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Quote from: BSaphire on May 15, 2015, 02:16:17 PM
Quote from: TensonStar on May 14, 2015, 07:25:58 PM
looks like we won't have an official gathering but id still love to meet everyone
My love of Elder Scrolls being what it is I have set an "Official" Gathering for Friday @ 6pm ~ G4 so I hope that all of you can come to it :)

SWEET!!! Glad i came back. Odd that i didnt get the notifications about these posts! Sorry for flaking! ill be there! Just added to my costume (made books and added fur where it belonged!
So far no love for skyrim. Im going to remake my pants and I can join us a apprentise mage lol. Still hoppwn ppl sign up on tjis but think deadline is long past.
Might be to early for this but anyone cosplaying Tate no Yuusha besides me? (manga)
Would anyone be willing to take part in a skyrim gathering (if its not to late!)
Hey guys. If you want to share pictures i have made a group for Fanime fairy tail.
Fanime Fairy Tail   :     (hope that works)
I have made it open so people can view the pictures without giving away their Facebook information if they do not want others adding them.
Those who are feel free to join and share the pictures from BOTH gatherings. (10:30am and 4pm and the epic Snake/table battles!)
This is for Next year. We had a few people from Skyrim this year and wanted to see if there was more and to get a gathering going!!

Seeing as this is really early lets get an interest check going saying if you would come and what as!!

1 Skyrim Apprentice Mage - Zeroelement
Better late than never. Ill be there as Magical immortal werewolf, The man who stole the witches eye, The Man with the Demon Eye, Free  (That anime stole my name!!!)
Little Late but ill be Mystogan One staff as well. Trying a new approach (cloth instead of sports tape, and some sew into cloths that falls to easily) so mine might not look as good as the other, but ill be there!!!

Im the mystogan from the last gathering.
Registration / Group Disbandment
March 02, 2014, 08:03:41 PM
Hi my friend signed up with a friend who did the group registration. That friend because of drama is no longer going to fanime. He has his confirmation email but the group leader is no longer going to pick up the badge. Is there anything he can do?
Is there a thread were all the photos taken by the gatherings staff are uploaded.
does anyone have any links to the gathering photos?
anyone going to sac anime i'm starting another gathering (for summer 2011)
Quote from: ayame_nguyen on June 02, 2011, 10:34:53 PM
fanime this year was pretty good overall.

Schedules : please do bring back the pocket schedules. if there was a problem with printing them it would have been nice to tell us so we can print our own. it was a pain to find when things were happening esp. when some things were being moved to another time or were cancelled. i like the app idea! thats a wonderful way to keep people updated but the bad thing about this is that not everyone has an smart phone or an itouch.

musicfest : is there anyway to get the camera & video policy up before the con starts or a day or 2 before the concert starts? i dont have a hotel room or a car so i can't put my camera away somewhere really quick. this year it was really on and off. at first someone came and said "no cameras or video" . then about 30mins later it was" cameras allowed but no video". then at the end it was "no cameras or videos but you can bring cameras inside just not allowed to take it out". it was somewhat of a pain to deal with. please do release this info ahead of time.

thats about it ^_^ i look forward to 2012 !

i think its a general rule for the music events no camera's every one ive gone to was no no no
My overall thought about this year fanime is it went well. It could of used a few days or more training. Also the Schedule should of been up sooner and printed, but otherwise the convention was great. The main negative feed back could be fixed with more time for like the DJ's to practice with that set up for it is not their own and people complain about that. Rovers... no one likes people who enforce the rules rare to be positive i personally had no problem with them besides day0 when my friend wanted to throw something away they wouldnt let him duck under the tap when we were in the first stretch of the line.

Artist ally  perfectly done.

Dealers Perfectly done. Only improvement would be 2 entrances 2 exits(there are 6 doors on each side i think but staff yea not possible).(our feet hurt already XD so maybe in and out after the main line gets in)(also you cant control the prices in there useless to complain)

Game room  Great job might make some money selling water in there cheaper than the vending machines.

Panels Well staffed and controlled (lines)

Video (something for everyone and not all mainstream)

Cosplay hang out   Perfect!

Gatherings Went well

Protesters Controlled ish (to bad they didn't get arrested ive read they cant use the speaker thing without a permit. i say make a few anti poster blocker (black bags between two poles) that are held up blocking them.

Just a heads up only the negative stuff and people who are complaning here. The rest of the people are no saying bad stuff so dont take all complaints at face battle. Also this is advice to everyone i missed

Quote from: PsychicPsycho on May 31, 2011, 12:02:24 AM

(Please note: I don't mean to sound snippy at all, and if I do, it's simply post-con exhaustion. I'm just saying that for future reference, if anyone is at a gathering - any gathering - and has a request, don't be afraid to speak up or jump into the spotlight. There's no point in staying silent and then complaining about missed opportunities. ^^)

And also, I'm sorry you're having to deal with people bitching about "too many of x cosplayers." People can cosplay whoever they want, don't listen to them. ^^ Also, as they say, don't feed the trolls, lol.

feed the trolls to ban the trolls XD na i take nothing personaly  you know sticks and stones and dictionary cant hurt me but not pixles!!!
Quote from: bebop on May 30, 2011, 11:26:05 PM
yeah these "traps" from Japan have started to become a trend here as well. I didn't know I took pictures of a guy when I was doing a group photo.

You guys brought up good arguments but it won't change anything. I still think this year was pretty bad.

no I dont go just to check out girls. I didn't see much good male cosplayers this year though, however

I guess perhaps it is the trickle down theory. if the anime scene is stagnant or sucks, then the community gets driven down too  ???

anime outfits of this years anime weren't that good tbh to start with so cospalyers didnt have alot to work with. Star driver and Kore wa zombie desu kai (sp) were the main new ones and i saw some but the outfits werent that easy to make. Also some people like me are making their own now so just because its not perfect does not mean its not cosplay. Also the good ones tend to be bought or made by people with skill.  I thought this year was great with the little kids cosplays. Mini doctor mini tifa mini maka and medusa and FMA. (sp idc its late) I personaly thought my Free cosplay was great yea i have a gut and the legs were to wide but hey it was my frist cosplay i made myself bound to not be perfect i never even turned on a sewing machine before and im betting im not alone there. (also the enconemy(sp) how it is not that easy to get best of best or more than one try)
Free from Soul Eater  (the fat one and maybe only one)
Nekozawa from Hostclub (full black robe with puppet)
Quote from: Rhornez on May 30, 2011, 11:17:05 PM
Quote from: zeroelement on May 30, 2011, 11:13:48 PM
Quote from: Rhornez on May 30, 2011, 11:07:51 PM
i dont mind girl cross players but the male cross players....rant lol

You don't mind the girls getting half naked then don't rant. (i don't mind guys crossplaying i think its odd but not weird, Dont forget cons are were people can go out and have fun if thats fun for them let them have fun)
PS don't look at them perversely and its ok XD
I THOUGHT ONE OF THE crossplayers WAS A GIRL FAR AWAY,my face when i was severely disappointed and i got scarred
I learned this lessen on my first Fanime walking there. Saw a school girl cosplay thought it was a girl. The walk was wrong and the heck was manly. The neck tends to give the gender away.