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I have a card with the website for it! The photos were uploaded to here:
I'll most likely be going as Strangelove! If I can find a vest at least..
I'm fine with wherever! Where offsite was it last year?

I wouldn't be a good volunteer for the facebook part since I very rarely use it, so unfortunately I can't help out in that way though :/
5 Sounds good! Since the remodel the badge lines have gotten better so that should be enough time :3
4pm would probably depend on how fast I can check into the hotel and get my badge, as I won't be getting to San Jose until around 12-1pm :/ Though if the badge lines aren't bad it probably wouldn't be a problem!
If it's late friday or later I'd like to go! This sounds really fun, I didn't go last year! Not sure if I'll have a cosplay or not but I'm definitely interested!
I'll be coming as Matryoshka Gumi!
I'd like to go! I may or may not be cosplaying though