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Works for me!

By the way, did we have official photos from last year's gathering? I don't see us in :'(
This year, I was:

Racing Miku 2018 (Friday & Saturday)
Phosphophyllite (Sunday)
Akihabara Idol Miku (Monday)

Please let me know if I was in any of your photos~
Phos! My costume was put together last-minute for another con, and I'll probably leaving all the fixups for the last-minute again because that's how I do things, but unless things go horribly wrong I'll be there :)
Photos I took are here:

If you caught any pictures of me, I'd love to see them too.
Friday - IA
Saturday - Miku (idol style)
Sunday - Bridget
Saturday - Yuri
Here's what I managed to capture this year:
I was at a bad angle and using my backup phone whose camera kinda sucks, sorry :(
Whoa, huge turnout. I didn't stick around for all of it, but I snapped a few pics while I was there.
I took some photos, Not professional-grade, but not too bad either (I hope)?
I took some photos, Not so many and not the best, but I haven't seen the official photography staff's yet.

Couldn't take any with myself though. :-\
Looking for photos:

Friday - Hatsune Miku

Saturday - Shimakaze

Sunday - Ulala

Monday - JK

Here's all the pictures I took myself:
Mostly at the Vocaloid, CLAMP, and Sailor Moon gatherings.
Quote from: queeniesloth on May 28, 2015, 08:40:06 PM
May I have your permission to use the photos of my cosplay on my cosplay page? And if so how would you like to be credited for the photos?

Absolutely, go for it - you should be able to just hit the button. You can say they come from @ephemient if you want, but also feel free to leave out attribution.

(Did you go to the Vocaloid gathering on Friday, too? I don't think I saw you there, but I arrived late...)
I'm not the best photographer but I think I got pictures of almost everyone:

@queeniesloth: I think this is the best I got.
Please don't expect too much, but I'll be around dressed as Miku.