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Myself and my boy registered for swap meet, no confirmation, but you guys took our payment... and it's how long since the registration opened and still no confirmation??

Can you please settle this? Looks like i'm not the only one. The email we registered it with is
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
March 28, 2013, 12:12:03 PM
Is there any word on who the coordinator is, or plans to announce who's taken up the role?

Quote from: MPLe on March 28, 2013, 11:27:55 AM
Quote from: azreale on March 25, 2013, 04:27:12 PM
Maybe... can anyone help me with an answer to a question? I'm registered in a group, but I'm not the group leader. and therefore don't have a fanime account for this year...can i still reg for the C.S.?  if so how? do i have to get my group leader to register for me? o.o
You should be fine.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that the rules are now up on our website.
-maaya sakamato singer, seiyuu
-masakuza katsura mangaka, character designer
-hiroaki hirata seiyuu
Is there any details on who the new coordinator is? Will the location still be the same? And will it be on Sunday night still or will it be switching?

-SWAP-MEET LOCATION Can you please move it back to the convention center? I didn't go to the swap meet at all, due to the far location away from the convention center.

-registration (sorry i know this is well known) maybe fanime should make up for it this year in some way as an apology? I know tons of people who had 4 day badges including myself who didn't even get use out of all 4 days.

-STAGE ZERO- THE STAGE ITSELF IS NOT GREAT I did a performance on stage zero, and is it possible to have a better quality temporary stage?

-Guests can fanime please get more industry guests that are illustrators or character designer base? It'd be great to have more guests that have a huge part of the characters conception or artists of series in general


-MASQUERADE Well-run by Marisa I hope fanime can find just as good of a coordinator as her.

Dealers hall great vendor selection~
Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade prizing...
January 10, 2013, 02:38:18 PM
My group won best master construction and that's the 2nd highest title and we literally got junk too!!!

I'll say this- in our bag of stuff we received an EMPTY box from what looked like it used to contain trading card packs. Now that's literally junk ^^;;; and the other stuff mentioned old OLD postcards and flyers.

It broke my heart because, our costumes had a ridiculous amount of time money blood and tears put into them, and the staff should've just nixed the bags, it's kind of depressing that they were freeloading junk onto it's winners...
Hi! I'm unsure of the best way to contact our masquerade coordinator, so I wanted to comment here just in case she reads my post! Or if someone could direct me to her email i'd appreciate any help :)

***I need to drop my skit entry, as i'll be entering with a friend who is registered already for the masquerade.
for the Marriott suite how many beds / people allowed/fit in the room???
A good chunk of my cosplays fit before 2000 :D

I'm hoping to rewear some costumes at fanime, and I'm debating on Emeraldas as one of them which would fit with this gathering. Though i said this in the Leiji thread that I am undecided, I will definitely keep this gathering in mind :)
Glad to see the leiji gathering continuing!

I'm going to be re-wearing some costumes to fanime, debating on bringing out Emeraldas.. but I'm unsure at this moment! I need to get my other costumes that are brand new for fanime squared away before i figure out my re-wears ^^

I'll keep an eye on this thread, and see where it goes. I do know Friday is more do-able for me. but since i'm undecided i'll just sit back until I have more confirmed plans :D

Fanime please please please invite-

Yasuhiro IMAGAWA

i just heard someone say PMX was able to get him. But fanime please invite him!! I'd love to get to meet him, as i'm a HUGE HUGE fan of Giant Robo. I actually bought a figure of Gin Rei at fanime's dealers hall this year ^^!!

Hi Everyone!

I recently got into deco-den, and making cute accessories, and am selling a handful of items on my etsy shop (the link above). Feel free to check it out~! If I have a good response I'll make more items and may do custom pieces, but it's all dependent on how well these pieces do!

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Suggestions for Fanime 2012
September 14, 2011, 09:51:14 AM
GUESTS I would truly appreciate any of these type of guests-->> artists, character designers, lead animators, magaka's etc.

I'd rather have quality over quantity and think that repeat names really shouldn't be in the line-up for many years in a row. I do appreciate Gainax's repeat guests as they contribute a lot, but not so much on other repeat guests.

I would love to go to fanime, and have guests I look forward to seeing that are anime and manga related.
For me I go to the dance if I'm passing by and my friends are willing to join, cause it's fun to pop in for a bit. I think almost every year since '06 i've at least popped into the dance just for a bit! I enjoy more mainstream songs that are recognizable from the various dance genre of music, and pop/j-pop songs.

I roomed at the hilton and Friday night we were having drinks in the hilton area, and could hear the music we were on the couches right next to the door, me and my friends were drawn in when Michael Jackson's thriller came on.

When we popped in, there was.. i think 2 people on the floor, but that didn't stop us. There was a good amount of people sitting in chairs at the back wall though.

My opinion about the location: it's a good size room if it's not crowded. If your not in the dance room and outside in the lobby it is quite loud. But I have to say if I wasn't rooming at the hilton I probably would've never of known of it.

Regardless me and my friends had fun ^^

I have a simple question: I cannot find any info regarding autograph sessions for guests, could someone direct me to that info please? Or can i not find it, because it's not available?

Thank you for any help!
I finished my sailor moon wig today! I only have a few small tasks left :3 This is the only gathering that actually is one I can make, so i'm very excited!
I will try my hardest to be at the gathering in my new Sailor Moon costume :)

I am almost finished with my classic sailor moon fuku with the season R brooch, and Crescent moon wand :33 Just need to get cracking on my wig!
SOUL CALIBUR 2010 Gathering
MP or Location: Fountains- in front of convention entrance
Date: Sunday- May 30 ?
time: ?

TIME SUGGESTIONS- how does 11:30 sound? I looked through the gatherings and no other gatherings seem to be at this time currently

I have to say i'm kinda surprised not to see one up already, but I'd like to host a General soul calibur gathering on sunday of fanime, so it doesn't matter which game you are from, it's all about fun and maybe a little bit of mock battles!!

I hope this can be a successful gathering so please join, even if your a photographer, or fan~!!

Soul Edge/Blade

Soul Calibur- dreamcast

    Sophitia P1- Daydreamernessa

Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

***** here is a link to the post i made --->>>
costume has been sold

I'm currently trying to sell my lucky star cheerleader uniform. It's only been worn twice, in excellent condition, and is a size small.

my ad is here ---->

Please message me if your interested in buying! PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE
Shipping within the US is 14$ priority mail. I am willing to ship international but buyer must pay the extra costs of shipping, please message me if your international about shipping costs.

Costume details-
-purple pleated uniform, w/ star patch
-a pair of golden yellow official cheerleader pom poms

This has only been worn twice and is in excellent condition. it features an invisible zipper down the center back. Fabric is poplin. Skirt is box-pleated. Top has a wonderful fit with princess seams.

Size- small
bust- 32"-34"
waist- 25"-27"
hips- safe up to 37"

warning- the purple fabric can bleed onto the white if you iron without some sort of protection between the two layers. If you take care of this uniform you won't ever have to iron it really due to the poplin not wrinkling much, but i say this as a warning just in case, the buyer needs to iron.

my feedback-
ebay- marketplace-

Live Programming and Events / Re: EVENT TIMES
March 03, 2010, 10:30:13 PM
I don't think times for events are up right now, so i don't think your missing anything, it's really early still :)

though i can say like the person above masquerade is usually saturday evening! swap meet is on thursday/friday, and that's all i know.