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Might be to early for this but anyone cosplaying Tate no Yuusha besides me? (manga)
Would anyone be willing to take part in a skyrim gathering (if its not to late!)
This is for Next year. We had a few people from Skyrim this year and wanted to see if there was more and to get a gathering going!!

Seeing as this is really early lets get an interest check going saying if you would come and what as!!

1 Skyrim Apprentice Mage - Zeroelement
Registration / Group Disbandment
March 02, 2014, 08:03:41 PM
Hi my friend signed up with a friend who did the group registration. That friend because of drama is no longer going to fanime. He has his confirmation email but the group leader is no longer going to pick up the badge. Is there anything he can do?
Is there a thread were all the photos taken by the gatherings staff are uploaded.
I and my friends got our badges but no sceduals will there be a printed scedual handed out?
General Convention Discussion / ID question
May 23, 2011, 12:31:12 PM
I recently lost my wallet (with money in it TT_TT) and i got a replacement Temp ID drivers licensee. It says my name on it and when i was born (Age). Will that work as an id? (i got it from the DMV and no were on it says not valid as an id)
Ok most people dont know this but you can BARGIN with the dealers. The booths are not official stores you can bargain with them.
This is the topic were people can give the good details on how to get a deal. The deals on Monday on Friday are possible. The goal of the vender is to sale all their products to save money from shipping it back to wherever they are sent. I know very few ways to get deals and will share them hoping others will share them to.

The way to spot a deal is to notice what is selling and not. If one item is in abundance or if you are buying alot of items talk to them about a deal. If they shut up and walk away there's little to no luck.

The way i have done this in the past is i talked to one of the venders ask about price and showed interest in buying taking my time sometimes they say "Hey if you get ____ ill give you ___ and ___ with it ".

Another method is to show interest walk around (check for already listed cheaper) and come back and try and talk about getting a deal on the item if its one of the items not selling well. As in theres 5 of ____ 6 of ____ on the table and you see 10-20 of another then that item might be not selling that well. This dosn't work in most booths that sell even items of all items or hide the amount they have.

The best way to think of this is like the swap meet. Instead of fellow convention goers these guys have a badge that says vender and are more stiff but the listed prices are what they want for it and not what they MUST sell it for so the prices can drop.

BTW Monday is easier to bargain with the venders

If you know of other ways to get a deal please list them ^_^. Lets all save money! (no money from your shopping goes to fanime they buy the booth location and that's it all their profits go to the store.

Btw Stealing is not a way to get a deal
Tempature Might be LOWER than posted. I checked were i live and i got 7-10 degrees LESS and i live a 10-15 min drive away.
Dealers Room / GRAB BAGS
May 07, 2011, 10:57:00 PM
Ok just wanted to start this thread with the intent for people to post what they have gotten from grab bags and the knowlege i have gotten over the years of con going.

First i have never bought a grab bag because my friend who was a vender at Fanime for years told me how grab bags are made. Grab bags are paper bags with items inside that you don't know what is what. Also the value is normally MORE than what you pay.
Sounds good so far but There is a catch. One items may not be your size or BROKEN. When my friend was a vender he said all items that were not selling good or were damaged going to the con to the point they some people wont buy it seeing it like that. Its a cheep way to get some of their items sold so they don't have to ship it back. Only Once awhile he would put good items in the grab bag so people can tell others they got ___ at booth ___. So it is buy at your own risk for it can not be returned. Most of the people i know who got them later gave the items away as gifts or sold them at swap meets.

Items i have gotten
Nothing to cowardly to buy.
Hello i wanted to try and start a meet-up of people who are local or near by to San Jose. I myself live in Fremont (10-14 min drive from convention). I'm personally am a nice guy and get along with everyone i just have a bad habit of not being able to find new friends. So thinking i'm not the only one I wanted to start a topic about possible starting a gathering or meet-up were people who cosplay or like anime/manga (convention goers) can meet up and possibly join local cosplay groups or even start one. So in general i would say this is a cosplayers meet up and make new friends by knowing people there also want to make new friends. like a new friend blind date were you become friends!

So yea if people like this ill try and make a date and time and place were people can hang out


-just added- Also other cosplayer groups near by can post your name here with contact info if you want more people to join and what yall cosplay.
Also people looking for local (to fanime area) people can post that they want to here. like...

ZeroElement (Fremont) Cosplays Bleach (ichigo hollow mask) , host club (nekozawa), soul eater(free).  Looking for cosplay group (currently making new cosplays)

Cosplay group BLABLA (<--name there) Looking for (Area you mostly meet up in say SF or SJ and cosplay)

(baaa hope this post works out XD)