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Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
May 04, 2006, 11:45:59 PM
you do know what happened at Khaistyle's tourney and all that trouble he had to go through?[/quote]

um no, i dont know why they decided not to have a tourney this year. well im just saying ya dont have to have prizes to have a little unofficial DDR tourney and make it fun.
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
May 04, 2006, 12:19:20 AM
We could just have a unoffical DDR Tourny, like a hour of a specific day when each person has a go at the Mach and we give props to the winner as well as braging rights... the winners are based on whoever we feel is the best, not like it matters if thier is no prize or what ever.
Heh yea, im not really big on the dealers room personally, (well not as big as some that stay in the dealers room the whole convention.) i agree that to me the dealers room looks pretty much the same every year, alot of DvDs/Mangas all generally the same titles at each Dealer with the same prices. Last year the new Battle Angel Alita mangas came out which ended up being the only things i bought.
Ta make a long story short most of the dealers charge the same amount of money for the same stuff every year, the only diffrence seems to be what comes out each year.
Gaming / Magic : TG recap and plans for the future!
April 27, 2006, 02:04:38 PM
Sounds good, this years should be fun.
If ya contact Wizards im sure they might supply you with some sort of promo prises, they do it for friday night magic tournies im sure if you explain the situation u might be able to work something out.
Well i didnt get to pre reg this year, even though i did register in time i forgot to pay it in time. i will be thier on Thursday though if ya can make an exception ill surely be thier. Hope ya can manage a time and space for it.
Well im not to much in to the whole D&D thing or many Sci-Fi RPGs, but i can play/Moderate just about any White-Wolf Game including:
Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Mage, Hunter, and even some rare verisons of these games including KoE.
If any one has any interest in any of these games just let me know, the 2 friends coming with me are willing to play as well.
Note:i Havnt read any of the new versions of these books yet.
General Convention Discussion / Le gasp! :O
April 26, 2006, 02:54:47 AM
Ferrets Pwn, ekk gotta get more things rdy befor Fanime, blarg my HomeWork making me lose time i should be working on important stuff...
Any Dance-Dance Revlotution game would be appreciated and hopefully already im geussing at this point gaurenteed. Other than that.
ParaPara paradise
Pump it up
and just about any other Dancing/music Game, thier are quite alot of them and i cant remeber.
Other than that Time Crisis, and maybe a few fighter games, i personally dont play many fighter games except for Rival Schools but i doubt enofe ppl would want to play it.
Well as long as this isnt happening while any other animes i wanna watch ae going on il be thier, ill bring my Vamp Larp clothes just incase im going and or it is happening. Eh i dont have a dance partner going with me though /cry, em maybe this is my chance to actually talk to a cutie anime girl? :)
Gaming / Would you come to a LAN Party?
April 24, 2006, 01:16:02 AM
Well i kinda agree with the post above, i think in earlier years they actually did have a LAN party at Fanime where they were playing Quake3 if i remeber correctly(the set up was so drasticly diffrent than mine so i had a hard time playing) if i had to BYOB i would have to have a laptop which i unfortunaly dont have to want to bring my comp from where i live to the Con.
I know im gonna get alot of hate for this one but i honestly was pissed off with the last Episode of FMA, and dont get me wrong i <3 FMA the whole series till the very end when the whole other side of the gate thing happens, (not gonna spoil it, but for those of u who know what im talking about WTF?!) as for Lov Hina, its DBZ for girls is all, a stale storyplot that never seems to go any where and allows just enofe of what u want to see in each episode to keep you wanting to watch/read the rest of the series.
Hmmm things that i have lost...
1 Dear Friend
2 Badges
3 Days with out sleep
400$ and i cant remeber what i bought, yea i think i have alot of manga now, but i dont think it was $400 worth of manga...wait let me recheck my invitory for what i bought.
Well this year should be better, im going with a new group of friends and hopefully wont lose what precious little sanity i have left,
General Convention Discussion / Glowsticks
April 24, 2006, 12:43:57 AM
Yes organisation would Rulez, i have my own raverlights that i bought but seeing everyone eles having them would be awsome. also so that ppl could stop asking me where i got my glow sticks/raver lights.
General Convention Discussion / Fanime '07 Promises
April 24, 2006, 12:34:27 AM
I Promise: to not kill myself at the dances like i did the last 3 years (i was the guy generally seen at the very end of the dances going "One more Song!")
I Promise: not to go in to debt at the dealers room till after Sat.
I Promise: to actually make friends this time that i try to keep in touch with.
I Promise: to not buy any more "Gourme" pizzas at the convention hotel that cost me 6$ for gastual pains.
I Promise:to actually go to a non theater grouping presentation.
I Promise: to not allow my firends to pick up strange girls off of the convention floor and invite them to stay in our room (that was the worst night ever!)
I Promise: to get to fanime on thursday not friday night like i did last year.
I Promise: to try and hit on at least afew hot girls during the dance.hehe.
I Promise: to get sleep this time...(well maybe if one of the movie rooms are kinda more boring than i thought it would be.)
General Convention Discussion / Dances are funnn
April 24, 2006, 12:08:26 AM
Yea i had fun at last years dance, no it wasnt a rave but considering that most of the dances i used to go to where School held i consider this to be much better than any of those,(just by the fact i got kicked off the stage when i requsted Techno and they wouldnt play it says enofe) Yea i think one of my firends was one of the guys dancing without a shirt on(hes not coming this year :) the dances uselly run from 10-um i dont think they technically stop, its more like everyone is exhausted and the DJ realises no one is left on the dance floor. Also the Dance floor wasw way to huge last year, seriously it was like the size of the dealers room. Anyways its fun every year except could we pls when we get in to a big circle eventually go back to all dancing.