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Hi, I'm on step 7 (Seller's Permit and Finish) of registering for the swap meet. I'm an occasional seller. Do I just type that on where it says California Seller's Permit? Does the "finish" button pop up after that? It says I need to complete paperwork. Do I fill out the BOE form and upload it somewhere? I'm kind of stuck. How do I finish registering for the swap meet. The other steps were easy. Thank you.
Hey, just emailed you. Looking forward to it.
Hey, this is Gaspar. I just emailed you to sign me up :)
I replied to the email as well
sent my email. Is there a criteria for spots, besides those who participated last year?
Panels and Workshops / Re: The Comedy Club at Fanime 2012
February 20, 2012, 01:17:26 PM
I wanna be in it. What's the process to enter?