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Hey everyone,

With Fanime coming up in a few weeks, I wanted to let everyone know what my plans/schedules are for this year, and it's going to be crazy/hectic/wild.. take your pick.   ;D   But I'm looking forward to it and am preparing for the five fun days of Fanime.

First off, people have asked me if I plan to do private photoshoots like I did last year.  While I had a great time doing those with everyone who signed-up for one (or more), this year i'm not going to be doing the private shoots.  I felt that last year while being busy with the private shoots, it prevented me from wandering around the con, getting more pictures of hall-cosplayers, gatherings, and cosplay events such as the Maid Cafe.  So this year I plan to wander around the convention center, inside & outside, as well as wander to the marriott & hilton hotels, looking for hall-cosplayers.  Mostly i'll be outside the con center by the fountains during the daytime, taking pics of gatherings, cosplayers, & friends.

If you find me, or if i find you, feel free to say hi and i'll ask to take your picture if you're in-costume.  The # of pictures will depend on how much time I have and how busy I am.  Since I feel bad if I see people or friends in-costume and don't catch them then & there, and then end up missing their costume all-together, I want to try and prevent that this year.  Naturally, I'm a year older and still can't get everyone, but I'm certainly going to do my best.  :)   Again, say hi to me if you see me and I'll be happy to take your picture.   Just look for me wearing normal clothes (no DOA, Evangelion, Gundam Wing, or Initial D cosplay for me this year..)

Here's my tentative-schedule for FanimeCon :

Arrive at the convention center by 12:00pm.
Wander around & take pictures until 5:00pm.
Participate in the Swap Meet from 7:30pm to 12:00am.  (selling Eurobeat & Trance music, D&D stuff, comics, & hentai!)
(during the swap meet I may or may not be able to take pictures, depending on how busy it is.)

Arrive at the convention center by 8:00am.
Wander around & take pictures until 6:30pm.
Participate in the Swap Meet from 8:30pm to 1:00am.  (selling remaining Eurobeat & Trance music, D&D stuff, comics, & hentai!)
(again, if swap meet is busy, I may or may not be able to take pictures.)
NOTE: depending on what time I pack my stuff, I might still wander afterwards, looking for cosplayers.

Wander around & take pictures all-day until time for Masquerade (6:00pm)
I'll be covering the masquerade, and then taking post-masq. pictures.

More wandering around to take pictures all-day..
NOTE: I'm not going to watch the An Cafe concert, so look for me around the convention center during that time.

Wander around and take pictures until i drop dead.. haha   :D  or head home in the afternoon.

That's the schedule I'm planning on.. if everything goes well, I'll have sold a lot at the swap meet, taken a lot of pictures all weekend, and gotten a few hours of sleep each day.. haha

One final note: I'm heading to Project A-kon in Dallas, Texas 3 days after Fanime ends, so my Fanime pictures will be delayed until I return from that con.  (look for some pics after fanime, and the rest in the beginning of june.)  I thank you in-advance for your patience!

Any questions, feel free to reply here or PM me.  Thanks!

Good luck finishing up your costumes & preparations for Fanime, and see you all in a few weeks!   8)
Live Programming and Events / Swap Meet 2008
March 12, 2008, 11:20:41 AM
Hey everyone,

Once again this year I'll be participating in the Swap Meet at Fanime, and here's the info for it from the Fanime website:

(I wonder when the registration for Friday's spaces will open..)

I'll probably be participating for both nights, and even though I don't have much to sell (since at Fanime 2007 and Yaoicon 2007 I sold a lot) I still have some items.  Here's a little list:

Super Eurobeat CD's
Anime CD's (older titles, no newer stuff like Naruto or Bleach)
Anime DVD's & VHS (older titles too)
Hentai Artbooks
Hentai Magazines
Anime Posters & Calendars

And, I rumaged through my old house, and found a lot of my Dungeons & Dragons books, monster-manuals, & exapansion sets which are still in good-condition.  I also have some complete box-sets for Battletech, Car Wars, & Gamma World  So if anybody is interested in buying some classic old-school role-playing dice games, look for my section.   :)

Anybody else participating in the swap meet this year?
(not sure if such a thread was made already or not, sorry if it was)

I saw a thread on the SakuraCon website forums about this tragedy that happened today, about a boy who died because his friends buried him in the sand, copying the Sand Ninjas in Naruto  You can watch the news clip here:

The clip shown said he was in critical-condition, but he later died.  Here's the news-report:

It's a tragedy, but now it's another case where anime is blamed because of kids trying to imitate what they see on tv.. *sigh*
Hey Initial D fans,

Back in 2005 I brought my Initial D costume to Fanime, cosplaying as Ryosuke Takahashi with his FC3S.  For this year, I plan to bring the FC back for one more "drift session" around the convention center.  This will be the last time I show the car (it's been 5 years since I made its debut at Fanime 2003), as there are plans for a new FC3S (or other Initial D car) in 2009. :)  I will have Initial D music playing with me, so "don't miss it!"  ;)

Also, at Fanime 2005 I was fortunate to meet-up with the guys who brought their "shopping cart" cars with them, and we took pictures together.  Here's an example:

If anybody knows these guys, and can contact them, please ask them if they can bring their cars back again as well.  Or if anybody is planning on making their own car-costumes for Fanime, we could possibly have a gathering.  If not, I'll just be drifting around on Saturday afternoon.     8)
Live Programming and Events / Swap Meet 2007?
April 17, 2007, 12:20:08 AM
Hey everyone,

Not sure if there's already a thread for this (haven't posted here in a long time) but just wondering if there will be a Swap Meet or not this year at Fanime?  Last year I made a lot of $$ for the 2 days they had it, which helped cos I was unemployed last year, and the $$ helped get me through the summer.

So if anyone has any info about if there'll be a Swap Meet this year (days & times) that'd be great. :)  

I won't have as much stuff to sell this year if I participate in it, but mostly whatever Anime DVD's I have left, Anime CD's, Eurobeat CD's, some figures, Video Games, and if I'm crazy, I might just sell my Xbox 360 & games this year..  :o

See you all next month!