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Quote from: GodTierCosplay on April 07, 2017, 07:28:38 PM
Sorry for making you update again, but our friend Mika will also be attending as Senbonzakura Rin.

No need to apologize! I'm super happy to update~!  ;)
Quote from: GodTierCosplay on April 06, 2017, 05:25:14 PM
Thank you for the advice! I think Fandom and Kiku got switched around (Kiku is Kaito, not Len, and Fandom is Len, not Kaito) on accident though. Thanks again, we'll make sure to come early!

I thought I might've gotten those mixed up, it's fixed now!

Quote from: Akiyama on April 06, 2017, 11:02:47 PM
I'm going as Senbonzakura Gumi c:

Updated~! :3
Quote from: GodTierCosplay on April 05, 2017, 08:20:19 PM
Hello! I'm Fandom, nice to meet you all. My friend Kiku and I are attending Fanime for the first time this year, and we'll be going as Senbonzakura Len and Kaito.

Updated~! Hope I entered it correctly into the attendee list, if not feel free to let me know~ :)

And for first timers, if you're not familiar with where it will be, I strongly recommend trying to head to the gathering location a little early since people have had trouble finding and getting to the location in the past. There's a cafe next to the gathering spot that has a door to get in and out of the convention center, however we are NOT allowed to go through there and you will have to reach the gathering by walking around outside.

(Map to location:
Quote from: StarPalace on April 02, 2017, 01:13:06 PM
Hi everyone! I'm going as Daina for the weekend. I'll definitely make sure to come.

and omg- I've never seen a Daina before!! I'm so looking forward to seeing you there!!! ♡ \(> ω < )
Hi guys! We've been CONFIRMED for 3:00pm Saturday at G5~! \( ` ω ´ )/

Please be sure to check out the map on my the first post so you know where to go, and if possible, please try to be a little early! We hope to start the gathering as close to 3:00pm as we can, if you show up 10 minutes later you'll have missed the first group photo and possibly your character photo! If you can't help being late, no worries, we do latecomer photos and there's still the second group photo, but I do think the gathering is much more fun the earlier you are~ \(0 ω < )
Quote from: Miu on March 26, 2017, 10:10:13 PM
Ahh I won't be cosplaying Miku this year, but will come back next year for her :') Hopefully there will be another Vocaloid gathering hosted in Fanime 2018!

We've been hosting the Vocaloid gathering since 2015 and intend to continue doing so~ ;)
Hope to see you next year then!! ♡ ♡ ♡
Quote from: belovedcosplay on March 26, 2017, 03:21:49 AM
I'll be attending this year as Love Philosophia Len. Any day works for me, Saturday included ^^

Updated! I only submitted times for Saturday afternoon, so I think we should definitely get something around then as long as staff doesn't have any major problems with it. :)
Just an update, but I submitted a form for the gathering and requested Saturday at 3pm! I hope that works for everyone and it's accepted. This is NOT a confirmed time yet, I will update again when we do have a confirmed timeslot~
Quote from: CallMeRed on February 09, 2017, 10:26:14 PM
My friend and I will be going to the con as GUMI and Rin Luvoratorrrrrrrry. but we would only be able to do it on saturday.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm definitely going to try for Saturday then since there haven't been any objections to that day and, like you, some people can't do Friday anyway.

Now to wait for the 2017 gathering forms to open~ \( ` ω ´ )/
Quote from: Empress on January 29, 2017, 11:46:43 AM
Do you need to be a staff member in order to host a gathering?
No you don't, I'm just a regular attendee and have been running gatherings for a while~ You just need to make sure to follow all the requirements/directions in making your gathering official and keep track of and update everything as needed.
Hello everyone! Updated the thread for 2017~!

What would everyone think about moving the gathering to Saturday around possibly 3pm, 4pm, or 5pm? I've found that Fridays seem to be a bit difficult for some people to attend which is why I'm considering trying for a weekend day this year. Is there any preference? If people like having it on Friday at 5pm like we've usually done, then we can continue doing that, otherwise I'll look into if Saturday is possible.

Thoughts and feedback would be very much appreciated! ♫
Bumping this thread up as the gathering is tomorrow!! Again, please check out the map to be sure how to reach the gathering. And if you haven't already posted what you plan to wear, feel free to- it's not too late!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the gathering tomorrow~!! \(^ v ^ )/
idk yet whether or not I'd be able to make it, but I wanted to say that I really like the idea of this gathering! As the host of the Vocaloid gathering, it's nice to see something Vocaloid cosplayers can go to on the weekend as before we've had people unable to attend our Friday gathering due school/work/etc on weekdays.

Also I love the idea you mentioned in your other post about pairing everyone up by color! idk if you mean to do shots in order of colors (all the reds, then all the blues, the yellows, pinks, etc, etc) or just order everyone at once in rainbow order (or both if time permits!), but color coordinated shots are fun!

(If the gathering happens to be anytime after 2pm on Sunday, I might be able to drop by in something, hmm... :o )
This gathering is right after another gathering I intend to go to, so I'll probably attempt to hurry back to my hotel and quick change into Dancing All Night Rise. Unfortunately I'll very likely show up late. If you're doing shots in order of character, would it be possible for me to request to delay the Rise shots by doing all the other P4 characters before her? (X ~ X ; )

I'm also interested in the midnight gathering since I'm missing part of the main gathering, but the last time I attended the midnight one we posed for two shots and it was declared over. I found it to be very disappointing (especially since I had gotten out of my pajamas back into cosplay!), will this year be the same? I understand it's more of a social gathering, but I'd hope for a chance to do more photos if I'm going to be attending in cosplay. :/
I'll be there as Sailor Moon~! \(> w 0 )
Another update! I've made a map of how to find the G5 gathering location which you can view here:
I hope it's easy to understand, and sorry about using MS Paint! (It's the only software available for me right now;; :-[ )

Explanation: From the main entrance area of the convention center, walk along the sidewalk in the direction of the Hilton until you reach the first turn with several short pillars lined up. Turn into there and continue walking along the rows of trees. All the way at the end and up the small staircase is the G5 location.

Alternatively, you can also reach the gathering location through the little restaurant on the first floor of the Hilton. However in recent years it seems that people haven't been allowed to pass through, in what I believe to be an attempt to keep all the con attendees from constantly walking through and disturbing the customers sitting there. Assuming the same goes for this year, please do not count on being able to take this "shortcut" to the gathering location. If possible, please pay attention to the time and give yourself enough time to walk and find the gathering. It's a shame when people miss the first group shot cuz they were just a little too late;; (> A < ;; )

If there's still any confusion on how to reach the G5 location, please feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to help explain more! :3
Super excited for this! Put me down for TRC Sakura in her Acid Tokyo dress! \(> w 0 )
Hi guys! I don't mean to double post but we're confirmed for Friday at 5pm at G5~!

I'm aware that some people had trouble finding the location last year. If you attended last year's gathering, we'll be in the same place this year. However to try and help people out in advance, I plan on making a map to explain how to get there so hopefully we won't have too many people getting lost again. If you're not sure where the G5 location is, please check back in May and I should have link in the in the top post for a map explaining how to find the area! \(' v '  )

Seeing as the gathering submission forms have opened today, I'll probably submit something really soon and try to get a confirmation for Friday at 5pm.