiku as Kaito).