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Hi, Everyone!

Are you up for another game for 2013? :D

This is still a thing! Sorry for no update in forever - Saturday or Sunday this year?

First post updating with new list!
It's the flowerbed now SADNESS. So...the middle of it?
Hey, All~

Would anyone here be down to running the Gathering itself in my place, in the (highly likely) event that I can't be at con during the day?

I'll continue to keep the gathering info updated and all, so all you'll have to do is call out groups/series and generally congregate the masses ;;;
Facebook page added so that you can share this with your friends easier:
Undoubtedly you'll see some of us wandering out late, either this night or another :D
Due to scheduling conflicts with other meet-ups, we've been moved to 1:30 PM instead of 1 PM. That still alright with everyone?
HAHA to be honest, none of us expected you guys to run up the stairs, that was pretty awesome xD

Cast list updated...does anyone have friends who might want to play, too? Don't have to be cosplaying to play :3

Let's do 6 PM game and 8 PM meetup? And then a late-night "dinner" afterwards, so TheUnforgiven can join us?
I think we're taking over the awkward flower thing
WOAH, dinner is a superb idea!

Last year we started the Game at 11AM and the gathering was at, yeah, 2 hours. I think I did it that way so that people who couldn't play at a certain time could still play halfway through...? Something like that...
I didn't think of running it so late o_o I thought we'd end at 9PM at the LATEST.

When are all of you arriving?
I -think- that MusicFest is going to be on Saturday night, though don't quote me on it ;; (and, yeah, I'm going to that, too!)
Most people should be good to go by Friday night, though.

I just can't run it on Saturday/Sunday because 1)most people have other gatherings/events to attend 2)some people will have Masquerade check-in/practice 3)I'm running other gatherings/photoshoots...

On the other hand, we could play the game without having a cosplay gathering, but I think that sort of takes away from the effect of it all =/
I'm up for Monday, but most people are occupied with moving their stuff out of hotels, etc. It seems that most groups find Friday better - what say the rest of you?

We can have the game more towards the late-evening/night, if that helps. Time suggestions, please!