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Hi everyone!

So since I'm moving next Monday to Stockton from Valencia, I would really like to sell as much of my stuff as possible beforehand. Whatever I can't sell before the con, I will be bringing with me to the swap meet. Therefore....


Since I am officially moving next week, I need to clear out my stuff. Meaning that everything (excluding Celty) in my For Sale album is BEST OFFER! Now, I do have one guideline; please oh PLEASE don't send me a message saying, "Everything is best offer so can I get your almost new PS3 with all the stuff it comes with for $50?" because I will flat out not respond to that. I want reasonable offers not idiotic ones (for example, a reasonable one would be offering $2-$3 for a manga). Ignore current prices on each pic, that's just what I wanted to get for them before.

So send me messages ASAP because, like I said, everything must go! No holds will be accepted and I will not ship outside of the US due to problems with that in the past.

A few days ago, I accidently dropped my Celty helmet for the Celty cosplay that I am selling so now the price will be $125 plus shipping for it while it used to be $225. Pics of the said crack is in the For Sale album. This is the ultimate lowest I will go for this cosplay because of how much it had cost to have commissioned and this should be easily fixed with glue and paint.

I also have some video games for sale including an autographed copy of Tales of the Abyss by Johnny Yong Bosch but I really don't want to sell these for less than a few dollars less than what is shown in each listing.
Hey everyone! Most of my items for sale are located at the marketplace So I'll provide the links and titles of each ad below. The only item which I do not have an ad for is my Hatsune Miku cosplay + wig. I accept PayPal, concealed cash, and for the smaller items direct payment at Fanime this May. :) Please PM me if you have any questions~

My Miku outfit is a size small and comes with the arm sleeves, vest, skirt, brand new and still in the package thigh high black socks, wig, and two clip on ponytails. Here is a picture of me wearing the said outfit and wig:

and here's one in better lighting:

So that you can compare the size to your own, here are my measurements:
Bust: 32inches
Waist: 28inches
Hips: 34.5inches
Height: 5'0"

My selling prices for this are:
Outfit alone: $50
Wig + ponytails: $25
Outfit and wig + ponytails: $70

One of the sleeves of the cosplay needs a small repair with bias tape because the blue lining is beginning to tear. Bias tape can be found in fabric stores or online for about $5 or less. :)
Shipping is up to about $10 in the US depending on the type of shipment you want.

Onto the other ads! :3

Black Lolita Dress and White Petticoat

Furry Plush Wolf Hood/Hat with Pockets

Kuroshitsuji Grell Pillow

Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Posters, Cards, and more!
This topic popped into my head out of nowhere and it got me thinking. As a cosplayer and role-player, I have never really stopped to think about what makes both experiences so worthwhile to me. Perhaps it's because I enjoy the idea of stepping into a character's shoes and becoming someone I wish I could be. Or maybe it is because I enjoy making up my own realities for that character that I may have had in my dreams.

Either way, what is it to you that makes you enjoy cosplaying (or dislike it if you don't like to cosplay)?
Okay so I can't necessarily afford the cosplay outfits on eBay after investing a few hundred on just one outfit two weeks ago so I was wondering if anyone on the forum had a Host Club jacket and tie that they would be willing to sell to me possibly between however low as can be to about $50?

You can see how they both look here:



If you happen to have more than one set of jackets and ties on hand, I'd be more than willing to buy them off of you if they are in the sizes my group wants.
Yes I know it sounds like a really annoying question already but here are the details behind it:

  • Number 1) I am a girl.
  • Number 2) I am 17 AKA a minor but will be 18 a week before the start of the actual 2011 convention in May.
  • Number 3) I'm going to be with 3 other girls ranging in ages from 18-19 during the whole duration of our stay in the area of the convention with no adults staying with us at the hotel or anywhere else.
  • Number 4) My parents are overprotective. Can be a good thing, can be a bad thing.

Basically, my dad is unconvinced that we will be safe in the hotel that we will be staying at and at the convention area itself. Can someone with background knowledge about the convention please inform me about how tight the security is and everything related to such? It will help give my dad some peace of mind.