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Hey Everyone! I have some updates on photos from the gathering, and will edit this and the top post once I have more information. (if you are not listed, please add your urls here!):
solowingrazgriz: (thank you!)
Naiagu Cosplay (they're in her full fanime album here):
Imperial Photoguard
Albert Wang
Updated the list- sorry you can't make it Motoko! That's great Lakari, because AdaCosplay's sister won't make it in time for the gathering, so I can still be Sayaka (I have both wigs and tights) :D
I'll be attending as Gunner Yuna from FFX-2... I can't wait to see all the FF cosplays!
ATTENTION: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures, please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group, when the pictures are being taken, you give your consent to be photographed.

;D Hello, magical girls (and friends! and enemies! and frenemies!)! This is my first time hosting a cosplay gathering, but my friends and I thought it a travesty because there are so many Puella Magi cosplayers around! Please invite friends and photographers! Photographers have permission to record both video and pictures, so don't be shy!

Estimated Attendees: 10+

Day : Friday
Time: 4PM
Location: G9 ("Fallout Zone" outside alcove in front of Registration building)

Characters planning attendance:
Please post below to be added :)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  • Madoka Kaname (school uniform): Lakari
  • Sayaka Miki (school uniform): jumbocrayon
  • Madoka Kaname (magical): AdaCosplay
  • Sayaka Miki (magical): Naiagu Cosplay
  • Mami Tomoe (magical): LaserBlastLaserCraft, charlie (maybe)
  • Homura Akemi (magical): Magetastic, doublesencho (maybe)
  • Kyoko Sakura (magical): Vindi Birch Cosplay
  • Kyubey: Crafty Kitten Cosplay
Puella Magi Kazumi Magica

Puella Magi Oriko Magica

Puella Magi Suzune Magica

Puella Magi Tart Magica

Shooting Order:

  • Group shot (all cosplayers)
  • Each series in attendance
  • Kyubeys
  • All casual/school uniform characters
  • All magical versions of magical girls
  • Fight shots (please request below on this thread)
  • Group attacking Kyubey
  • Group dead around Kyubey
  • Individual Characters (if there's time)
  • Requests

Let me know if you have any questions!
Poop. That's the same day as Disney :(  Guess I'm out guys- keep an eye out for me on friday or saturday though!
What day will the gathering be on? I was thinking about cosplaying Nan from Vesperia on friday...
In case anyone missed this or didn't get my email at the end of the panel due to the late start, one of my awesome coworkers recorded it and posted it onto youtube :)

Thanks so much to everyone who attended; apologies that we ran out of time at the end due to the technical difficulties at the beginning!  I'll try and use a PC next time to avoid those mac->cable issues. 
Hey all :)

Friday night, Saturday morning, and All day sunday I was Elsa (
Saturday during the day/evening I was wartortle from pokemon (the one wearing fishnet sleeves)

If you snapped me, PM please or post a link!  Thank you so much!!!!!
Just an update: the program description is still mostly accurate, but it has evolved a little over the course of putting together my research, slides, and anecdotes; getting very excited for sunday!  A more accurate description would read:

Now that nerd/geek hobbies and interests are becoming more mainstream, it's becoming increasingly acceptable to lash out when meeting new people who "claim" to share our interests.  This panel will be a dissection of the psychology of nerd cultural exclusivity, to be accompanied by a discussion about the effects of bullying on and within a given geek culture/subculture.
I didn't even think of safety pins! That's a great idea; thank you so much :D

Here's a picture of the slit with my knee showing through, but in reality I made the skirt way too big, so it doesn't show my leg unless I'm posing for it.  You can see what I mean in this WIP shot:

Thanks for helping to clarify!
Hi :)

I've been working very hard on an Elsa cosplay dress and would love to wear it to the ball, but I'm not sure about the slit height requirement, as it falls *slightly* above the top of my kneecap (but doesn't show much thigh!).  Would I be turned away for that?

Also, as far as the cape goes, should I detach it for the ball, try and bustle it, or just let it go?  I didn't see anything in the rules about long capes.

Thanks so much!!
Hey guys!  Very excited to announce that I (and possibly an unconfirmed co-host) will be hosting a panel focusing on the bullying ingrained in geek culture!  This will be a close look at how bullying affects geeks, specifically targeting the bullying by geeks to other geeks.  Ever feel like you're defending your geekdom to other geeks?  This panel is going to touch on the psychology behind why this is becoming a common phenomenon, as well as take a close look at some of our own experiences, prejudices and actions.  I've scoured research papers, the internet, and the lives of those around me for anecdotes highlighting how a seemingly innocent joke/comment can deeply hurt both another person, and geek culture as a whole.

Title: You're not a REAL geek!
Time: 10am Sunday
Place: Panels 3

Why this panel: As a female geek who also happens to be a professional game programmer, I have some unique perspectives and experiences with the expectation of having to constantly prove to fellow nerds and geeks, men and women alike, that I do belong in this culture.  We all do it at some level, if even just subconsciously.  But as the most bullied culture from childhood in today's society, we the geeks/nerds/dorks/gamers have a very unique opportunity to end the cycle of abuse, and become an awesome inclusive culture.  The way our culture is currently evolving, we're expecting others to prove that they are one of us, often rejecting those we deem to have not endured the same level of bullying as we did. I want to raise awareness at how to identify and alleviate these types of bullying situations, whether in person, over the internet, or some other medium- Bullying is NEVER okay, and we have the power to put an end to it!

Feedback, ideas, and stories/anecdotes are very welcome! Post or PM me if you want to incorporate your story on how you experienced, watched, or stopped geek-on-geek bullying!
If i can get my costume fixed/take it in, I'll join as Judith (tales of vesperia).  It's a tall order though; I'm going to be out of the country between now and fanime, so I don't have time to make a new skirt, and last years' skirt ... let's just say it's about 40lbs to big now XD


The best suggestion on how to take it in so far has been to cut out a few inches on each side where the white connects to the blue.  If you have any other ideas, please hit me with them!