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^ If you would kindly elaborate
< That's exciting! Hope things go well for you pal
> Still feelin all over the place with everything. Also, summer has begun: let the mess resume!!
v How do you settle down?
^ Actually, today was the first day in a while where there was a a lot of clouds and a bit of a breeze, so it was pretty nice.
< I'll try my best to enjoy it while I can! : )
> I've had three jobs in the past year and I've become sick of each them very easily... hopefully things will settle soon!
v How was your day today?
^ Ah don't really have plans for Fanime aside from getting into the Just Dance booth a bit more than last year. Fun stuff! Thinking of attending other cons, actually.
< Any plans, yourself?
> Thinking of what to do regarding my life. Many options to consider.
v What's some good advice for a youngster?
Finally got a job recently after not having a job but wanting one forever. I'm very anxious, but I've got training for the next couple days, so hopefully things will be swell by then.
Inside the dog.

How's Fergie doing?
Forum Games / Re: If Life Gives You...
August 12, 2015, 10:30:00 PM calm down and soften it up.

If life gives you death...
^ Fights squirrels for a living
Checking to see if someone found a green rectangle wallet. The clasped part of the wallet opens to my identification, and the zipper opened up to coloured pens. -Thanks.
^ The leather guy! My partner and I kept visiting him in the Artist Alley and finally got some nicely inexpensive and super sweet bracelets from him. Twas good!
< I hope your recovery was a swell one!
> Hoping to snag a job with my newly formed resume. In need of funds to support my hobby!
v Current goals?
^ I decided not to stress and to not crunch, considering how overwhelmed with a lot of things.
< Yay, welcome back!
> Apparently I won a scholarship for my work in broadcasting journalism! So that's pretty sweet. Wasn't able to receive it, though. I'll be picking it up next week before graduation!
v What is an upcoming purchase for you?
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to make it in full cosplay, but I'll try to drop by!
^ I quite like Ben-To. Singing the theme for the karaoke contest, actually!
< So many arches in the name "Johnny Mnemonic."
> Yooo the Fanime guide is out!
v What's going on for you tonight?
I'll try my very best to make it as Shara from RF3 : )
Doing some last minute crafting!
^ Hohoho, it's plenty well chaotic.
< You and your pals have the luck of the Cali Conventions.
> Working on an entire cosplay this week. I'm incredibly nervous about how everything will turn out...
v It's four days until the convention. How are you feeling?
^ Some former forum communities I've been a part of when I was younger include Sanrio, Gaia Online, and I have not fully returned to any of them.
< Woah, your age and your post count match! Neat coincidence.
> I am currently up doing a final essay. Nice to see things haven't changed, eh?
v Would you consider yourself a procrastinator?
^ Nope! I vaguely understand some tagalog. Otherwise, not really.
< Woo! Learning languages is quite a feat, so very nice!
> Currently taking a day off vacation from school.
v When was the last time you needed a day off?
^ Not quite hyped.
< Living with no regrets is always good.
> Time to spend hella money on costumes or spend an average amount of money and cramming in sewing maybe...
v How's your cosplay progress?
^ Blue.
< Is all about that bass.
> Gotta get to it!
v What's something you'd like to do for the weekend?
^ My laptop panicking and shutting down.
< Still keeping things up?
> I've been rather bored lately. I could be doing things, but I guess I don't...
v Your first job?
^ The same.
< Woo!! What might you be studying? Or perhaps further studying...
> Fanime pre-reg is expected to open Monday at around 2pm!
v Now are you starting to yearn for Fanime?