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Topics - Dagger-6

Hi all!  I'd love to see the Girl's Frontline community grow and connect, so with that in mind, let's try and make an official gathering at Fanime this year! :)   Please share if you plan to attend, and keep in touch with the GFL cosplay groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!


Organizer: Dagger-6





Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photographed.
When: Oct 19, 2013 12pm-4pm
Where: Tech Shop San Jose
300 South 2nd Street
San Jose, CA 95113

FB Event:

Costume professional? RPF member? curious bystander before the big weekend of Halloween? If you'd like to meet new local(ish) people, show off some work, or see a little inspiration, the guys at the San Jose Tech shop have offered up their conference room to the public for a gathering of sorts.

Feel free to bring a costume or lug some props over, or just take notes! Possible food and drink details to come later.
Doing some research for a potential panel and wanted to get some people's feedback and experiences.

What do you think of the term "Trap"?  Is it good, bad, a harmless leftover of con culture?

Does terminology such as "trap" and other things such as the prevalence of crossplay affect the experience of transgender congoers for better, worse, or just make it different and how?

If it has an affect, how does it differ between FTM/DFAB, MTF/DMAB, and genderqueer identities?

If you are trans* or genderqueer, how has the atmosphere at anime cons affected you over the years?

Also if you have any writings/studies/etc. on the issue I'd love to read them.
Zander Brandt (who was on the prop making panels with me) expressed an interest in organizing prop makers in the south bay for meetups, gatherings, etc.  So to that end we've created a FB group for people to meet up and socialize on!

This is geared toward people local to the south bay (~San Jose region).  Costumers, propmakers, cosplayers of all skill levels (beginner or professional) and all fields (sculptors, industrial desginers, effects artists, seamstresses, etc.) are welcome.  So join us and say hi!
Status: Approved!  See you at Fanime.

Current Panelists:
Zander Brandt

Danielle Yuan

Cosplay Armor: EVA Foam
Facebook Event Page
Saturday, 11am-12Noon in Panels 2

Panel Description: Craft foam, EVA foam, L-200 foam. A versatile, lightweight, cheap medium that is friendly for beginners yet able to create amazingly complex items. Learn the steps to create your very own cosplay-friendly armor, from patterning to sealing, in this introductory-level panel.

Panel Overview:   In this panel I will be going over the process of how to create armor using EVA-foam mats and craft foam. It will be an informal lecture, utilizing slideshows and live demonstrations/examples. The technical level will be geared toward beginning cosplayers who have never played with armor making before.


Cosplay Armor: Pepakura
Facebook Event Page
Sunday, 10am-11am in Panels 2

Panel Description: Pepakura is a method of using papercraft to create physical objects from 3d models. It's an excellent way for cosplayers to rapidly craft complex, detailed props. Learn about the exciting possibilities of this program as well as tip and tricks to help you get started.

Panel Overview: This is an introductory level cosplay tutorial panel. We will be going over the use of the Pepakura 3d-papercraft program and how to create props with it. We will cover the software, printing/assembly, use of resin/hardening the prop, and finishing/detailing. It will be an informal lecture using slideshows accompanied by hands on examples/demonstrations


Cosplay: Prop Construction
Facebook Event Page
Monday, 10am-11am in Panels 2

Panel Description: Want to make that sword or gun from your favorite show or game? Learn several beginner-friendly approaches to get you started, including foam and wood work, as well as an introduction to sculpting and casting.

Panel Overview: This cosplay tutorial panel will be focusing more on techniques geared toward non-worn prop items such as guns, swords, and jewelry. Techniques introduced will include layering MDF wood and basic woodworking, sculpting styrofoam, bondo/pink insulation foam, epoxy sculpt, and molding/casting small items.
I'm looking to sell my Nightmare Armor Studios (NAS) "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" Deepeyes costume.

These are images of ANOTHER copy of the same costume by NAS.  I will post of photos of my actual suit when I can pull it out of storage.  Aside from some minor differences (The shoulders are red on my suit and I had to do some light repair work on mine), this is exactly what you'll be getting, including the rifle.

Nightmare Armor Studios no longer produces this suit.  They valued it at $5000 (overpriced, as admitted by one NAS member).

I'm looking to sell it for $3000.  Or make an offer.  Trades are acceptable.

You must be within the SF Bay Area or LA so I can deliver it to you.  The shipping on this thing is ridiculous.
I was wandering around con from time to time with a blue master chief suit and a brown UNSC marine.  The Marine is actually a prop from a film we're making, and I'd like to take a moment to share the latest results of our effort with you folks. =)

Check our video out here:

FB page:

And also of course, a kickstarter:

If you like our film, please share with your friends!  Every little bit of publicity and support helps.
Incredible Stuff I can Make / Halo: The Fallen
February 16, 2012, 03:21:42 PM
Thought I'd just leave this here...It's a project I'm currently working on as producer, prop designer, and consultant.

QuoteHalo: The Fallen is a non-profit fan film based around the Halo universe. It's a passion project that combines the talents of various artists ranging from student, freelance and industry. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a memorable and engaging film.

See our initial VFX Trailer here:

Follow us on FaceBook:
Halo 2011 Gathering

Facebook Event
Fanime Forums Link Fanime Thread Link

Organizer Contact Information
Daniel Yuan
Fanime/ Username
Trooper715 Username

All information below is considered tentative and subject to change.
Please include preferences or suggestions for times/etc. in your attendance post

Day: Pending, check back in January for updates
Time: Pending, check back in January for updates
Meeting Place: Fountains in Front of Convention Center (Feel free to hide out in the lobby to avoid the heat if need be until everyone is gathered)
Location: Fountains in Front of Convention Center ; Potentially take additional photos for in parking structure or similarly urban-type setting

Confirmed Planned Attendees/Character

  • Trooper0621::ODST

Possible Planned Attendees/Character

  • TokenBlackGuy::ODST
  • D.Henson & Friend::Master Chief and ODST
  • Ryan Valera and Team::Marines and ODSTs
  • Calvin Li::Marine
  • Zog::Blue Realm Studios Spartan

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.
Serious Business / Swatstikas at Fanime?
June 19, 2010, 01:26:01 AM
QuoteInsert Quote
Quote from: trooper715 on Today at 07:52:40 PM
Not sure which department is in charge of this, but...

While I am typically very big on freedom of speech, since we're a private even and we already regulate profanity on shirts in the name of good taste, I think we should consider banning Nazi symbols.  I realize what qualifies as "offensive" can be hard to pin down and there are plenty of arguments that a Soviet hammer/sickle or Imperial Japanese symbol are just as offensive to some.  However, the Nazi swatstika/eagle represents a very specifically anti-semitic message that I feel is arguably distinct from a national symbol and more in line with say, a KKK outfit.  I could go into more detailed discussion on the rationale if need be, but I'll keep it simple for now.

If people feel they need to express their desire to wear Nazi regalia, they can do so on public property, next to the religious speakers.

Just something to came to mind when my friend's initial reaction on his first visit to Fanime was "What's with all the Nazis?"
Ah... this topic caused quite a stir on the forums, and I will tell you in advance, you're stepping on some very thin ice with this topic. While censoring curse words and the such... censoring the swastika can be considered discrimination(yes I realize the irony) and it can become a legal issue if presented incorrectly.

First I want to state, this is *MY* opinion and not the opinion of staff. I want this in no way affiliated with staff, or in any way reflected by staff itself.

Although many people find the swastika offensive, the symbol itself is not offensive. The connotations within the symbol are self created, as the symbol originates far before nazis did. Although they changed the meaning and negative/offensive connotations were created through their actions, the symbol itself is not offensive, but personal opinions can find the symbol offensive.

Banning the swastika, is very much like banning... crucifixes, the Star of David, or numerous other "religious symbols". The JP Flag is EXTREMELY offensive to many Mainland Chinese. The Communist Viet Nam flag is extremely offensive to old southern Viet Namese(A man was actually beat to death in socal for wearing a shirt with the flag on it). While on the flipside the objects are a symbol of pride to many.

Continuing this from the "ideas and suggestions" forum.

Yeah, I think that's the big issue is finding where to draw the line. Poor taste alone is not enough to ban something.  Otherwise I would not be allowed to go running in some of the shorts I've worn (they're comfortable!).

I feel that the history of the swastika as a religious symbol is moot, since in context when coupled with SS uniforms or on the red and white armband, a reasonable person can discern that the intent is not religious in nature.

However, there is the argument that by itself, is the swatstika offensive more so than say...the hammer and sickle, imperial japanese flag, communist north vietnamese flag, etc.?  As shown by the example of the man being beaten over the communist vietnam flag, many objects can create as much controversy as a swastika, and simply creating controversy is not justification anyways, as "Brandenburg v. Ohio" showed.  If a person is merely wearing a swatstika, or more specifically Nazi attire, they are not inciting any sort of illegal activity by simply wearing it.  Many might seek to wear nazi uniform attire in the interest of historical reenactment or cosplay (very, very poor taste cosplay in my opinion, but my lone opinion can't write policy thank god)

And it is reasonable to believe that even if they yelled "death to all Jews" on the sidewalk, it is not a credible threat of immediate action anyways, so they'd just be a crackpot in a nazi uniform and perfectly within their legal rights, according to the US supreme court.

So Nazi attire by itself is not innately racist in nature, and those who wear it are not automatically promoting anti-semitic viewpoints.  Heck, this was specifically established regarding the swastika in "Nationalist Socialist Party of America V. Village of Skokie"...


Next issue:

I think legally, as a private event we are allowed to limit to a degree what we allow in the actual Fanime event areas, but I'm not terribly qualified on this matter.  So since it is a legal issue, and can qualify as discrimination as you pointed out, it would certainly need a more thorough legal review if it's something that is considered. Here's my preliminary thoughts though, keeping in mind I hate law and have only had the most basic of experience with it:

Normally free speech restrictions must be "time, place, and manner" derived...basically not decided on content.  However, the situation is different for private events, even when they're held on public ground.  This was established in "Wikersham V. City of Columbia".  I can't find a good brief of this case, but the following law review covers it pretty well:

QuoteAccording to the federal district court, "[a] private party has the right to prevent free speech on its property, for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason."

So legally, as a private entity and a private event, Fanime should have legal grounds to prevent certain types of expression for interfering with its intent of creating a family friendly atmosphere.  This should be the similar to the legal rationale for them banning shirts with obscenities.


Okay, so now I've proposed "Nazi attire is not inherently fighting words", and "Private entities, including Fanime, can restrict the first amendment at private events"

So now we return to Pyron's point that banning the swastika is akin to banning other religious symbols or other nationalist symbols that provoke anger (communist symbols, etc.)

So is there a difference between the swastika and other religious or nationalist symbols?

For religious symbols, I again point out that there is a difference between the swastika as a religious symbol and as a political symbol, and it should be reasonably easy to discern the difference.  I feel this argument is no ground against its banning as there is a clear distinction in the use of the swastika as Nazi symbolism.

I don't want to use any grounds that the acts of the Nazis were somehow worse than other atrocities committed by other nations and somehow more deserving of a ban.

Instead, I argue that Nazi symbology is less nationalistic and nature and more representative of the organization itself.  Again, this seperates it from say, communist flags.  Nazi symbology is specific to a political party with specific anti-semitic viewpoints.  In contrast, the flag of Japan has existed long before its connotations with imperialism and militant nationalism, and is less politically tied to a specific viewpoint.  It is that rationale that would say German regular military uniforms are allowable, whereas the political SS uniforms are not.

The Vietnamese flag is a closer example since it is tied specifically to the existence of a specific political party.  To that I would argue that the Nazi symbolism is unique from abuses by communist or authoritarian rulers in that it is racial in nature, again more akin the the KKK than to communism.  Another example is the Palestinian or Israeli flag, while they may both be accused of being racist, the violence they inflict is arguably more political and territorial in nature.

Well, I could expand more on this, but it's getting late and I think you get the general idea.  Nazism is uniquely racist in nature when compared to other movements that people might find offensive and symbolism like the swastika or the SS uniform has limited historical purpose aside from specifically evoking the Nazi party.


My personal feelings I have no issue with the Nazi cosplayers.  If you want to be offensive, then that's your right.  It's probably more from a lack of consideration on their part than any intent to be offensive anyways.  I'm just as annoyed by people constantly dragging national flags on the ground.  However, I am proposing this since the request was brought up to me by several other Fanime attendees and I can definitely understand where they're coming from.  So...discuss!


Also, I have learned by the end of writing this, I swastika is a word that I have hardwired in my brain to misspell.  Thank god for spell check.
General Anime Chat / Halo Anime
July 23, 2009, 11:09:52 AM

From IGN:
QuoteSDCC 09: Microsoft Making Halo Anime
Japanese production houses working seven 'Legends' short films.

July 23, 2009 - The Halo-verse just got bigger. Microsoft is producing Halo Legends, an anime-style series comprised of seven short films that expand the story behind the wildly popular videogame franchise.

Five production houses in Japan -- Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation -- are handling the animation, while Microsoft's creative staff is handling the approval for the visuals and storytelling, the software maker announced today.

"The opportunity to work with talents such as Shinji Aramaki, Mamoru Oshii and others from some of the greatest anime studios is a very rare opportunity for Microsoft," said Frank O'Connor, Halo franchise development director and provider of story and creative direction for 343 Industries.

"We've seen the world through Master Chief's eyes, and we've experienced facets of the universe through a variety of literary prisms, but now we get to watch new tales unfold in really rich, visually dynamic ways. I think anime fans and Halo fans alike are in for a real treat."

Few story details have emerged, but the Los Angeles times has the broad strokes. Shinji Aramaki, one of the creative directors working with Microsoft on the project, is crafting a short that will detail the history of the Spartan warrior class.

Another installment from Studio4 C, "Origins," is a two-part film. The two 30-minutes segements tell "the entire 100,000 year history of the Halo universe."

"I think the core Halo fans will recognize key moments from the universe never shown in the game," he said. "They're moments where people wanted more depth. That's where this fits," O'Connor explains.

Warner Bros. will distribute Halo Legends on DVD, Blu-ray, and digitally in early 2010. Xbox Live fans can catch a preview of the anime this fall.

The first look at Halo Legends will be revealed during the Halo panel at Comic-Con on Thursday.

From Gametrailers:
Quote"Halo Legends," which will officially debut at a panel presentation today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, is being produced by Microsoft's 343 Industries and features creative direction from anime pioneer Shinji Aramaki, director of the critically acclaimed "Appleseed" and "Appleseed EX Machina" anime features, and Mamoru Oshii, director of the landmark "Ghost in the Shell" movies, with additional production from Joseph Chou of J-Spec Pictures. "

QuoteMicrosoft is producing seven short films titled "Halo Legends" in the anime style. Five production houses in Japan are handling the physical animation, but Microsoft's creative staff is approving major visual and storytelling decisions, O'Connor said.

Press release:
QuoteA preview of select "Halo Legends" episodes will first debut on Xbox LIVE, the largest gaming and entertainment network in the world, starting this fall through a new experience called Halo Waypoint. Launching in fall, Halo Waypoint will be a new destination for "Halo" fans on Xbox LIVE around the world. It will inform fans of the latest "Halo" news and activities, and grant access to content ranging from podcasts, trailers and screenshots, to exclusive video footage you won't find anywhere else. It also will provide a new challenge for "Halo" gamers with a career system and player rankings tied to both in-game and out-of-game accomplishments related to "Halo." In addition to the limited, early episode premieres, Halo Waypoint will debut several behind-the-scenes videos that chronicle the making of "Halo Legends."

The first trailer for Legends will air tonight on GTTV on Spike, at 12:30am.

There is also a panel at Comic Con today.

Guess this means I'll feel a little less out of place wearing Halo armor to Fanime. =P
Things in the Universe / Operation Iraqi Stephen
June 09, 2009, 09:39:15 PM

Watch the full episode here:

Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando
Written by: Robin Lee

U.S. Troops enjoy equal opportunity humor from the Colbert Report.

As Stephen Colbert sits behind a desk propped up by sandbags painted to look like the American flag, he declares the "we won the Iraq war."

According to AOL News, Colbert is making history this week by being the first to broadcast a series of a taped show from an Iraq tour intended for entertaining the U. S. troops serving in Iraq.

"It must be nice her in Iraq because I understand some of you keep coming back again and again," Colbert joked, "You've earned so many frequent flyer miles, you've earned a free ticket to Afghanistan."

His first guest, General Ray Odierno received a videotaped order from President Obama to shave Colbert's head and he gladly accepted. Gen. Odierno started shaving Colbert's head and it was then finished by a stylist.

Colbert claimed the war in Iraq must be a victory for the United States since no one was talking about it anymore. "We're not quite ready to declare victory," Gen. Odierno said, "Things are moving forward but again, it's about bringing long-term stability." Colbert then asked Gen. Odierno if he could bring long-term stability to the United States when he was done in Iraq.

Colbert spent time poking fun at the economic crisis the United States is currently experiencing. He congratulated one soldier who recently received his college degree while serving in Iraq as the only 2009 graduate with a job.

The "Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando" episodes are set to air next Monday to Thursday on Comedy Central.


NY Times article on the special:
Come cheer on Calvin and Trung as they go do their crazy cool drum thing.

Those of you who don't know Calvin and Trung, Calvin is one of the many loveable huggable heads of Rover staff.  Unless you're one of those crazy shirtless drunks that start fights, in which case he is your worst nightmare, death incarnate, doom and gloom without the hair.  And Trung brings an awesome bean bag chair for the Rover staff to use in between shifts...and I'm sure he does something else during the long hours of the convention, but I'm just distracted by the bean bag chair.

Anyways, yes, you should come check out their drum corps performance dealio.  It's what all the cool kids are doing.  Think you felt out of place when everyone saw Star Trek and you didn't?  Well it'll be like that.

Here's a link to the event information and the ticket purchasing:

Cheap seats are $15.  That's right, just $15.   That means if you don't buy starbucks for less than 5 days, and you too could be one of the cool kids that comes to see Calvin kick butt.

Of course, if you can't make it to the field, you can still RSVP to meet up afterwards.  You won't be nearly as cool as the people who go out to see the competition, but you'll still be cool enough to hang out with the cool kids afterwards.

Here's a link tot he facebook event:

And if you don't have facebook, you are either a very strong willed, independent person who has not given in to the social networking phenomenon, and I applaud you.  Or you live under a rock and need to gtfo into the world of the wide wide interwebs already.  :(

It starts Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 6:30pm.  Calvin and Trung will be going on first with the Blue Devils Renegades (on an unrelated sidenote I am very, very dumb) , so show up early.  Otherwise you will cry yourself to sleep at night, slowly wasting away as you are so overcome with regret that you cannot bring yourself to eat or move.  So yeah, be early.

The event will be at Stanford Stadium, which is located at    625 Nelson Road, in....wait for it...Stanford, CA.  Which apparently is near Palo Alto.  Yeah, I did not know that.  I'm kind of slow.  Leave me alone.

The after party should be held at a hotel suite.  And that's how you know it'll be cool.  Because it has 'sweet' in the name.  But where will it be held?  Well the only way you'll know is if you RSVP here!  Or on facebook.  Or PM Calvin (deonchan).

No, I have not had any coffee today.  I'm posting from work, and I am quite bored.

Please don't fire me.
Gaming / Activision sues over Brutal Legend
June 04, 2009, 04:55:00 PM

QuoteThe Associated Press reports that the Tony Hawk publisher filed suit against Double Fine in a Santa Monica court yesterday to prevent the game's release. According to the news service, Activision is claiming it still has the rights to release Brutal Legend, even though the game was among a slew of titles dropped by the publisher last year in the wake of its merger with Vivendi Games. The publisher also noted that it had invested roughly $15 million in Brutal Legend, according to the report.

Laaame.  Tim Schaefer games are fun, so it'd be a disappointment if this were delayed yet again.
Because your Facebook profile pic is a giant Pedobear hugging a schoolgirl in the dealer's hall.

I just thought that was funny.  I was taking a random quiz and it showed "other people who have taken this quiz recently".

In the middle of it all, giant pedobear on schoolgirl profile pic in a very familiar background.

Or maybe pedobear gets around.
Okay, this the weapons/prop policy is always a fun issue to deal with.  Since this is Fanime, I figured it'd be nice to open up discussion to the fans and hear your thoughts and feedback on the subject.

Some questions to think about and get things rolling:
How was the process of getting your prop peace-bonded?  Where Rover staff helpful in explaining the policies and assisting you?
Are there any rules in the weapons policy that you find confusing or questionable?
What would you consider reasonable limitations on props weapons?  Specifically ones meant to look like guns?
What changes would you like to see in the future?
Are there props that you felt were essential to your cosplay that did not get approved?

Obviously the actual policy will have to take in to account all sorts of legal and liability issues, but the more we know what you, the congoers, expect and want, the better we can work it in to the final policy.
Ideas and Suggestions / The hug line
May 26, 2009, 06:54:26 PM
I've been reading a lot of complaints about the line of people sporting "Free hug" signs over on the forums, so I figured that we could take feedback on it here.

How did you feel about it?  And people with signs in particular?

Are they harmless fun?
Are they annoying and kind of creepy?
Are they fine, as long as we better kept people in check so that they didn't heckle or run up and jump on people?
Are people holding signs just bad to begin with?

Theoretically they should not be heckling people or glomping them without permission, and if the rover's had received complaints we would have dealt with it.  To my recollection there were no actual complaints about this during con, but I'm seeing a lot of them cropping up now.  During con our main concern was the line of people blocking the walkway.  Now that con's over, let's see what the thoughts are for next year.
Ideas and Suggestions / Website: Volunteer information
February 22, 2007, 06:48:30 PM
There's a section on joining staff, but no information on volunteer opportunities.  A tidbit tacked onto either the staff or registration section may be helpful to some.  Something on benefits from volunteering and how to volunteer.

Just a thought after seeing an inquiry about getting cheap/free admission.