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Searched around and didn't find one, so~~~

Anyone up for a Studio Ghibli Gathering? I'd be happy to host one on Monday of con, if there's people who'd like to join in. If you're interested, please comment and I'll start up a list!

~~Gathering Stats~~last update 1/22/10

Day: Monday
Time: TBD (1 PM?)
Location: Fountains @ Front, Hilton Side

~~~~Attendees~~~~last update 2/12/10

Calcifer - PHAB JAM's
Howl - PHAB JAM's
Markl - PHAB JAM's
Sophie - PHAB JAM's

Ashitaka - Meanlilkitty's
San - yumicchi88, Meanlilkitty's


Thank for a great 2012!

Main discussion for 2013 on FanimeForums starts here:,13120.msg449910.html#msg449910

Live version of The Game:
+Mission Mail is sent via Twitter.
+The ultimate (last) goal will be to find the gathering.
+Those of you who do not have text may receive missions from the Cosplay Gathering Booth in the Convention Lobby.
+Make sure you pack your DS.
+Both cosplayers and non-cosplayers will be allowed to play.
+All members will be "Players," even if you are cosplaying a Reaper.

Of course, you don't HAVE to play to get to the gathering. I will naturally let the Cosplay Staff (BSaphire) know where the location of the gathering will be prior to con, so you can just ask the Cosplay Gathering Info Table if you don't feel like joining The Game.  (Or, y'know, go where all the cosplayers are congregating XD)

~~Gathering Status~~last update 19.May.2013

Day: TBA
Game END/Gathering - TBA
Location: SECRET

Twitter: GAMEconductor

Gathering Cast:

Beat - Earlgrey009, Jyunishinsho
Joshua - DaKree
Neku - TheUnforgiven
Rhyme - Tigris Cantus

Konishi - Blueskad00
Sho - Heulangel, Din_Kinomoto's

Minteleaf, Minteleaf's friend


Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

------------------------2012 CAST LIST (FYI)------------------------

Joshua - DeCreep, Ivy
Neku - Tasu, TheUnforgiven
Rhyme - Saturnchan, ArcSymphony, TwistedFayt

Beat - Blueskad00
Kariya - Athena
Konishi - Din_Kinomoto
Sho - Heulangel, Din_Kinomoto's
Tenho - Yuutousei
Uzuki - CheshireHeart

Hikaru Koike - Airyo

Non-cosplaying players:
or Prelude/Hardcore Twins~

I've noticed a couple DOGS cosplayers here and there, and I think we should unite for AWESOME.

Updated: +Noki, +Luki
Operatives listed in blue were recruited from Cosplay.Com.

----------Mission Essentials----------(LAST UPDATE: 27-May-2009)

Day: Friday
Time: 6 PM
Location: Fountains in Front, Marriot side

----------Operatives----------(LAST UPDATE: 11-Jan-2010)

Badou - PHAB JAMS's
Heine - PHAB JAMS's, kuroikouma
Nill - PHAB JAMS's, cherubim kitty

The Underground
Giovanni - PHAB JAMS's
Luki - Chei's, Cheshire-Heart's, PunkRockPanic
Noki - Chei, Cheshire-Heart's, RingoLuvApples

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.
Panels and Workshops / Panalists discount
December 21, 2008, 11:38:43 PM
Question! Is the discount off of the FULL badge price (as in, the price the badge would be AT-con, regardless of weekend/day pass), or off of the CURRENT badge price (the price as-is online at the moment, for full-weekend passes only)?

Thank you!
------------------------------CAST OF 2011---------------------------------

Durless Household
Grell - Angelx624, Enkai's, fixt's, Ghetto Kitsune, Hidinginthemist, kaileekei, Lady Saru, Marisuga (choir), MokurenTattoo, RiderG
Madam Red - Enkai kagaminerin02, kannazuki, udonoodle's

Phantomhive Household
Ciel - DeadlyWings (vol6cover), fixt, freedomtorhyme (wonderland), Hibari_Fangirl's, jazzyjailer (cage&skull), manik_semiramis, Marisuga's, Miyuran's, Mochisnack, Neliel, TwistedFayt (Vol6cover), udonoodle's (girl), UnheavenlyC├Čel, XSuzume TakeshiX
Sebastian - Angelx624's, DeadlyWings's, electrocute's, K&K4ever, Marisuga's, ruby19_4
Tanaka - KFCpops8's

Middleford Household
Elizabeth - electrocute

Trancy Household
Alois - Hibari_Fangirl, livi-chan, Raenef, RikuCosplayer, Touya no Miko (trap)
Cantebury - yukiko_no_niwa
Hannah - Jay444's

Royal House of India
Agni - ice queen
Souma - fanime_lo-ve

Noah's Circus
Dagger - Chessur's, Yukari Kaiba
Doll - Jay444
Joker - Chessur
Snake - chaosbark, SabienStrange

Informants and Others
Lau - Kites-kun
Ranmao - chibi_haku, manik_semiramis's
Ronald Knox - Moony
Undertaker - Duo Monkey
William - Moony's, Soxrocker04 (wonderland)
Thanks to everyone for a great 2013!

Let's do it again!

Main Discussion on FanimeForums for 2014 Gathering starts here:,7816.msg469765.html#msg469765

Discussion on Cosplay.Com: TBA

--------------------------ALL THINGS CLAMP last update 16/May/2014--------------------------

Time: 1 PM
Day: Saturday
Location: Fairmont - ballroom building, lower floor


Card Captor Sakura
Kero - Lyrota's
Sakura - holyrath (Can You Catch Me), Lyrota's
Syaoran - Lyrota's, Ren
Tomoyo - Lyrota

Chii - udonoodle

Magic Knights Rayearth
Umi - Michi

Tokyo Babylon
Seishirou - CielloRegalo
Subaru - CielloRegalo's

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Fai - Kimu, Xia's (Infinity)
Kurogane - Inoli, Xia (Infinity)
Sakura - Xia's (Infinity)
Syaoran - ININ, Xia's (Infinity)


Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

------------CAST LIST FROM 2013----------------

Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura - gravity
Tomoyo - gravity's

Gate 7
Tachibana - Heulangel

Larg - Alchymies
Soel - Blue

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Fai - Kimu (Nihon), Xia's (Acid Tokyo)
Kurogane - Inoli (Nihon), Xia (Acid Tokyo)
Sakura - Squall-sama (chp100 cherry blossom), Xia's (Acid Tokyo)
Souma - Shokora
Syaoran - Bekalou, ININ, Xia's (Acid Tokyo), Xia's (Acid Tokyo, clone)

Yuuko - Tenkage
Anyone want to do a Gravitation gathering? I usually cosplay Ryuichi every year ^__^

------Last edit: May 18, 2006---------

Time: 12 Noon
Day: Friday
Place: Fountains

During the gathering, cosplayers will decide on another time/day to meet for Karaoke


Bad Luck
Hiro: K&K4ever
Shuichi: Kawaii_Tsuki, Inuashley

Nittle Grasper
Ryuichi: hellangel (concert), senritsu (Kumagorou suit), Edward Elric

Yuki: MisakiFan41
Hello, everyone!

For my senior project, I'm writing a paper on what defines cosplay. So! I figured this would be a good place to have a discussion. Post anything that you feel relates to the subject:

What defines cosplay?

If you're stuck, think about reasons why you cosplay, why you think it's becoming more and more popular, why it is popular on a global scale, etc. Basically anything is fine- just keep the discussion rolling and about cosplay!


---------I'll start------------

I feel that cosplay is more than a hobby- it's an art form. Cosplay, for me, is a wonderful pastime because I get to challenge myself with projects, feel pride in displaying the products, and connect with others (plus make fans of the character really happy ^__^). What I really love the most is the energy I feel when I'm cosplaying amongst a group or attending a gathering
I think cosplay is popular on a global scale because, well, anime/manga are. There's no prerequisites involved- if you love something, then just make it. Some people say that cosplayers do what they do because they want to "escape from reality." I only somewhat agree- true, that's part of the fun, but I think it's a little more about bringing the impossibility into the reality.

What I'm curious to know is: What exactly do you think cosplay is? Does it include Loli styles (EGL, Gothic, Sweet, ect.) and Visual Kei? Does it only include outfits from anime/manga/sci-fi, or are live movies included also?
I have a question: My group would like to participate; however, our outfits are mostly gathered from pre-made sources to be combined into the cosplays. Is that okay? Or will we not be able to participate? We understand that, for sure, we will not be able to be part of the Craftmanship portion, but can we enter just for Presentation? I want to make sure before we actually start rehearsing...

Thanks!~ ^__^
Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / LOVELESS
September 02, 2006, 08:21:41 PM
Soubi Added.

--------Last Update 5.19.08----------

Location: Fountains in front
Day: Saturday
Time: 12:30 PM

Kouya - hijou's, SakuraNek0, kittymaxwell2004's, LightandDarkSoul
Natsuo - Amaya-chan, Ino13's, silly-purple-panda's
Nisei - hellangel's
Soubi - Loktera, hellangel's, Edward Elric's

Seimei - hellangel
Ritsuka - Amaya-chan's, hellangel's bro, Edward Elric, emo_avenger, squalo
Yamato - kittymaxwell2004
Youji - Amaya-chan's, silly-purple-panda

Kio - hellangel's
Osamu Kimizuka - sweet_milk_tea

lady luck - Ritsuka or Natsuo
Okay, okay, so Star Wars isn't *really* an anime BUT what's a convention without some Star Wars cosplayers, eh? Anyone up for a gathering?

for the sake of my sanity, I've started a new thread for the new year so I can keep updates on the first post (since I didn't start the original thread for years before, I had to move information from page to page as posts were added o_O")

The old thread will continue to run as a place to converse about the previous meet-up =]

-----------Last update: May 20, 2006------------

Day: Sunday
Time: 10 AM
Place: Convention Lobby, may move outside for photoshoot


Elric Family
Alphonse - risingphoenix13's friend
Edward - Edward Elric, ININ, otakuapprentice, risingphoenix13, ranma12, HalfMetalAlchemist, Umm... Cosplayer's Cousin
Hohenheim - RealLifeHohenheim

Riza Hawkeye - Tabbychan
Maes Hughes - risingphoenix13's boyfriend, the... ummm..cosplayer?'s friend
Roy Mustang - MisakiFan41, the... ummm..cosplayer?, Girlycard (female version)
Schezka - Shenanigan, Trinity Love
Alchemist - AnimeEmperor, BP!, FinalShadows

Envy - K&K4ever
Gluttony - lalalandla
Greed - bahamutknightzero
Lust - ILuvHeijiHattori
Pride - hellangel (Bluebird's Illusion)

Izumi - Duo Monkey
Scar - swordman85, SelenDragon (miniskirt!)
Mei Chang - Cerise
Ran Fan - Cerise's friend

"Surprise" - Silver_Unicorn297

Newer listings are at the top
last updated June 28, 2007

For Sale
Suigin Tou, made by PegasusMaiden- hellangel
Cardcaptor Sakura School Uniform (L)- *tAMAKI*
Seigaku Jacket- sadistic-otaku
Marluxia Scythe- sadustuc-otaku

Kon mascot cosplay - SarKastiQ1773
May's Anchor (Guilty Gear)- Eheroofjustice
General Anime Chat / Gensomaden Saiyuki
December 01, 2004, 07:07:41 PM
Hey, anyone who likes (or wants to know about) Saiyuki, drop a reply!