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Do you still have this suit? I don't see any updates on this but if you do then I am highly interested in it.
Wow I rarely ever see more people from Stockton. xD Nice to meetcha. I'm also a fellow anime/video game/furry lover in Stockton.

We have a few Facebook pages if you want to meet more of us.

This one is more for NorCal cosplayers in general but you can most likely find a lot of us here too.
It's not really a cosplay but I will be in my fursuit for most of the convention.

I had a difficult time finding other furries/fursuiters at Fanime last year so I hope that there will be more this year. ^^
I posted in the Facebook page but I wanted to confirm here as well.

I'll be attending as the tactician class from fire Emblem: Awakening.

I missed the meet up last year because I was told that it was cancelled so I hope it doesn't happen again. >.>
Hi everyone!

I cosplayed as Morgan from Fire Emblem Awakening on Friday and Saturday and will be tomorrow.

I primarily wore my hood up and ocassionally carried a sword and wore my black gloves. I always wore my black short haired wig. I believe that mine was the only cosplay that used black as the primary fabric. Here is a picture of the outfit without my boots and gloves:

I also cosplayed as my original fursona Fayt. She is a rainbow fox with a LoZ triforce "tattoo" on her back and Nojiko's tattoo from One Piece along the right arm and chest.
Here is a picture of my suit:

I'd really appreciate pics of myself to be thrown my way~!
Hmm... if I don't sell it beforehand at the Swap Meet or online, I may go as a gerudo guard from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
I might go as Lloyd from Symphonia if I don't sell my cosplay beforehand online or at the swap meet... Kinda doing a closet cleaning right now and selling all of my cosplays to afford rent. If I do sell him, I may just go as Hermana from Tales of Innocence.
Quote from: limDsage on April 22, 2013, 10:17:34 AM
How much for the YuYu Hakusho?

For the DVDs, $20 each set or $35 for both sets.

Quote from: XeroRain on April 25, 2013, 03:05:38 AM
Got anymore cosplays other then the ones in the album you selling?

I have these as well.
Quote from: crystalsoul on February 26, 2013, 03:57:51 PM
What are the measurements on the celty cosplay?

just curious cause my gf mentioned she might be interested in cosplaying as her this year

It's a size small so it will fit these measurements:

Height: 5'0"-~5'3" or so
Bust: 32in maybe give  an inch or two
Waist: 28in not recommended to go any wider
Hips: 34.5 again not recommended to go any wider

The helmet is a one size fits all

Quote from: Kpmonkeygirl on March 01, 2013, 10:10:39 PM
I saw that you are selling those masks. Are you going to the fanime?

Of course. O.o That's why I'm here xP

Quote from: Lucifargundam on March 01, 2013, 10:40:24 PM
how much for the ps1/n64 games?

You'll have to tell me which you are interested in because each price is different, especially the Tales of Destiny II game w/ stategy guide because both are extremely rare.
Also I have Yuna's songstress cosplay for anyone interested for $50 plus shipping. ^^
Hi everyone!

So since I'm moving next Monday to Stockton from Valencia, I would really like to sell as much of my stuff as possible beforehand. Whatever I can't sell before the con, I will be bringing with me to the swap meet. Therefore....


Since I am officially moving next week, I need to clear out my stuff. Meaning that everything (excluding Celty) in my For Sale album is BEST OFFER! Now, I do have one guideline; please oh PLEASE don't send me a message saying, "Everything is best offer so can I get your almost new PS3 with all the stuff it comes with for $50?" because I will flat out not respond to that. I want reasonable offers not idiotic ones (for example, a reasonable one would be offering $2-$3 for a manga). Ignore current prices on each pic, that's just what I wanted to get for them before.

So send me messages ASAP because, like I said, everything must go! No holds will be accepted and I will not ship outside of the US due to problems with that in the past.

A few days ago, I accidently dropped my Celty helmet for the Celty cosplay that I am selling so now the price will be $125 plus shipping for it while it used to be $225. Pics of the said crack is in the For Sale album. This is the ultimate lowest I will go for this cosplay because of how much it had cost to have commissioned and this should be easily fixed with glue and paint.

I also have some video games for sale including an autographed copy of Tales of the Abyss by Johnny Yong Bosch but I really don't want to sell these for less than a few dollars less than what is shown in each listing.
My Hannah cosplay is finished. Although, my wig is a bit too....purple for her character. I tried my best to find a silvery blue wig but to no avail. The only one's I had found were much too dark and would only work in extremely bright light. :/

I did have a question about the panel though. Would we be able to meet up beforehand so that we will all be able to meet and go over what to expect at the panel?
What are the prices of:

Rune Factory
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Eternia
Tales of Legendia
Apollo Justice headphones

And would you be willing to hold each for me? I can pay with cash on Thursday or Friday of the con (depending on when you get there since my group should be arriving Thursday at about 12 in the afternoon) with cash. I could also give you a down payment if necessary via concealed cash.
I'll be there as Zero (Lelouch's disguise from Code Geass) for sure! When you say Fountain though, you mean the one directly in front of the convention center correct? Was there a specific side of the fountain you had in mind?
I may be able to make this as Rhyme if my schedule fits. :D
I read over the first few posts on this thread to try and get myself organized but I'm a bit confused. Where is the gathering being held? I didn't see a location. D:
I should be able to go if my group gets everything with our room taken care of beforehand. :)
<----------- Hannah:

A woman dressed in the garb of the Tracy household maids steps into the room. Her shoes seem to make almost no noise as they carry her closer to the group.

"I hope that I will not disappoint," as she speaks, Hannah lightly presses a hand to her bandaged left eye. "...My young master would be most upset if he ever learned that I, Hannah Anafeloz, failed him."

Upon reaching the group, Hannah, with a graceful motion, dips into a trained bow. "His happiness is my happiness. And, if I am required to represent the Trancy household alongside Faustus Claude, so be it."

(Bleh I haven't RPed in months. I need a brush up >:3)
Quote from: TwistedFayt on March 30, 2012, 08:34:14 PM
I put in an app for Hannah~ ^^ I hope it wasn't too blah o.o I tried to sound as formal as possible. ^^;

Oops I posted in the wrong thread. o.o That's what I get for having two tabs open that both say Kuroshitsuji in the title. xD;
I put in an app for Hannah~ ^^ I hope it wasn't too blah o.o I tried to sound as formal as possible. ^^;