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I know alot of pictures were taken so who has some?
This sounds like fun and I haven't seen you all in a while so count me in on this I'd like to join you and if its cool I'll be bringing a friend, good times.
I might make this one but I'll have to see after today, it'll be nice to join you guys again.
Things in the Universe / Re: Post a Video
June 18, 2008, 09:30:30 PM
The Humans Are Dead... 0000001111
... sorry but wall-e is two more weeks away but get smart is this week.
Things in the Universe / Re: Post a Video
June 08, 2008, 11:55:35 AM
Well might as well say what I do so I'm a Heavy Diesel Tech and Commerical Truck Driver when they need me to be. Its fun as I get to work with my hands and all the fun tools as well as operate many fun vehicles like backhoes, forklifts, earth movers, steam rollers and my favorite big rigs which I fancy driving. Now the stories could go on but all I need to say is in this line of work you win some you lose some :-\  but I still like it.
This was talked about sometime ago,,7056.0.html
Quote from: XpHoBiaX on May 31, 2008, 08:11:06 PM
...Ask Kegan about the roads up here where I live...

Ask Kegan about driving in general, lol...
Well I started driving karts when I was around 8-9 which was good practice then my dad started teaching me to drive cars when I was 13 got my C class at 16 then A class at 21 with last my M-1 at 23 so now I have a class AM-1 which sounds cool ;D and since have zero crashes on my part but have been hit 3 times none of which were my fault. Best of luck to you.
The place is called Tapioca Express which is in milpitas but most just call it TapX here is a link to some info about it.

You should stop by tommorrow, people tend to get together around 8pm why don't you join us?
I might not cosplay but I'd be down for joining this, I could maybe give some poeple a ride from San Jose?
Well let me be one the first to say welcome to the boards, I live here in San Jose so thats a plus for FanimeCon, many people tend to live around here and we have gatherings pretty often so you must come out and join us sometime, well the next time. Oh yeah every friday people get together at TapX in Milpitas.
I signed up late only two weeks before fanime as I wasn't sure if I could make it so my number ended up being something I never got before,


Staff gets the best numbers ;D
I'm glad you like it, that was the one and only picture I took during the entire con and it was a good one I believe.
First thing that came to mind... "Man on Fire" but dang if it don't look cool.

I give you my bunkey and bunny, yes its missing an ear as my brother ripped it off when I was like 6, that big bully but he's still family so what are you going to do?

Quote from: questionette on May 04, 2008, 11:41:27 AM
My blanky I've had since I was born <3

I'd have to say the same thing my baby blanket which was made by my aunt for my oldest brother when he was born he used it then my other older used it once he was born and I used it after that, it has been with us for almost 3 decades and with me my who life, next to that is my stuffed animal which was given to me the day I was brought home from the hospitol, these are worthless to any other person but hold great sentimental value to me and my family.
Two other classic RE comics.