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great! I'll probably be meeting up with the Naruto cosplay group on Saturday, so Sunday might be a good time to meet for the FMA. Then again...if people would like to meet Saturday, then perhaps the Naruto group can switch to Sunday, or the two can happen at differentl times on Saturday (meaning I would have to change). Whatever...we can worry about that later.

Does anyone want to attempt Al? I have a friend who says she'll be him if I make the outfit- heh, I think I know how, but I don't have the time/materials at the moment  *is busy with automail*. There was someone cosplaying as Al during '04- it was pretty good. He used cardboard, if any of you want ideas...
I'm reviving this thread ^__^

So...any Full Metal Alchemist cosplayers for '05?
I'm going as Edward Elric- yeah, yeah, me and the rest of the world, right? I'm going to make both the automail for his leg and his arm automail!!
I go to Los Altos High and we have an Anime Club and a Cosplay Committee. ^___^
no, actually, i'd light someone on fire and then run AWAY while blowing it out...hehe...
coolness ^__^

i want to make his cool gloves... only, on the right hand, i'd break off a match head and sew it to a finger. then i'd take apart the matchbox and stick the rough thingy onto the thumb. then when i snap my fingers...


now if only i had a way to put IT out before it burns ME up...