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Are you cosplaying, ArcSymphony? :D
Yeah, but the feedback I got since then is that Saturday/Sunday are too busy for most people to devote any time to TWEWY =/
We are confirmed for SATURDAY. From past experience 1PM has worked out for everyone, any objections? (We've found that any earlier than Noon never works xD)
Also, where shall we meet? Flowerbed in front?
But if they came as xxxHOLIC, there would be more representation of each series ;D

List updated...also, Masq has been announced for Sunday, which means that All Things CLAMP lands on Saturday this year.
List updated!

Does anyone know if has a CLAMP thread? If not, I'll go make one (I suppose I could check myself but...ehh 8D)
Yay, great!! Please let me know if you have more people coming!!

As a reminder - you don't have to cosplay to play the Game. But the last round is to find the cosplay gathering, so it might be more fun if you do ;D
2012 List up! The Gathering seems to be pinned for Friday this year, does the evening/night work for everyone? Time preferences? INVITE MORE PEOPLE
Has Masquerade Day been announced, yet? CLAMP gathering is always on the day that Masquerade is NOT on.
List updated; some series/characters added.
Don't think the gathering will be on Friday, but might you guys drop in anyway? :3
Already 4 series being represented!
Hmm tried that in previous years, but it didn't work out so well just because of our SHEER NUMBER. But, yes, feel free to take this and go at it, haha. I'll change the name of this thread and you can start a new one~ :3
Thanks, Everyone, for another great year! The turnout for the two days was pretty even; together, it added up to about the size of a regular single CLAMP gathering. Sorry about switching sides of the fountain; some gatherings already in place were bigger than expected and got in the way of our SHINING BEAUTY.

Anyway, feel free to provide feedback and comments as we get the ball rolling for next year!

Prelim stats:
Time: 11:30 AM
Days: NOT Masquerade Day
Location: Fountain