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We're looking for a Lulu and a Shiva cosplayer to join our skit =) If you're interested feel free to message me or email me.
Hello!! My friends and I will be attending this day as Demon Rin(me), Satan/Shiro Fujimoto, Bon, Mephisto, Shima, Izumo,and Amaimon.
This will be my second time at organizing a gathering, I am terrible at count downs though so may need some help with that for photos!

Also on

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Date: Saturday
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: 1FCC LA = 1st Floor Convention Center (Lobby Area by center pillar just inside the entrance)

Cosplayer count: 29

Maybes: Kieuseru - Shiemi; ZephyrEclipse - Rin,Yukio,and Shura; Officer Boris - Amaimon and Rin;

Rin Okumura - halfdemongurl/Fighter_For_Hire, Mouse Alchemist, Cylverxz, lfan, punk_parfait, DarkMoonlitStar
Shiemi Moriyama - Kerohime(kimono), kurishieru, sushisoap, DarkMoonlitStar
Ryūji Suguro "Bon" - NaruMellz, sushisoap,
Izumo Kamiki - Jiyuu-Chan, Somethingducky, Kerohime, OtakuMcGreevy, DarkMoonlitStar
Renzō Shima - lindsaykay, torikkusuta*, ZephyrEclipse
Konekomaru Miwa -
Takara -

Yukio Okumura - Nonprofitpigeon,  Erik-kun, DarkMoonlitStar,
Shirō Fujimoto -
Igor Neuhaus -
Shura Kirigakure - Teresune, punk_parfait, Liz, DarkMoonlitStar, maile.m
Arthur Auguste Angel - kyashiidreamer
Kaoru Tsubaki -
Yuri Egin - Luca Cantellano, *
Saburōta Tōdō -
Tatsuma Suguro -
Yaozō Shima -
Jūzō Shima -
Mamushi Hōjō -
Kinzō Shima -
Uwabami Hōjō -

Satan -
Mephisto Peheles- MoonRose,
Amaimon - Trin,

Noriko Paku -
Yoshikuni XI -
Ernst Frederik Egin -
Kuro -
Ukobach -
Nii-chan -
Byakko -
So my buddy and I decided to go as Nagi and Ryoko, just wanted to know if there were any more fans out there wanting to join us in a possible gathering? We might also be bringing a Tenchi and an Ayeka with us *shrugs*
Ello! I'm going to be cosplaying as Kurai for most of the con. Will their be any more Angel Sanctuary cosplayers?

Also I'm doing a skit this year, and we really need a Mad Hatter, so if you're interested please contact me and I'll give you details. Thanks!
Ello, ello! Since Fanime 2008 Sailor Moon Gathering was such a BIG success, I would like to start up another gathering... this time a tad bit earlier since it seemed every one was rushed! Hope to see every one again; the old and the new!

Date: Sunday; May 24, 2009

Time: 2 PM (Can be adjusted if need be)

Location: In between the waterfalls and the entrance of the convention center

Sailor Scouts
Sailor Moon-
Sailor Cosmos-
Sailor Chibi Moon-
Sailor Chibi Chibi-
Sailor Mars-
Sailor Mercury-
Sailor Jupiter-
Sailor Venus-
Sailor V- samcarter
Sailor Neptune-
Sailor Uranus-
Sailor Pluto-
Sailor Saturn-
Sailor Vesta-
Sailor Pallas-
Sailor Ceres-
Sailor Juno-

Star Healer-
Star Fighter-
Star Maker-

Other Heros
Tuxedo Mask- luckyends
Neo Queen Serenity-
Princess Serenity- Tabbychan
Luna- Veebunny(human)
Queen Serenity-

Negaverse/ Dark Kingdom
Queen Beryl-

Doom Tree/Aliens

Black Moon
Prince Diamond/Prince Dimande-
Wicked Lady/Black Lady-

Death Busters/Bureau of Bad Behavior
Professor Tomoe-
Mistress 9-

Dead/Dark Moon Circus
Tiger's Eye-
Hawk's Eye-

Shadow Galctica/Sailor Animates
Sailor Iron Mouse-
Sailor Aluminum Siren-
Sailor Lead Crow-
Sailor Tin Cat-
Sailor Galaxia-
Sailor Chaos-

Movie Villains
Kisenian Blossom-
Snow Queen (Princess Snow Kaguya)-
Snow Dancer-
Queen Badiyanu-

Sorry I didn't get all the English names ^^' I haven't watched Sailor Moon in English since I was in elementary school XD

Well if no one has planned one for this year, how about it?

Where:Between the front of the convention center and the waterfalls

Time: 2 PM

What day: Sunday 

I'll be Sailor Uranus accompianed by a Sailor Neptune. ^^

*(CF)- Fanime Forum

Inner Sailors
Sailor Moon- (PGSM)sailor.moon
Sailor Chibi Moon-
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon-
Sailor Mars- UsakoMinako, Tarot 
Sailor Venus-PikachuRepublic
Sailor Jupiter-
Sailor Mercury- (PGSM) Kimiko

Outer Sailors
Sailor Pluto-
Sailor Uranus- Fighter_For_Hire
Sailor Neptune-midnight moon (CF)
Sailor Saturn- Kimiko's daughter

Star Maker-ovtrlan
Star Healer-
Star Fighter-

Tuxedo Mask-
Queen Beryl- videogirlc

maybes/ undecided
Pluto or Jupiter- Ari
Sailor Jupiter- tabbychan
Chibi Moon- Kimiko's kid
Sailor Mercury- meatballhead15 (CF)
So here's what I got:

Yoruichi in my belief is Indian... in meaning so she is dark skinned. I am a white girl, I'm a light tan colour... I need to find away to paint my skin her color so that it looks like my actual skin and it will wash off. I don't like for anything greasy and nothing that will stay on for a week...

Another issue: She has BIG breasts... I'm an A 34 and I need to go to a D cup.

And I'm doing the butterfly version so I can't exactly wear a bra... and I know I'm being picky sorry... I like to look accurate.  

IF you could help me with this I will give you a cookie! Thank you so much!
Let's have a Rurouni Kenshin gathering next year! MORE ACTION! (is putting something random because has nothing to say)

So any one wanna try again next year (or for the first time?)

should i make a zanbouto (Sanosuke's giant sword)?!

Sanosuke: fighter_for_hire
Shinsengumi Hajime Saito: Shinsengumi
Kaoru:yukie utsumi (and her friends)
Soujirou: okitasan
So who wants another round of inuyasha? Who wants to come to another gathering for 2006? Hakudoushi is plaining a skit for Dercosplay 2006, and anyone who'd like to join PM her! or say something!

Where to Meet

Hakudoushi: hakudoushi
Kouga: fighter_for_hire
Kanna: KindaRandomKris
Naraku: Youko_Kurama
Jako-chan: YummySushi
Rin: bulbagrrrl
Sango: Black_Hanyou
Yura: Ruby

yunnie2896 (Kagome or Kagura)