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Heyo~ We've been confirmed for Saturday at 4:00pm! Our location has changed again, this year we'll be at G8! ⭐️
I saw Fanime put out a tentative gathering list on FaceBook, but I didn't see Fire Emblem on it. I hope everything's just getting sorted out, but I'm eager to find out the confirmed time >.<
Bumping this, but I requested our gathering to be Saturday at 4:00pm! Just waiting for the official list to confirm our time now~ ^^
Quote from: ephemient on February 21, 2019, 12:30:53 AM
By the way, did we have official photos from last year's gathering? I don't see us in :'(

Honestly I was wondering the same thing. After the last con I was also looking around for them on there, but had no luck finding anything. I'm really not sure what happened. Other than the SlickPic website, gathering hosts aren't given any special link or notification about their gathering's photos, so we're in the same boat as everyone else. :(

I'm hoping it was just a one time mistake since this doesn't unusual happen. Crossing my fingers that we'll get them this year!
Hi there! I'm reviving this thread for 2019!

This year's gathering submission form hasn't been posted yet, but when it is I'm aiming for Saturday at 3pm or 4pm. Please let me know how that sounds or if there are any preferences for a different time. Thanks!! \(' v ' )
Hi! I already filled out the poll for my preferred day (anytime Sunday), but I was wondering what day/time the gathering has usually been held over the years? It's my first time doing a FE cosplay and I'd absolutely hate to cancel because it conflicted with the gathering I'm running (Saturday afternoon).
Fanime's just a week away!! :D

Quick reminder that we've changed from last year's location to G6 - "Fallout Zone" in front of the convention center! Make sure to go to the right location, hope to see everyone there!
I'll be Blue(JP)/Green(US) from the Pokemon Special manga~ ^^
It's May! Can't wait for Fanime!! ;)
Bumping the thread~ I hope everyone's cosplays are coming along well!
We've just been confirmed for Saturday at 2:00pm and have this year moved to the G6 "Fallout Zone" location! Hope everyone's looking forward to it!  ;)
Hi everyone! The gathering form has been submitted! We're aiming for Saturday afternoon and have a FaceBook link now. Please keep an eye out for updates~!

As always, please feel free to comment what you intend to wear! I always look forward to seeing what characters we'll have attending! ♡ ♡ ♡
Updating the thread for 2018!

A heads-up to everyone that we are considering moving the location from the previous area, G7 - "The SLAB" (outside the Hilton Hotel Bar), to potentially G6 - "Fallout Zone" outside alcove in front of Convention Center. If you have any thoughts or preference about either location, please comment! Feedback would be fantastic! :)
Quote from: Ayukizami on May 22, 2017, 05:40:09 PM
I'll be attending as Harvest Moon Hatsune Miku! Look forward to seeing all the other amazing vocaloid cosplays~

Ahhh that's such a pretty Miku!! Updated~! \(' v ' )
Hi everyone!
Now that we're less than a week away from Fanime, I wanted to give a reminder about the gathering location. It seems like every year there there are people that have some trouble getting to the G5 location. We've had several people show up on inside the window during the gathering unsure of how to get outside!

I believe the only way outside from the first floor is through the Hilton cafe right next to the location. However we are NOT allowed to go through there. Please do not count on using that door since it will probably be roped off again. I suppose you could get outside by going through the second floor fire escape doors, but I ask that you please do not since last year the alarm was going off every time the doors were opened and it's very noisy and annoying. :(

Probably the best way to get there is by walking around outside:
From the main entrance area of the convention center, you can walk along the sidewalk in the direction of the Hilton until you reach the first left turn. Turn into there and all the way at the end, past the trees and up the small staircase, is the G5 location.

Please try to be on your way there early if possible so you don't need to rush. We will try to start the gathering as close as possible to 3:00pm. If you're late you may miss the first group photo and possibly your character photo. (But if you can't help being late, don't worry, we do latecomer photos!)

I hope this explanation is clear, please feel free to ask questions before the convention starts. Otherwise if you need more help, in in the past I've found the con staff at the gathering desk to be very helpful!


TLDR: Please know where the gathering is and know how to get there so you don't get lost! Also please try to be a little early if possible because we will start as close as we can to 3:00pm, otherwise you might miss the first group photo and possibly your character photo!
Quote from: bsan89 on May 18, 2017, 03:38:34 PM
May Daft Punk humbly request make a appearance like last year?
Looking to find all electronica family. :D

We'd love to have you again! We can do a photo towards the end of the gathering after we've done some requests~ \(' ω ' )
Quote from: Konekogami on May 11, 2017, 01:47:03 PM
I'll be there as Snow Miku 2017 >w<☆♡☆

Updated~!! ♡ \(> w 0 )
I'll be TRC Sakura in her white dress~! :D
Bumping this up~ We're less than a month away to the con! I hope everyone's cosplays are coming along well \(^ - ^ )
Any word yet if the gathering form went through? (' ^ ' )