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Is there any details on who the new coordinator is? Will the location still be the same? And will it be on Sunday night still or will it be switching?
Hi Everyone!

I recently got into deco-den, and making cute accessories, and am selling a handful of items on my etsy shop (the link above). Feel free to check it out~! If I have a good response I'll make more items and may do custom pieces, but it's all dependent on how well these pieces do!


I have a simple question: I cannot find any info regarding autograph sessions for guests, could someone direct me to that info please? Or can i not find it, because it's not available?

Thank you for any help!
SOUL CALIBUR 2010 Gathering
MP or Location: Fountains- in front of convention entrance
Date: Sunday- May 30 ?
time: ?

TIME SUGGESTIONS- how does 11:30 sound? I looked through the gatherings and no other gatherings seem to be at this time currently

I have to say i'm kinda surprised not to see one up already, but I'd like to host a General soul calibur gathering on sunday of fanime, so it doesn't matter which game you are from, it's all about fun and maybe a little bit of mock battles!!

I hope this can be a successful gathering so please join, even if your a photographer, or fan~!!

Soul Edge/Blade

Soul Calibur- dreamcast

    Sophitia P1- Daydreamernessa

Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

***** here is a link to the post i made --->>>
costume has been sold

I'm currently trying to sell my lucky star cheerleader uniform. It's only been worn twice, in excellent condition, and is a size small.

my ad is here ---->

Please message me if your interested in buying! PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE
Shipping within the US is 14$ priority mail. I am willing to ship international but buyer must pay the extra costs of shipping, please message me if your international about shipping costs.

Costume details-
-purple pleated uniform, w/ star patch
-a pair of golden yellow official cheerleader pom poms

This has only been worn twice and is in excellent condition. it features an invisible zipper down the center back. Fabric is poplin. Skirt is box-pleated. Top has a wonderful fit with princess seams.

Size- small
bust- 32"-34"
waist- 25"-27"
hips- safe up to 37"

warning- the purple fabric can bleed onto the white if you iron without some sort of protection between the two layers. If you take care of this uniform you won't ever have to iron it really due to the poplin not wrinkling much, but i say this as a warning just in case, the buyer needs to iron.

my feedback-
ebay- marketplace-

General Anime Chat / he is my master
May 04, 2006, 02:31:46 PM
I'm up to episode 7, and am really enjoying he is my master. I'm really surprised that it's a lot better than I expected it to be it's cute, funny, a little perverted but it's fun.

I don't really care for characters like izumi though, but pochi/anna/mitsuki are adorable XD I was considering getting abook that had the art for it in j-town but I'm broke~

So what does anyone else think whose seen it?
General Anime Chat / paradise kiss
October 23, 2005, 09:17:25 PM
I was intorduced to this manga back in feburary, and absolutely loved it. Recently, the t.v. series has started for this series as well. here's a link to the t.v. series website i've seen the 2 episodes and there nice to watch because it's very true to the story.

anyways, i personally really like it, and it's definately one of my faves, i suggest it to anyone.

anyone else love this series?
General Anime Chat / Spirited Away
August 11, 2003, 09:48:16 PM
I have been wanting to see this movie for the longest time, but i heard from someone that theres a lotta metaphors and can confuse you if you haven't read an overview of the story, i was wondering is it true?? I really like Miyazaki's works so i TRY to understand what is happening in the movies lol...but ne ways my friends will hopefully rent it and we will see it together this weekend be4 we get back to school!
General Anime Chat / Ne Tekken fans out there?
July 29, 2003, 08:23:47 PM
I was just wondering if there were other fellow fans of the Tekken series !!
I love playing this game and tekken has also came a long way. I was actually thinking of cosplaying as Xiayou from tekken 4 her grayish outfit with the pants and little jacket thingie. I remeber when i first got this game i would play the tekken force mode for hours i would get really mad cause i couldn't pass it at first cause my thoumbs hurt so bad lol

:roll:  Ne way so what are your guys fave characters????