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Just a reminder note for 2018 pachinko proposal.  Need check and review of none competition agreement in contract.
Panels and Workshops / Hunter X hunter panel room
May 23, 2015, 08:31:50 PM
Im glad to have seen a panel just for hunter x hunter. however the chosen room for it was too small for the attendees to fit. half had to be turned away due to space. can we have a larger room for next year?  it seems Fanime did not expect so many fans from a non main stream anime.
Confirmed. yes at least some booths had them Friday, however I dont know it they still do, may have sold out. best to get there when they open at 10am to check.
General Anime Chat / Jikan no Eve "Time of Eve"
November 09, 2008, 07:50:28 AM
Any one else watch this anime? "Jiken no Eve" One ep comes out every two months or so and the ep is only 15 min long but I just watched the first and seconded eps and I found the story so well done with VERY clean Cels, I did not even realize it was only 15 min long. I say for those that Like "Slice of life" animes with a Story. Check it out. 
Dealers Room / Re: Dealers booth registration
November 07, 2008, 07:54:57 PM
yes that's the way to do it. But if you don't hear from them in a week E-mail me and Ill help you along.
Things in the Universe / Other Hobbes besides anime?
October 27, 2008, 10:28:59 PM
hey anyone have other Hobbes besides anime?  I do Fish tanks, and Pinball machines.
That sounds Great.  Would It Help Fanime if users sent in Photos from years past that show fanime? Not people pics alone but big groups of people. Like line shots and such.  It would give Fanime more Photos to pick from to put in the book, and Add a For Fans By Fans theme to it.  you could see People looking though it and hear them say I took that pic.  I bet all you need to do is List a E-mail to send in photos and you would get lots of Fan pics to use.  But its just a thought.
anyone got a link to the Cut scenes in ep 25 that shows the Cart drivers face? I have the gifs of it on my PC but not a online link.
did I miss It some where? did they ever say what C.C name was?
I torrent to see if I like it. and if I love it then I Buy it only as a box set.... I hate buying one Vol dvd at a time. :(  I just bought box sets yesterday of Chobits, Those who hunt elves, Azumanga Daioh, Utawarerumono  and Vandread. now i have to save up money again. I made the mistake of buying anime I had never seen once before..... " waste of my money ". If I saw it before I would not have bought it....  and yay for FUn for picking up Geneon's Works.
ok dont tell anyone but try this place. ;)
I will send a e-mail to the dealers head for you, linking him here. just wait a bit k  :D
Yea I know the booth your talking about. I just don't remember the name. But all though the Con they showed anime on the tv, Maccross F, Soul Eater, and many more. Was the anime you saw possibly Soul Eater? I have not seen it but sounds like its art from what parts i have seen.
Ya Come back next year. I hope to have a PSP by then and buy alot of games  8) .
For a shirt you need to contact "Off World designs". they where the ones selling them.  I dont have a link off hand. Ill edit and post if i find later.
Clanned.  :'(   
I thought this year went by nice. I read many post on the Dealers room being Just OK this year. But just to clear up some Info. The Dealers room was the Same size as last year. It only seemed smaller due to excellent booth placement. But number per number we had the same amount of booths. As For Gaia Not having no Booth? You should E-mail and Forum them about it.   From what I saw as a Staff and Fan. Everyone Did a wonderful job. Best Fans I have seen in years. "I only had to yell No Running Once!"
Ya I hate thieves... But on a nice note Dealers room staff did walk and watch for theft and lost items. I would just walk everywhere looking at the floor for any dropped items so I can grab it before someone else would. that way it makes it to the lost and found. But remember just because you find a item of yours gone, dose not mean it was stolen. It just means its gone.. One night I was in a video room watcing the AMV's and a group of guys sat down a few seats down from me in the same row. But when they got up to leave I watched as the Head phones from a I Pod got hooked onto the metal of the chair and as the guy walked away with his friends His I Pod popped out of his pocket. He never noticed, Until I walked out to the hallway with it and gave it back.
when is that showing?
#S069   8)