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@ Angelx624 - left you a pm about the gathering, hope you were able to see it. Looking forward to hearing from you (in case you missed seeing the pm)
Live Programming and Events / The dojo?
April 03, 2017, 07:47:11 PM
Just a question here since I don't know where to look for this information...
But is the Dojo returning this year, for 2017?
There hasn't been any mention of it, so I was curious.
If there is, does anyone know who to contact and how?
Such as email, phone, etc.
Please let me know soon (this is rather an urgent matter due to something else...)
@keitoghostie - ah no worries.
I was just thinking that it was at a time that time might be tight for me.
I was actually thinking my whole group could attend for fun (all of us are in PMMM cosplay...okay...most of us)
And did want to ask any PMMM fan to come watch our performance in Masquerade (hope everyone will like it).
Really hope to make it even if it's just myself.
Ah wow, so this is Sunday now.
My group is doing and performing to PMMM.
Time might be a bit tight but it might be possible to swing by the gathering a little.
Or possibly have everyone meet up a bit earlier at another location...(just my wishful thinking)
Don't know really ^^;
I do know I would like to attend though the time then is tight for me...
It's uncanny....only a few weeks, well a month.
But still...
It's coming up fast.
Most of my cosplay is done (except my FF one...should be on time...I hope)
Still uncertain on the meet up/gathering for myself, but will do what I can.
Hmm...that would be a good day, since I will be dressed in PMMM clothes then (due to a performance).
But I more than likely will be getting dressed and my team prepared too...
It would take a lot of my time (plus rehearsal)
So, it would depend on when honestly for me.
But still would like to do it if possible~
A Monday chat wouldn't be bad, though I'm not sure if I'll still be cosplaying PMMM (though ironically I am doing two cosplays from the series, one not from the main series).
Sunday meet up isn't bad.
I will be cosplaying PMMM that day.
(also if anyone is going to masquerade, hint hint~)
Saturday @ 3pm sounds pretty good.
Of course I need to figure out my schedule, but I will try to make it then.

And I think two meet ups is fine especially for those who can't make it Saturday.
Well for me, 1pm is more preferable than 11am.
But it is true that I might be already done with hotel check out.
So at the moment, it's a toss up for me.
Of course, however it turns out, wishing everyone a good gathering still =)
Saturday would be best cause Sunday I'm attending masquerade.
And that requires most of my time.
Would it be possible for a Saturday possibly?
(just asking...if not, that's okay)
Seems fun, I might show if it was more official in terms of location and time or something.
I can reprise my cosplay if there is something more concrete?
Monday hmm...
I am cosplaying an FF character but probably not on Monday, but we'll see if I can.
It's a tight time.
@hyde - yeah I was actually wondering about that too myself.
Doesn't seem like there is, which is a shame.
well at least for madoka or an magical girl/boy one.
Maybe someone will do one last minute or something?
Registration / Pre-reg for 2016?
May 24, 2015, 11:49:23 PM
Hi all.
I just wanted to ask if anyone knew when pre-reg for next year 2016 was for tomorrow, Monday May 25th?
And how long it would go for?
Last year it was 9 to 12.
So I wanted to ask about it.
Thanks for anyone that can answer
Ah I didn't know this was still going on...
Would have come as Yowane Haku but the time isn't good for me...
Ah.....this is at a bad time for me otherwise I would have been happy to reprise Sayaka this year...
Definitely wanted to but I guess this one is a time that didn't work for me.
Might just cosplay Sayaka another day then.
Hello Princess Squib~
I just saw this post today.
I certainly hope that there is some information regarding the Masquerade.
I already sent an email for my team to return (especially since one of them is leaving after this Fanime, his last performance with us and we want to make it really special for him) =)

I've been thinking of reprising Miki Sayaka from PMMM, but seems like no one really has a gathering for that.
But for the stage, I am planning to do someone fairly recognizable. (hi-mi-tsu~)
Certainly hope that it will be a great event again.
Big Event Showcase / Re: Your First Masquerade
January 11, 2015, 02:50:14 AM
@AmiYoshiko - Good stuff~ Hope you enjoy it, it's really fun~ =)
Anime sound tracks are okay.
You have to provide it though in 320kbps format and email the staff or provide it via usb or something when you check in.
There will be a time for you to check in; date and times are announced as the event develops.
Lights off; I'm sure that can be accommodated as long as you tell them when.
You and your team should do a practice on the stage so that the fanime masquerade staff can get use to the timing.

Registration is not yet open to my knowledge...I'm waiting for that myself.
Hope that helps =)
@ CherryGeri - Oooo~ Akagi, 1st CarDiv, (glutton? haha~)
Wow that sounds like a nice meet up at least especially if you know a small group of people also doing Kancolle cosplay this year.
I wonder who everyone is going to be.
If you know, please let me know since I would be pretty interested in it.

@ mama zilly - Ah I saw your panel/gathering...maybe I can attend, my cosplay is sometimes a pain though to put on.
And yeah seems like not many people too interested in organizing due to stuff need doing before the gathering can happen.
Hopefully people will show up?
This is just a question, I'm not planning to host or anything.
I was curious if there were any plans for a Puella Magi Madoka Magica gathering for 2015?
Likewise I'm interested to know if there are any people out there that like Kantai Collection aka Kancolle?
I do plan to cosplay as both series this year but was thinking if there would be any one of the same series around?

I did see a Shimakaze and Kongou from Kancolle last year 2014 (whooo~ they looked great)
So I was hoping that perhaps that more people would like to do so.
And of course PMMM.